cool Pamlico 140 pics

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I need help finding nice pics of the pamlico 140. I cant find many pics besides manufacture's photos on google. Does any one know of a place with nice pics of it ??? mabye on a lake, shore,store, ECT. THANKS :-)

Why don’t you go take some pictures yourself??

How old ARE you by the way?? > images > pamlico 140
Pretty simple.

I plan to take some pics
I plan to take some pics but I cant find the rechargable bateries for the camera. I’ll look for them.

how about drawing
a picture? You oughta see how hot my dagger and swift canoes look with a 427 full blown chevy motor between the seats. Gotta draw one now with the drag chute popped going off a waterfall :wink:

I drew the pamlico 140
I skethed the Pamlico 140 at the side view a while ago. Maybe I’ll do one on a lake or on a beach. THANKS daggermat !!!

anyone wanna bet
that the pamilco kid is under age of 12?

Google to the rescue…almost

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While your Google method does bring up two pages of Pamlico photos, most of them are still just the stock manufacturer's photos used on web sites, so I felt the need to see if I could help Pamlico_140 a bit more...

I searched on "Pamlico 140 Supermodel Agency", hoping that they might be able to furnish us with some lovely shots in exotic locales, but they must maintain a super secret unlisted website, so no luck there. Then, I tried "Pamlico 140 Owners Club", and Google just came up with the "PAMLICO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INC.". They had an address, but sadly, it seems that they didn't have any cool Pamlico 140 photos available either! Argh! Feeling a bit depressed and somewhat desperate, I then tried "Pamlico 140 Porn", but in the interest of not contributing to the delinquency of our good Pamlico_140, I shall decline to divulge the results of that particular search! Eek! I guess Google just isn't all it's cracked up to be, eh?

It seems that our only hope now is that Pamlico_140 will find his rechargable camera batteries and do a photo shoot of his own! Better yet, even if he can't find the batteries anytime soon, perhaps he can just take his boat to some nice body of water and go paddling! :-)

I tried.


Is this it?

Maybe 14, maybe…
I asked this question a while ago, got mail from someone who thought that the original profile for Palmlico_140 said he was 14 then was altered. My husband still is considering the possibility that Palmlico is a troll. Though I first thought that this was a young person who at some point was going to get their nose slapped hard by over-reaching, this thread gives me pause to wonder more about the troll idea myself. A pretty good one if it is, have to admit.

So - my questions now… Palmlico - in an earlier thread you had mentioned signing up for a rolling class at an outfitter near you, Mountain something or other. Has that happened, if so what is the date of the session and the name(s) of those coaching?

he is
a troll…

He’s an enthusiastic kid who is excited about his rec boat, and enthusiasm is good.

Is he more enthusiastic than I would be about a 14’ rec boat? Yes. Is he more enthusiastic about HIS boat than I am about my growing fleet? No.

Just expresses himself in what I presume to be an age-appropriate way.

But a troll?

but imagine if he wasn’t 14…
Wouldn’t his posts take on a wierd and creepy vibe to them? :slight_smile:

tho like others i think he’s just a kid who’s in LUV.

a troll wouldn’t go to this much trouble and why?

who REALLY gives a dudu?


Watch the acid quills, all.
I hold to my assumption that Pamlico_140 is a kid with admirable enthusiasm for his new sport and boat. No real way to prove it on the net unless another credible p-netter meats him I guess. So, assume what you like, but consider what you’re saying to him if you’re wrong. If my daughter wanted to post here, I’d hope you all would give her good, safe guidance also, and talk to her like she’s a kid at your camp fire.

Maligiaq Padilla started kayaking at 9 years old. Who knows, maybe the Pamlico Kid will be a world class kayaker in the future.


If you don’t like
his/her posts, don’t read them! It’s so incredibly simple even an adult can understand. Just look at the original posters sig on the right margin and quit whining. If you think this person is a troll then answering the posts only prompts them to keep it up. I don’t know. Spamming a kayak site seems a bit boring to me.

He/she sounds more like an excited young person very interested in their newfound sport.

Lighten up.

I’m in total agreement. At the age of 46 I fortunately still get all wound up about my present toys, be they my sailboat, older dagger, newer swift, mountain bike, backpack, darn near everything. Latest addition is a new top-shelf chainsaw(stable of 3 now). Just ordered it after losing sleep and driving my workmates nuts for a week.Nothing wrong with some unbridled enthusiasm. Now I’m going to draw a picture of my new saw with a blower on top and a set of headers, maybe a wheelie bar…:wink:


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If this is a real person, then I absolutely agree that they are young, enthusiastic and deserve some appropriate support. And that was my own impression. But it's also getting harder to tell because of the continued breadth and vagueness in these questions. Yeah - to paraphrase someone above, if my niece wanted to post here, I'd hope she'd get good, safe guidance and be dealt with appropriatelky for her age.
But I'd also want her to provide enough info so everyone knew for sure to whom they were talking.

just a thought…
Keep in mind that it can be a good idea for kids (probably others, too!) to NOT reveal their age online, as you just never know who is posting or reading ANY board, including our relatively benign So it may be that Pamlico’s folks had him not put his age on his profile (or remove it if it was there originally), and COULD be a reason for evasiveness. I know he mentioned in another post somewhere looking forward to gettng his driver’s license, so yeah, probably a younger kid. Hey - I wish I had gotten a cool kayak when I was that young! It took me another twenty years to finally get involved with paddling (oops - did I just reveal my age?!)! Could he be a troll instead? Yeah, maybe. If anyone is concerned that’s the case, then probably the best thing is to just not post to him. I’m pretty cynical, but for now I’m willing to take Pamlico_140 at face value, and as curious as I may be about how old he is, I respect that it may not be the best question on a public forum.

Whether pamlico140 is a kid, a teen, …
…a troll or fictitious, he/she is very enthusiastic about the sport and the paddliong and the boat and it is refreshing. The exuberant attitude is rejuvenating, and that is why we click on the posts of pamlico140.