Chota breathable? quiklace? Lite?

I’m looking to buy waterproof footwear for sea kayaking. There are lots of choices from a lot of manufactuers, but the Chota Quiklace are on sale at REI $30 off and I have a coupon. Would you recommend I get Mukluk Breathable, Mukluk Quicklace or Mukluc Lite for sea kayaking the Cheaspeake Bay this winter? Any concerns about operating rudder pedals or foot entanglement with any of these?


do you have a link?
This is all I see on their site.

I’ve had the lights and the regular Mukluks, but I’m not a kayaker. The lights have no appeal to me because you feel everything under your feet. I’ve got no space issues in a canoe so I probably can’t help you much.

But, I would like a link to the sale if you’ve got one. A friend of ours needs a pair.

Here’s the link
Oops, I meant to include the link

I bought teh Lites
as I was primarily paddling a touring kayak at teh time. I saw no reason for hard soles, but I ended up with a size larger than I needed and added stiff & supportive innersoles.

They have performed well for me, including a 1/2 mile hike on a rail bed.


Looks like limited sizes available 5, 7, 8, 9

Not sure about space in a kayak,…
…but I have two pairs of Chotas with the lace-up instep, one with breatable-fabric uppers, the other with neoprene uppers. I don’t have the lightweight boots either because I canoe (and walk) in these boots.

For winter use, I use the neoprene style, as they keep me a lot warmer. But I’m a wimp about cold weather even though no weather has ever stopped me from going out. Most people have an easy time staying warm with less insulation than I need, so let experience be your guide.

If you get the lace-ups, the neoprene Chotas have much more durable lacing loops which are made of tough fabric, and there’s one more set of loops providing a bigger lace-up area for a more-secure fit. On the breathable boots the lacing loops are made of rubber, and mine only lasted two years before the loops ripped. I’ve replaced the rubber loops with home-made fabric loops, and those are holding up great.

One other thing, is that my breathable Chotas have developed a severe leak, while the neoprene ones, which are just as old and used just as much, are still watertight. Since I haven’t identified the source of the leak, I can’t say for sure at this point if this is due to the diffence in materials in the two boots.

Love my lights.
Really comfortable, like a thick pair of socks. I would NOT however, want to walk much either long-distance or on steep hills or uneven ground. They really are not as much a boot as they are a thick, loose fitting sock with a thin sole. Think, house-slipper.

But IN my kayak, they are very, very comfortable. . . .

I’d advise them to anyone able to park they’re vehicle close to the put in/out, or willing to shuffle shoes just before putting in/taking out. That’s what I typically do, and I would imagine they’ll last me much longer that way anyway.


chota lites for cold water kayaking
I find these very comfortable and a nice simple design. I mentioned on another thread, it is bare bones inside the footbed, so for me to walk in them without discomfort, I bought insoles and now they are perfect! Just make sure you get the right size to put insoles in and not be too tight.

No half sizes means mine are loose.
They roll too easily on hills or inclines. An insole might not only tighten them up, but add a little support on land. Though, if that reduces comfort while in the boat, I’d abandon it.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll try those myself.


Oh yeah. Forgot about that.
Without the stabilizing laces they will roll. Only downside I can see.



Did not have entanglement problem
I have the Quicklace version. Soles are sturdy enough to walk in (but there’s no ankle support). The boots are waterproof and warm, though they feel best if you wear a thin pair of wool socks underneath.

Caveat on the entanglement question: In the type of conditions (sub-40 degree water) that I wore the mukluks, I did not practice wet exits or re-entries. I can see a greater chance of entanglement with the laced version vs. the laceless type. I actually don’t like wearing boots for paddling so I reserve the mukluks for those rare winter occasions when I am willing to drive a few hours to the ONE place that usually does not freeze over in winter. Otherwise, I wear NRS Rodeo booties which have no laces or other closures at all.

quicklace Chotas are chunky
I’ve got a pair for use on sailboat and walking on docks in cold weather, for kayaking they’re too chunky in the heel. I like the Quicklace a lot as a cold weather alternative to regular rain boots.

I have a pair of the breathable mukluks and like them for late spring to fall weather. I’d like to get a pair of the quicklace Chotas for colder temps. The breathables obviously have the waterproof material on the upper portion of the leg,but not neoprene. Plus, when I ended up dumping the canoe, they filled up quickly with water. I could only imagine how the cold winter Bay would feel filling up my boot. Not sure if the quicklace Chotas fill up that fast or at all…

my quicklaces got stuck on the pedal
once during yet another missed roll but a good yank pulled it off.

I’m attached to mine
they’re the ones I was wearing when I took a header riding in the rain and hit a pedestrian on my bicycle. The guy at the ER liked them. Not kayaking shoes.

Breathables fit my boat
I tried a friend’s size 12 breathables, they were too big for me and still fit my boat just fine. I could work the pedals and the toes didn’t touch the underdeck so not an entrapment issue. I have a 14" deck in front of the coaming and a larger 31x16.5 cockpit so easy in and out. They are clunky though and just don’t look very sea-kayakie. I don’t want to look like a dork at the put in:)

According to what everyone is saying the Lites are best in the kayak but the Quick Lace are best on shore. Austin Canoe & Kayak has the Quick Lace for $100 with paddling perks take 15% off and free shipping. Thanks for the percs, Brent!

The quicklaces are better for walking but they’re too stiff in the ankle for kneeling in my canoe. The lites offer little support for walking but are more comfortable in boats.


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I'm using the Chota mk200 quicklace.
Warning; the MK150 and mk 250 have longer soles.
The mk200 are the only ones that fit in my Northshore Mariner (same as Impex Currituck)

Own Both Quicklace and Lite

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Size 11 EE Shoe; Smart Wool Socks; Kokatat GFER Dry Suit.

Mukluk Quicklace work well in both my 24 in wide boats: Prijon Kodiak and Eblightened Kayaks T-16.

Tried the Quicklace in my 21 in wide QCC 700. Even with the buckles cut off and being very careful to "screw" myself into the cockpit, the neo padding under the QCC 700's coaming got eaten, and the fit was tight.

Mukluk Lites solved this problem and are not as fun to walk in.

Have no experience with the Breathables.

Good luck.