CD Caribou deal

Hello again!

I would of put this in my other thread, but can never find it.

Anyways I am so eager to get into a kayak while the nice weather is fastly slipping by. I’m about to buy just anything ATM.

Well I came across a good, used Current Designs ‘Caribou’ which says is a Greenland Touring kayak that is 17’ long. It is made of Kevlar(yellow) has no extras like rudder, paddles…it’s just the kayak for 1,000 OBO.

It’s a local sale which is nice. I offered 800.00 and waiting for a reply. Any thoughts on this Kayak? Just looking for a bit of assurance before I buy it. All the reviews I read say it is a very good one.

Thanks for the help everyone.

Read the reviews…
It has a cult following and my favorite kayak.

The original “bous” didn’t have a skeg then the Caribou “S” came out with a skeg. More recently Current Designs redesigned it a bit.

Any of them is well worth $1000 if you fit.

My Bou did not have a skeg. I just kept a boxed wine bladder back there to adjust trim.

For sure the skeg makes downwind easier but its still a nice behaving boat.

my 2 cents

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A friend bought a new Caribou S which leaked between the hull and deck near the rear of the coaming, the 'H' style join. But this was an unusual leak. After some reluctance, Wenonah agreed to replace it at no cost and allowed my friend to specify a fiberglassed join rather than the 'H' style join. As already mentioned by Grayhawk, this boat was redesigned slightly from his earlier craft,

In both cases, he really liked the kayak handling etc. Does yours have a skeg? If not, I think it would have been produced on Vancouver Island before CD was sold to Wenonah. I don't know when the skegs came in, perhaps before the Wenonah sale anyway.

I don't remember the details of your earlier thread. If your somewhat new to kayaking, this boat may seem narrow and tippy. That feeling goes away quickly ... but maybe you're already quite aware of that and have moved well beyond that. In kevlar and if in good shape, that's a great deal.

Mine had a skeg and was made in Canada in 2002.

In actually looking for an original
Built on Mount Desert Island by Barry Buchanan the original designer

It was made of wood. From time to time I see one around here

This was way ore Current Design days

If it is the one in NC?

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There is a Caribou; on the Craigslist, in Raleigh NC. If it is that Caribou, I would stay clear. I checked it out a few days ago. It was made in 2000. It has had a rough life. The pictures look way better, than the actual condition. I think the kayak, has lived on that guys jeep. The deck had been re-painted. The paint was peeling off. The skeg will need total replacement. The hull looked like a rental boat. The keel was scrapped down to the bare cloth. It needs a lot of work.

Year is¿?

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Serial number? Pictures you took? Don't panic and buy a bomb.

19 years old

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They got back to me and said it is 19 years old, stored inside, not used in many years and they will consider my offer of 800.00

A bit old I guess, but still worth that you think?

Looks good in the pictures, but like mentioned, hate to go see it and it is a total crap casket. I'd have to make an excuse to get out of there. I mean a little fading and scrapes is to be expected.

This will be my first kayak....ever. I plan to learn to self recover from tipping first thing and really try and be good at kayaking, so I want more than a basic recreation kayak. has no skeg or rudder. Here is the craigslist ad.

They claim it is in excellent condition and pics look good, looks like they transported it properly. Hmm,,,guess it will be worth a look.

I found this also...300.00 aquaterra spectrum 14. Looks nice and the price as well.

Check the deck seam…
For and large gaps or repairs and the hatch gaskets for any large tears. The Bou will take you a long way in skills and stable enough to take care of you.

Good luck… GH

Looking at it

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I just arranged a time to go see it.

I'll look for the flaws mentioned and the hatch gaskets.
I appreciate knowing what to look for, especially on an older boat. I don't care it is that old...that is ok, cause I like vintage stuff and as long as it is in good shape, I can't wait to get into the water and learn how to really paddle these things. Never been in a kayak before, but I know I will like it....Just tired of watching everyone else do it. It's time to get going.

Also I am 5'7" and 180 pounds(mostly the weight is in my gut) but I am a fairly slim person. Reviews said the Caribou is good for mid size fit won't be a big issue.

another 2 cents
If the kayak is in good shape, I’d sure be tempted. The newer model is shorter at 17’ 3" with skeg. No idea how it paddles without the skeg, but I’d likely take the risk.

