Coming out of winter. Exercises?

Are any of you practicing a daily routine to stay limber, and roll-friendly?

I only started in December. Should have earlier. Still, I can see a difference, and I’m down ~20 lbs. My core is hating/loving this.

What’s your routine?

Xc ski
Bike trainer
Concept row with paddle adapt
Kettle bells
Swim twice per week


Somehow I lost 20 lbs but I eat for energy except for chips/ fries and I do a good job of avoiding those.

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Without a gym membership, I do what I can. I’ll sit on the floor, tuck my feet under the couch, grab a broom and work on paddling posture and technique. I’ll also use this time to do slow situps with core rotation. Other than that, Push-ups, attempts at yoga, shoulder stretches, back stretches, and trying to dodge every Girl Scout selling cookies (they’re EVERYWHERE right now!)


You’re down 20#? Awesome!! Congrats!! Keep it up!!

If you don’t already add in some yoga to the mix.

If starting, I found this an easy intro:

See you on the water,
Marshall Seddon
The River Connection, Inc.
9 W. Market St.
Hyde Park, NY. 12538
845-229-0595 main
845-242-4731 mobile
Main: []
Store: []
Facebook: []


I try to lift my boat over my head, 20 times each day. Wonder if it’s too late to start. Snow drops are up. Expected them several weeks ago.

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Stretching, yoga, walking, weights, yard work.
I used to have a landscape company for a few years. You can use a rake or a shovel or other tools in the same motion used for paddling. Forward stroke, draw stroke, reverse stroke.


From September until March our Club has a weekly Pilates session with the exercises aimed for paddlers. It also encourages you to do some extra sessions at home. That maintains flexibility.
For the gym I concentrate on the rowing machine with regular swimming.
That’s all pretty specific but I suppose the main thing is to do something!

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Swimming is great for paddling, iMHO

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Ride my road bike and walk the local trails.

10 days ago I thought I was coming out of winter,------------ but Wyoming came by again and said to me “oh no you ain’t”

so…Maybe next week.

We had spring going in SC but the weekend lows are supposed to be in the teens.

We are seeing signs of spring here in NC. The ornamental pear and cherry trees are blooming along with some others. The dogwoods are getting ready to start. The other trees are starting to leaf out (barely.)

I tilled the garden and planted some frost tolerant seeds. We will see what survives the hard freeze predicted for Saturday night.

No signs of spring here yet so I’ve been snowshoeing where I normally paddle. Good exercise and quite a different perspective when your’re “on” the water and your eyeballs are 3 feet higher and you can see right through the woods.

Well, here in southern Michigan we are seeing signs. The Sandhill Cranes are back as are the Grackles & I saw a Turkey Vulture the other day. Birds are starting to sing in the morning & a few spring bulbs are pushing up shoots. Of course, this being Michigan, we can expect most anything coming our way & the forecast is subject to change at a whim.

To go back to the OP’s question, my routine is pretty much the same. I try to get a half an hour or so of stretching daily along with 3 - 5 miles walking & some lifting.

7:00 in the evening now, 16 degrees and dropping, 25 MPH wind and the snow is falling sideways.

But the weather man says it’s going to warm up Saturday. Maybe that warming will start springtime.

Does clearing five inches of snow off the drive and roof edges count?? That was Monday’s chore.

In addition to snow removal exercise, I usually spend 40 to 60 minutes a day of walking/erging, plus strength training three times a week.

Not a sign of spring of up here in the tip of the mitt of Michigan. Sigh.

Go to the gym at least 5 days a week. I alternate body parts each day but here is a typical workout:
10 minutes treadmill (increasing the speed & incline every 2 minutes) - every day
10 minutes of elliptical (increasing the speed & incline every 2 minutes) - every day
10 minutes on stationary bike (increasing the tension each week) - every day
10 minutes of arm bike to work on shoulders & back - every day
3 minutes of the rope pull down (1 minute X 3 reps) - every day
selected body part (arms, chest, back, legs, total body - using machine weights, free weights and cables) - approx 45 minutes - many exercises are paddling specific
Finish with Core work & stretching - every day (variety of both machine & body weight exercises including paddle simulations on a medicine ball with weighted bar) - many exercises are paddling specific
Total workout time - between 90 minutes and 2 hours

I don’t have much of a winter break from paddling. A few weekends when the weather has an upset stomach.

I have a weight machine at home and work it a few times a week, and bike a few times a week, all year. I recently bought an under desk elliptical and do a half hour every other day.

I try to do legs on the weight machine on off days with the elliptical and upper body on on days.

Do forearm planks every evening to pull it all together.

It’s 9 degrees f here today on Lake Superior. There is 4 feet of snow on the ground. The water between town and the island is solid ice over 4 feet thick (trucks are driving on it).

Hard to believe in a mere 10 weeks it will be kayaking season.

Time to start exercising…