Cell phone, pda, gps bags....

What’s everyones favorite way of keeping your electronics out of the drink? Several bags on the market from $13 all the way to a fancy $266 Otterbox keypad thingy. I double freezer baggie stuff like that in a pinch but those leak eventually and I want something tougher.

Cell Phones and PDAs
should never come anywhere near my kayak. They are the reason I go paddling to get away from things like that. My GPS is indestructible and submersible so I don’t need a bag. I would however use a Otter or Pelican box for the mission if I had to choose and keep it behind the seat under all of my safety gear.

Cell phones and PDA
I would be soooooo mad if I was paddling with someone and they pulled out a ringing cell phone on the trip. I agree, that technology crap is exactly what I’m getting away from on the water! PLEASE!!! If you can’t leave that stuff at home for a few hours you have a technology addiction, and it’s more insidious than crack.

We use EWA-Marine
bags for our GPS units.

They are waterproof and clear pliable plastic.

Have been using them for about five years or longer and they do the job well.



ziplock freezer bags
When I bring my phone it goes in the ziplock.

Hey sometimes I gotta be accessable. I got kids, and a job so what, I should not go paddling?


Pelican boxes aren’t waterproof.
They may or may not make it through a soaking. I use one, but I’ve had stuff get damp. One person I know lost use of his camera because it got wet in a Pelican box. Fine if you are concerned about getting water just from paddling and water activity, but I’d consider another product for more extensive water exposure.

the ring of a cell phone
is indeed the last sound you want to disturb any outting, but if you find that you’re in need of emergency help, are you going to use your GPS to make that call?


Ziplock freezer bags do work well,
but they are not always dependable. I’ve used them for years, for the same reason. I unfortunately need to be accessible for many reasons. However, There have been times I wished I could just send my phone to the bottom of some river. Perhaps some day I’ll get that chance.

There are also some good wet bags on the market you can purchase from stores like Dicks Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shops, or a local paddling store.

pelican box, dry bag & nalgene bottles
The camera has a pelican box. Cell phone has been rotating between a small dry bag, the big drybag in the hatch, or lately, a nalgene bottle (with ziplock backup). Can’t say how any would work in a real life situation.


good idea
using the nalgene

Seal Line 5L dry bag
I put keys, phone, $$ and small misc in this bag and never had any problems. Camera is WP.

cell phone?
“Hey sometimes I gotta be accessable. I got kids, and a job so what, I should not go paddling?”

I never understand that. Yes, I pack my cell phone but I don’t turn it on till lunch break, if at all.

How do you answer your cell phone while paddling? Do you also put the blue tooth ear peice on your ear while on the water? Are they waterproof?

Vacuum seal it
Vacuum sealing works well for cell phones, and if left powered on you can still use a bluetooth unit for making calls.

Paul A Gigl Jr


I use an empty peanutbutter jar. (plastic) the lid screws on and off easily, and it provides more protection than a ziploc bag

Dry bag
Like the idea of the Nalgene though. Also, I do carry my cell phone for emergency purposes. VHF radio would be better, just haven’t gone that way yet.

condensation sucks
I’ve had my cell (turned off) in an Aquapac – it’s been dry as a bone for months and months - until a couple of weeks ago.

Then I got in the bad habit of tying it off and tucking it underneath a bungie. In the summer heat – while the Aquapac did it’s job, condensation built up to the point where the phone was dripping when I pulled it out. I was able to pull off most of the info. from the phone. Bummer it was my smartphone that fried and not the cheapy phone that I usually take as my kayak emergency phone.

Lately, though I’ve been using a VHF instead of the cell. When I need to take a cell - now, I only use a cheapy pre-paid phone in the Aquapac with a couple of little sacs of dessicant, and keep the bag on my PFD – instead of on the front deck. Little use if I get separated.

I think going from an air conditioned car to the high heat and humidity comtributed a lot to the condensation problem too.

Otter Box and soft drybags
Otter box for the cell phone, VHF is submersible so it’s just in a neo float bag, GPS in a soft drybag that can be clipped to a deck bungie. Since the only reason to carry the elctronics is to call for help if needed or to retrieve critical weather or nav info, stuff like a PDA would only come if on an extended camping trip. I’d be disposed to use an Otter box for that because they are so indestructable.

I take a cell phone but no one has #
Well anyway, whoever I have left my float plan with has the number but I don’t take my regular cell phone.

The folks who don’t want to hear a ringing cell phone or have some one along gabbing on the phone have a point. However it only costs about $11.00 a month to have a family plan with another number which you don’t give out to folks.

The Zone phone really is waterproof and although not cheap it really is worth the expense. I find the flashlight feature often helpful.

I use the flash for reading in the tent at night or here in the metro area when the power goes out for no apparent reason and the area I live in is the last place AEP turns back on.

My mistake…
I really meant to say leave the PDA home; always bring a cell for emergency use (outgoing), but leave it OFF stored in a hatch. Does anyone remember it was only 15 or so years ago that cell phones were rare, and yet somehow work got done, family ‘crises’ were dealt with upon your return home, missed phone calls were returned at the same time and the world was a wonderful place and people were less stressed out? I for one can live my life with a couple of 4-6 hour periods every week when I am cut off from technology. I feel sorry for those of you who can’t.

yep… Nalgene bottle
It works like a charm for holding cell phone and keys. Should it fall out of the boat (for any reason) it floats.