Compass Placement on QCC700

What is, or how is it determined, the optimal postion for mounting a compass on a kayak that doesn’t have a reccessed or designated area to mount one on? On my boat I’ve heard of people haveing two hatch covers and mounting the compass on one. Then they can swith back and forth. I don’t want one on the cover because it woud get banged around and I’d have to be too careful of it. I doubt if this is the best postition but rather used for (convience?) anyways.

What do you think?

Thanks – Bill

QCC thinks the cover is THE place
to mount the compass…its looks good there, maybe one should be considerate of metalic objects directly below/near it when stowed in the hatch…once i saw the compass on the qcc700 i was fairly impressed with the overall look…

The Compass
is mounted in a recess on the hatch on a QCC. I guess everyone would pick a differant best location but I really like the flexability offered by two hatches. As it turns out I rarely use the fore hatch with the compass but I am glad I have it.

I have had a couple of sailboats where I mounted a second compass on a piece of wood. I cut a piece of wood for the mount sanded varished and made it pretty then mounted the compass to it. This type of mount would also allow you to duplicate the curve of the deck where you mount the compass in the block of wood. Actually an easy block could be fashioned out of balsa then covered in epoxy resin.

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Just don’t make the mistake I made!
And mount it on the rear hatch

Oh, yeah! The other hatch!
I’d a almost forgot - never used it. Where is that thing…

FYI - the compass is TOUGH! No need to baby. Strong enough to rest the kayak on. The scuff it will eventually get on top is not in your line of sight in use!

Hatch Recess
Does anyone one know what make and model compass the hatch recess is designed for? I so seldom use a compass that maybe the Suunto kayak compass on bungees would be more economical at $44…Thoughts?

Had both
Loved the SUUNTO on my SOT (Pioneer, not Orca - difference being a plastic mount base vs. bungees) - but not on the Q when you have the option to get a top of the line built in.

The compass QCC installs is a Brunton 70P:

MSRP $110 compass only. QCC wants $152.10 (10% off $169)to get that compass, installed, in a custom recess - AND a free regular hatch too - that is a good deal!!!

IMO - If you’re going to buy new - do it right. Save the shortcuts for retrofitting used boats. Easy to say when it’s not my $.

As memory serves
QCC uses a Nexus 70P. It’s a reasonably good compass - not cheap!

QCC uses the hatch option because having a couple of hatch molds is much simpler that having to care for deck molds with and without recesses. Simple economics.

For me, the hatch mount is a bit far away, but I make do. I have heard that a distant mount is preferable to a close mount in rough seas as you do not have to keep looking down - could contribute to seasickness.


I use the removable Suunto
On my Q700, as mentioned above I don’t use one enough to justify the cost. I mount mine about 12" ahead of my deck bag and it works fine.



I’m going to call QCC and order one on Monday. That is a good price for the combo. It’s a top notch boat with great looks that I’m real happy with over all and why scrimp on the compass. The Smart Track works great (if your into rudders), I dumped the seat “bucket” and installed a Reggie, and fianlly invested in a drysuit. Look out Lake Superior this season! Too bad QCC can’t get the hatches to stop leaking and would learn the fine points of installing a Smart Track.

Compass or GPS
I fly all the time and never travel by the wet compass. Why not use a GPS with built in Compass and travel dirrect using planned waypoints. Mark these waypoints on your map and you will never get lost or wonder how far have I gone or have to go. And when the trip is over down load your trip for reuse.

A good compact water proof base GPS is $100.00 and can be put in your PFD pocket or mounted to the hull with suction cup mounts.

Higher end GPS with nautical maps run around $150.00.

I like the look of the compass but lack the precision you get from a GPS.

compass = no batteries +
I love GPS, but not sure I’d want to rely on it alone - and it’s not best for all tasks.

For holding course, occasional glances at the compass mounted more forward is easier than looking down at a closer GPS - with an LCD that’s often got glare and water droplets/salt on it (plus the seasick/stability issue).

I use both - but compass is just better at certain things - and far more reliable.

is the way to go for me. I use the removeable Brunton 58 kayak on my deck. Was going to go for the recessed compass from QCC but have tried kayaks with them mounted so far forward I have trouble reading it. My trips are charted using point to point bearings and I rely on my compass. Friends that bring along GPS can’t make corrections for changes in route on the fly as easily as I can with chart/compass. GPS is good to have along but don’t rely solely on it.

“Compass- far more reliable” ???
You evidntly have not done many long distance off shore paddles where land is not in sight.

Get in a strong tide and some 15 knot quartering winds and you better not take your eye off the lubber line for too long.

My El cheapo little yellow Etrex has a nice big arrow to follow.

I put away the compass a long time ago. I think it is next to my old slide rule buried in a bottom bureau drawer.

How is that new SOF doing these days?



I don’t do any trips where land is not visible. As I said, I do point to point navigation to get around the myriad of islands I paddle. My adventures are mainly through the everglades areas and in that type of location a compass is much better IMHO. In open water no land then the GPS wins hands down.

have done many paddles where the fog is so thick that…well…anyway

I use both a mounted compass and a GPS. I find the compass easier to watch and follow. but use the GPS as a device for adjusting my course as I paddle. The compass never needs new batteries every 2 days. But I like the advantage of being able to adjust for drift that the GPS affords.

After being out with both, and needing them, I wouldn’t leave either one at home. Sometimes missing an Island in the fog can be serious.

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I was responding to Grayak’s
statement about the “compass being more reliable”

But as far as the Everglades and 10,000 Islands, I just got back from two months of paddling there and I would much rather use the GPS.

The “Map 76” is much better than trying to open up a chart to see which key or Island you are passing, and no compass to my knowledge has the nav. aid advantages as does the 76.



More reliable - for…

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... what it's intended to do JackL.

I wasn't comparing them feature to feature - just the reliability of each to do what they do. A compass is not untended to tell you where you are in fog, show drift, etc.

No one is debating that a GPS has more functions. The compass is very unlikely to give up the ghost on you and you CAN rely in it to keep working - with higher reliability than any GPS.

PS - note that I said I use both.

Where did…
How for forward did you mount it?

Problem seeing?
Grayak — do you have any problems seeing your 70P mounted in the hatch as the person farther down in the post has mentioned?