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I am considering the purchase of a Concept II Rowing Ergometer. The online link is here:

I have heard many good things about this rower, and most importantly it is one that is presumably with high gym-type quality. I know they have ergometer competitions using this rower specifically. I am a kayaker, and am trying to find a way to generally keep in shape in the winter. I know the rowing motion is not kayak specific, but it does involve legs and arms and lats. I would like to get ready for some serious Lake Michigan kayaking this summer. I have a treadmill, and find it boring. Anyhow, this machine is now up to the D model (past generations were A - C). I know someone posted on here that they like them, but I see no archives on this rower specifically. Is it indeed well built? Is it useful for off season conditioning? It is smooth and trouble free (rowing hand chain and the track)? Anyone have the D model? Thanks a bunch for any info you may have.

yes to all questions
I have a D model. It is well built. It is smooth and trouble free. It will give you a decent aerobic workout and will condition the muscle groups that rowers typically condition.

Concept II’s are nice
I liked the C at local gyms, just make sure the chain isn’t old/noisy if you’re getting it used. GREAT machine! :slight_smile: I want one someday … you can actually get a great aerobic workout if you really put yourself into it.

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Well, I have been using a C2 Ergometer for over ten years now and I have logged almost 10 million meters. At one time or another I have owned all 4 models (A-D). I kayak, xc-ski and bike, but I do not actually row on-water, however, I find the C2 to be an excellent cross training machine. My favorite workout is a straight 10,000M. It gives me a wonderful aerobic workout, tones most major muscle groups and keeps me in good general shape for most the sports I participate in, particularly kayaking and xc-skiing.

C2's customer service is second to none. I do not think there is a better deal on a piece of home excerise equippment, and yes it is gym quality.

Usage tip: So your dryland rowing doesn't get to monotonous use a mp3 player or portable cd with Sony's wrap-around headphones (they stay on even in an all-out sprint). Select your favorite up-tempo tunes for workouts.

Concept2 rower
I love mine, and have become a much stronger paddler since taking up erging for fitness and cross training (and I have become somewhat addicted to the erg itself and all of the challenges sponsored by Concept2).

first degree fluid rower
We checked out the Concept line, as well as water rowers and found all were pretty darn low to the ground and none were adjustable as far as level of resistance. We found the First Degree Fluid Rower and actually had to talk a dealer into ordering one so we could physically check one out. We tried it and love it and use it nearly every day. We did our homework and tried out the others, and find the First Degree far superior.

Not recalling how the prices compare but even knowing the Concept cost less the First Degree was worth the extra.

Depends on what you…

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...are looking for. I wanted to train for long distance, not necessarily speed, so I purchased a waterrower. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, quiet and needs no maintenance. I love the sound it produces...not a noisy grining chain sound (although the Concept II D model is a vast improvement), but a wonderful water rushing sound very similar to rowing. I can watch TV and no need to turn up the volume...pleasant. Although it does not give the peak resistance of the Concept, it is enough for me, and I was looking more for sustained time rather than all out effort in a short period. You don't have to oil it, it does not leak, and the husband accepts its presence in the living room. Also, it does not have the annoying delay "catch" at the beginning of the stroke cycle like the Concept has. What more could I ask for?
If you like the idea of wooden boats, you'll relate to the waterrower.

Rower options
Concept II machines are great. I’ve used them for several years at the local Y. The quality is excellent and it IS an excellent workout.

For a much lower price however, you might consider the Smoothflow rower at After looking at Concept II, I just purchased one. The quality is excellent, and while the action is not quite as good as Concept II, it has some nice features including adjustable resistence, a more compact size, and its easy to fold up and roll away into a corner. A great machine for the price.

concept 2
I use the concept 2 at my gym, great aerobic workout.

Contrary to some of the posts here the resistance of the C2 is adjustable.

Yes, resistance on the C2 is definitely

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adjustable. The comment above is in error. If you really want, you can make your workout so hard you will be puking in 10 minutes. Just set the damper to 10 and go all out. ; - )

I also question the comment on the "annoying" catch. I have no problem with the catch. Heck the C2 is a true dryland rowing machine.

Although I have not tried it I am sure the water rower is nice, but then I was not looking for a piece of furniture to match my decor.

