Composite Greenland Paddles

Hi, I’m looking for input about composite greenland paddles, particularly the ones that can be taken apart. Which ones can be recommended? Where to get the best deal. Thanks

I love Novorca paddles

Ron makes a great paddle, my wife and I own 6 of them between us, I have tried other brands out and simply were not impressed by their quality or feel in use. As far as durability these are amazing, I have destroyed wooden sticks in the past with much less abuse then these stand up to. I am not sure if he is doing 2 piece designs yet but I believe he is working on that idea. Give him a call and talk about what you are looking for he is great to work with and always open to new ideas.

I’m not sure “best deal” and carbon
fibre go together…

2 piece CF.

Haven’t seen any that fit.
One of the things about a Greenland stick is that the loom width is made just for you. I use a 22 inch loom and I have only seen carbon paddles between 20 and 21 inches. So if you are small, broad shouldered, or paddling a fat boat, it will be hard to find a composite Greenland paddle that fits right.

Also for the price of these paddles I could buy three Lumpy custom paddles in sustainable and easy to repair wood.

I recall Greg Stamer
used two, 2 piece paddles each of different length allowing for 3 combinations of short/short, short/long or long/long on one of his treks. Not sure who made them.

there is a new company

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that is going to be offering 3 piece greenland paddles in carbon fiber that will fit in a large suitcase. the price point will be...a surprise to most. They will also offer other carbon fiber paddles. I can't say more because I am personally involved with it and this is not the forum for me to discuss.

They might debut at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival and after that I will give out website info etc if anyone is interested.


This is
all they say about their paddles , on their site

“Give us a call or check back soon for information about our line of composite Greenland paddles”

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who’s site? NM

based on the number of e-mails I have gotten in the last hour I am sorry I even brought this up.


I have a Superior Kayaks carbon GP
It is excellent. I also have their wood one-piece GP, which is very good but I prefer the carbon fiber two-piece paddle. The Lendal connection is solid and the performance is as good as you can expect.


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I spoke with Chris from Tuktu Paddles not long ago and it sounds like he may be offering take apart paddles sometime soon. With that I'm not sure when or if he will go carbon.


carbon gp
I believe Joe O will be offering them up soon…

the solution is simple
Don’t check your e-mail so often

Chris is a great guy
He will be at the ECCKF I think


Saw the ad here and just HAD to call
Ron about those colored ones … Pretty neat and during our discussion I learned he is doing them pretty much the same way I would or had planned on doing forever if I got a moment. Cool stuff.

I did tell him how I was planning on doing the two piece ones to keep the loom smooth but still be adjustable. All internal so simple, clean, and solid.

second the Superior
I also have the Superior two-piece carbon-fiber paddle and it is superb. It is light and tough. Very solid Lendal connector. It is not cheap but the quality is superb.

That would be correct. These will be in addition to our laminated 1 piece and 2 piece paddles that we already build and ship worldwide.

Hope to have our first series of molds by next month.

Cheers… Joe O’

Stamer paddle

I See
that you are in SC…the company I was refering to is in VT…so maybe not the same company as the one you wished to be the one to anounce.

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seems to be a lot of start up companies that will vie for the small market of a few hundered carbon paddles sold each year…hope some of them survive instead of driving all the carbon Greenland paddle producers under.

Answer to the question
is that all the present Carbon Greenland paddles are actually quite a deal.

The market is so small at this time that there isn’t enough sales to sustain an aproach of small incriments of proffit because your selling a massive amount.

Just hasn’t really been a massive sale item. Lucky to have anyone producing them at all…

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