Compass Suggestions (WS Tempest 170)

I have had a Wilderness Systems tempest for about a year (which is just an awesome boat),but I have thus far relied upon my GPS-based compass and a little handheld thing.

I want to get a compass that fits properly in the recessed mounting for longer expeditions, but am not certain which to go with.

There is nothing on the WS website (it has been "under construction on much of the site for over a year now).

I found one vague suggestion that the Nexus 70P is the correct one to use, but even the few places that I can find selling that online (all in Canada, it seems) suggest it is for other brands and never mention the Tempest or WS.

Any help would be appreciated.

Look into the Brunton flush mounted compasses

try here

Thats the one for your boat. I saw a few under the counter at Atlantic Kayak Tours last week for $89 I think. Some at Jersey Paddler too. Both in the US, both ship product and have web sites. Give em a call.

Nexus and Brunton 70p
Are these two deck mounted compasses exactly the same?

That’s It
I have one mounted on my Tempest 165.


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Thanks for the quick responses.

I'm ordering one first thing in the morning!

Kudzu,did you mount it yourself?

I am a bit nervous putting holes in this boat.

That compass has a disk
The mount on the T-170 is about 6’ forward of the seat. It looks to me like that compass would be VERY difficult to read at the distance and angle of view (as the disk would be better seen from over top).

It seems to me that a compass with a “ball” instead of a disk would work better.

any suggestions
for such a compass?

Compass suggestions
I have a Tempest 170 Pro with a Brunton compass and have had no difficulty reading it even in rough conditions.

A pic.
Of my compass. The hatch cover is not on in the picture. I ground off the screws on the inside of the hull so they will not snag my gear. It is a Brunton 70P.


:slight_smile: paddle on

My Experience
The compass is plenty easy to read and the forward placement helps prevent seasickness.

If I remember correctly, I installed one myself on my 170. When I traded the 170 for a 165 I had the dealer install it for me. Just lazy, I guess. I had no problems with water getting in either boat.

what they say
the compass is a Nexus/Brunton/ Silva 70P. all three companies have the same compass, different housing.

If your boat is a poly (plastic) 170 you will need a compass gasket to facilitate mounting. the recess is a bit to small and the bottom of the compass touches the bottom of the recess. you can get it thru Wildy or me.

Use machine screws, nylocks and neo washers instead of the sheet metal screws to avoid razor sharp points poking thru your deck.

When I get the holes drilled and the nuts on but not tight, I rig a tight string line from bow to stern, as a guide to aligning the red ‘lubber’ line with the boat. the compass spins until straight, then tighten.

good luck


ps. has everything you need, if you have problems

Brass machine screws?
My Ritchie kayak compass came with no hardware, and I discovered that ordinary screws confused the compass badly. Went with brass.

ouch- compass WARNING
yes anything with a touch of carbon steel in it will set the compass on it’s ear (deviation). the ss screws I use do not affect the bearings. I tested a bunch before going this route.

another issue that most people need to deal with is keeping ANYTHING steel/magnetic/electric a ways from the compass. I believe it’s 4X the length of the object is the needed clearance.

so if this were the [object]in question:


this make sense?


I Tested Mine

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I took the GPS and compared it to the compass going N, S, E, and W. Results were good.

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I have the Brunton on my T165, fits perfectly.

Somewhere I read use machine screws to replace the sheet metal screws that come with the compass

to avoid sharp edges in the hatch-DON’T. It’s more trouble that it’s worth. Use the sheet metal self-tapping screws, and put a dab of silicone on the point that will come thru the deck.


Silva/Nexus/Brunton 70P compass
The 70P was made by Silva, who was bought out by Nexus, who was in-turn bought out by Brunton, who currently manufactures it. It’s the same product, though the design of the dial has changed a bit over the years.

Non recessed mounting

I recently picked up a Meridian and would like to mount a permanent compass to the deck (not a compass held on with bungee cords) The problem is that there is no recess, only a flat spot to receive the compass. I’m wondering if I’m likely to break the compass when practicing T-rescues.

What are your thoughts on this?



Got to disagree
`the nexus 70P is a ball compass not a disk. While those needing a spectacles might find it difficult to read whole mounted in the recess, the forward mounting point makes it easier to keep you eyes on a landmark for taking bearings and keeps you from having to look down in difficult conditions