Changing cloths after a paddle

Since the search engine is useless here I have a question about changing cloths after a paddle in public. I find myself going out after paddling for food with the group and since I tend to roll a lot iam always fully wet. I have a regular hatch back a. Versa Note 2015. I have seen some with pickups that can open the doors for privacy but obviously I don’t have that. I remember some kind f portable changing room or something like that I saw on this forum once. I saw those big things on ebay like pop up tents which aren’t practical. Something smaller and quicker out there. Or some kind of do it yourself thing? .

Friend of mine has the portable changing room. Kinda clunky to use. Not sure it’s worth it.

I usually open the front and rear passenger side doors and drape a large towel over the two doors and down, creating in between a pretty-close-but-not-100%-private enclosure. Haven’t been arrested yet.

I’m still considering this one:

I have a Honda Fit, which has so much window glass it’s like an aquarium on wheels. I’d need really big towels.

Yeah, that’s the one my friend has. If you can get it to fold up right, let me know.

You could also get a changing towel in the shape of ponchos that surfers and divers use. Something like:

I usually just change in the passenger seat when there aren’t many around. Somewhat discreet, but no one really wants to see me naked anyway, so if they do see something, they will probably look away quickly.

LOL^ my thoughts exactly.

Surfer change. Been using that technique since my teens, more than a few years ago.

I get most things off and then the last item I do in the car when no one is close. Pop up room above looks great if it sets up fast ride.

@Seadddict said:
Surfer change. Been using that technique since my teens, more than a few years ago.

What’s that?

@RLL said:
Yeah, that’s the one my friend has. If you can get it to fold up right, let me know.

Hmm. I have one of those circular pop-out car windshield sunscreens. Three years later still can’t figure out how to fold it up.

If there are people around, I usually try to stay in the car and use a towel if sudden discretion is needed. I’ve gotten pretty casual about it. I try to be modest about it, but like Peter, I feel like if somebody sees me, they can either stare or look away, their choice.

I see people using the poncho-type thing. I actually have one, but it’s a pain in the neck to use (plus it is wicked heavy fleece and hot as H to use this time of year). I think you need some practice to be able to efficiently change in the poncho-mini-tent. It’s a challenge moving wet clothes out and dry clothes inside, all without seeing what’s going on under the covers. What you need is a barrel with no ends on it.


@Rookie said:

@Seadddict said:
Surfer change. Been using that technique since my teens, more than a few years ago.

What’s that?

Wrap a big towel around you. Drop trou. Step into shorts & pull them up. Takes a bigger towel & more skill for women, but they do it too. I’ve also seen women pull a loose gown over their head & pull everything off from underneath. You can step into the passenger seat for the pull up portion - that’s a little easier.

This is one of the reasons I try to opt for a drysuit instead of a wetsuit whenever possible. I can usually leave my thermal bottoms on under street clothes and never have to fully change in public. I also have one of the popup shelters and it works great until there is a >2 mph wind. Then it’s impossible. So at a lake, OK but usually anywhere near the beach, it’s really hard. I have figured out how to fold it though - usually on the second or third try.

Found two interesting things online. First, more and more beach towns are passing specific ordinances against changing from bathing clothes on town property other than in designated changing rooms if there are any. If these ordinances are in effect, you’re in trouble if you get caught no matter what. However, an interesting post from a law office ( mentions a search of various state’s cases and several courts have found that, if no specific ordinance is being violated, a person can have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place if they take steps to conceal themselves and are not engaging in sexual behavior. So parking in a far corner and changing under a towel probably isn’t illegal if there is no specific prohibition. But who needs the ticket and the time to argue in court.

The lawyer said:

Your kids are young, so you take them to a public beach that lacks facilities such as restrooms or changing rooms. You parked in an open, public parking area, with a great view of the surf. Since you wore swimsuits underneath our clothes, you arrived ready for sand, sun, and saltwater fun.

However, when the time comes to leave, there is sand in unwelcome places, and you’re eager to get out of those icky, wet suits. Your solution is to take turns changing clothes in the back of your car.

By doing this, are you violating the law? The answer may depend on the precise location of the car, and/or the efforts you made to ensure your privacy.

It probably follows, then, that in our beach example, so long as those who were not changing stood outside the car, and covered the windows with towels, you may be okay. Of course, there is simply no way to guess what any individual cop, prosecutor, or judge may think. Always ask yourself this question, “Could anybody be watching me?” When in doubt, assume you are being watched. After all, busy bodies that want to call the police on you are everywhere.

Towel Change Videos - I use a bigger towel. Open both doors of your car stand inside the two doors face inside the car then do this …

or this

I have done this all over the US, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Denmark no issues from anybody calling the police. If it’s a spot were people paddle everybody does this. It’s an essential skill. If you are a real paddler you can carry on a conversation with a member of the opposite sex while doing this and while not exposing anything.

Ditto the surfer poncho. Mine is terry cloth, but I feel like a fleece one could double as a blanket in warmer weather or an emergency.

A big beach towel and an open door on the car. I haven’t been arrested yet. Not even a warning.

Wouldn’t it be easier just to get rid of your friends?

I have changed clothes under a regular backpacker’s poncho. The nice part is it is windproof as well as waterproof.

Sew a couple of really big towels together except leave a hole for your head. Just make sure the selected towels are wide enough to give you room to move your arms and tall enough that if you are lifting anything off over your head the lower parts are still effectively covered. Though I personally opt for one or two pieces of dry wear with something underneath. I can then pull off the pants for a less used pair in the front of the car by staying low, and pull on a fleece vest over my top to get to the pub after. Further moves into dry clothing can be made after the beer order is in.