If rock gardening and rapids become your thing, rotomolded etc, would be better, If not, it should be a fine boat once you get past the tippy period. And at 43 pounds, it’s a good 15 pounds lighter than the same sort of thing rotomolded. You WILL appreciate that.

If you get it, then tell us the rest of the story.

No rock surfing for me
Nope, not yet anyway. I choose to paddle on smaller lakes and calmer sections of river we have here.

I know this may be overkill for what I want to do, bit who knows I might want to get into rougher stuff later…For now I just want to learn how to roll it and recover, practice how to really paddle and just cruise around the calmer water…for now. I’ll most likely spend some time with someone who can show me how to recover from a roll…this is my utmost priority before I go out myself.

I am looking at it tomorrow night…can’t wait.

I’ve got a '99 Caribou with skeg
It’s a nice kayak, and your performance in it will improve as your skills improve. It has high secondary stability, which makes it forgiving while you’re learning. I find it well behaved in wind under my 190 lbs, and I never use the skeg. It takes off fairly quickly on waves, and is fun to surf. It’s not extremely quick for tight turns, but not bad either. More gradual turns are very easy - it’s fun edging and the hard chines make it respond nicely. It rolls easily, with good thigh braces for solid contact. I find it a comfortable kayak to be in all day.

Gel coat isn’t structural, so as long as the fabric underneath is intact, you’re still structurally sound. Bring a flashlight, and look at the inside if you see something on the outside that gives rise to concern.

But at $800, you’re likely getting into a fine kayak at a great price.

You’re a good size…
The Bou is a hard chine boat with a defined keel. So it will feel a little wobbly at rest (primary stability) but as soon as you start moving that will go away. It has hard chines and will be hard to tip over (secondary stability). When I first got mine I had to try hard to tip it over. The bow is low and sharp, less affected by wind and rides smooth but will take some water over the bow in a chop, nothing to worry about.

Good luck.

The ad claims it’s in excellent condition, so I am hopeful it is in nice shape. I’d be weary if it said “good” condition. Excellent is a lot more than good, so I am confident it is really worth looking at. Now that I am armed with what to inspect on it…I am very excited…this may be the one. Finally.

Also it is a stones throw away from me, so the drive won’t be a waist if I turn it down. At 43 pounds I can positively carry it on the roof rack of my 2000 Honda CR-V, lol.

not bad but the deck was repainted and the cockpit combing. You will not out grow it like you may the other boat. Wave 650 cash. Tell him you have others to look at and you can always go back or he may grab the cash or he may sit on it a long time. There was a much much newer one for sale for another 400 bucks while back in excellent shape. Check out the hatch gaskets. He will not sell it that fast or easy. See what the deck is painted with. There are other kayaks out there. Do not panic bargains are out there. I bought a Libra XT 1999 21-8" tandem in great shape for 900. Also a 2 year old Solstice in really like new condition with accessories which totaled 4,000 plus for 1800. Also a 2003 Nomad for 300 bucks which I restored replacing all but rudder and hull.


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way better shape and great condition. Bet he would take 100 off so it's 1200. I know we all have limits but you would be able to sell one like that faster and probably get all your money back with no loss. It's a real clean kayak I see or this

Continued disapointment
All day at work I thought of going to see this Kayak and was practically on my way to see it this evening. Well I get a call from the woman saying someone just put a holding payment on it:-( She also said they are paying the full amount and said it is a beautiful boat. I don’t know why she would tell me that.

She sounds like an old lady and thus this boat wasn’t used harshly.

Just seems like every time I get a good feeling about a kayak to get, they slip away from me… Three so far.

No sense dwelling on it, moving on, it’s gone.

Happy fourth to everyone.

Necky Manitou
On the hunt for another, so I find this. I like the looks, it’s obviously a plastic boat…seems like a good deal.

Also in my area there is a couple Perception Carolinas, an Aquaterra spectrum and a Looksha sport 14’. All well within my budget of 1,000 or less.

The Manitou comes with transport wheels, paddle and other stuff.