If you want to train for distance just do long consistant pieces at about 70-75% of your maximum HR (1 - 3 hours).
Looking for speed? Mix in some interval work. Whatever unit you choose start slow if you are a 'rookie'. 30 minutes at a moderate pace is more than enough if you are not yet use to rowing. Built up a 6-8 week base BEFORE trying any intervals.

BTW, the C2 will also sync with most Polar HRMs and your home PC. You can get all sorts of detailed feedback on your workouts. This is great for long term comparisons.

Last point. Resale value (check e-bay) on a used C2 ergos is fairly high, which is how I have been able to repeatedly upgrade to C2's latest unit.

If you are looking to save money and don't need C2's lastest Model D, pick-up a used Model C. The on-board computer (PM2) is not nearly as fancy as the new PM3, but the basic rowing mechanism is the same.

Thank you Everyone

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Wow, this is a great deal of informaiton about the Concept II D model rower. I knew I could get tons of input if I posted here. I did check the link on eBay, wind_walker, and appreciate the link; I see that the eBay model is much cheaper. But I guess--esp as even you say the rowing is more fluid with Concept II--that the extra price may be worth it in the long run (esp if resale is better on the name brand). First Degree rower, great advice, Water rower is idea, Kyle & pakidaho, thanks, but in the end, many above posters seem to have used the Concept II at home and in the gym (santacruisewmidwife, tcvrider, c2g, shaunotter, mcrouse, etc), and I guess I will go with that. I want to strengthen my stamina as I promised bruce (p-netter) that I'd paddle from Chicago to Indiana Dunes with him this summer.

Now I just have to beg my wife to let me buy one. Thank you all. :)

Thanks tcvrider

concept 2 rower adapter

Get the concept 2 rower, and eventually you can also get a kayak adapter for it, from the above company. I have the canoe adapter for the Concept 2 rower and it works very well.

Did it.

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Ordered the Concept II. Goal: 10k meters with MP3 of Nirvana "Nevermind" on headset.

From the Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.
Here’s my poor man’s kayak ergometer:

Fits in a dorm room and on a student’s budget!


Good luck with it Cooldoctor

I use the one at the gym constantly, somewhat of a compulsion now, as it is with a number of other posters here. Anyone want to start a thread with posted times? Andrew had one going last year, but he’s accrued how many multiple mileage t shirts? Smile. Last night: 11,000m at 1:56.2/500m. My goal: bring it down to 1:54. If you go on the Concept II site, it’s humbling, the times posted. Have fun and keep the bucket next to you…

Honestly, what is a reasonable time

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for 10k meters (why did u pick 11k meters, tricophyte?) Looks like about 2 hours. That is a real backbreaker. I will get good on this and then can paddle my butt off in the real deal all summer. I will tell you how this plays when I get the thing. Hope I don't strain by spine on this contraption. Honestly, simple, do you all keep your spine fully erect for the entire pull-catch, or do you bend? When you tire do you use more or less legs? If these questions seem foolish, no need to answer, maybe it is just a matter of getting on the thing. I like that poor mans device above too. Would hate to have the bungie snap off the chairback though. Can you say Face Lashing?

PS My wife said I could buy it if I use it regularly and if I keep it the hell out of the bedroom and living room. Into the spare bedroom it goes... next to my Chia pet and Ab Roller. I may have to Feng Shui it ovr by the window so I don;t get depressing vibes. I used to use my cycle trainer with hard rock tunes in the pitch dark walk-in closet, anyone ever try that?

Did 8K tonight in about 30 min. Basically I shoot for 8-10K, but the 11K night I went to the nearest 5 min. mark. The longest I’ve gone yet is 18K, and it seemed like forever. I’m not entirely sure what a good time really is; if you visit the website, what feels like a good time for you pales in comparison to some of the times posted. Tips from afolpe include lowering the drag on the wheel, driving primarily with the legs, and being concerned with avg. over 500m-the lower the better. Wattage lets you know the amount of power you’re driving with. I’m using about 7 on the slider for drag setting; lowering it makes the spin more fluid. I wish I had someone ‘in the know’ to critique stroke form, but I watched some rowing form video and try to replicate the stroke. We all know how that goes. I try to keep my back straight on the pull. What a great training device.

good machine
garyson bourne has a kayak type machine that is super I added a row attachment.