Cool Surf/Rock Play Boat!

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Posted in another forum, this kayak is probably the only kayak in the past year that has gotten my juices flowing and igniting a real desire to try/buy.

Anyone see it in the states, please email me with details.


cool idea
sort of a surf hybrid

would love to try one.


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got that surfing tail, the sharp top (rail like) chines, and then the standard bow.

The Wave Witch, often touting as surfing and offshore surf play boat, was more a short planing bottom boat with standard stern and bow. Look at the wave witch:

The Rockhopper drops the standard stern and goes into a surf boat configuration. I also like that the Rockhopper is a SINK, something I prefer. I think this is a whole new breed of boat.


Cool Boat, But
Cool boat, but I prefer an SOT for that type thing. Just me…

Interesting boat.
Not that I know a lot about them but it seems to fill a real niche. I did notice that the fins attach to their boats the same way that they do for windsurfers.

Did You See One In Person?
The description talked about a drop down skeg and slots for fins. Cool.

I want a pink one. Seriously.


Why don’t you just use a Pungo?

Dude, C’mon Out And Play With Me
in your pungo. :slight_smile:


I just looked around the site.
They show pictures of the fins under accessories. The fins have the same pin and screw plate assembly as windsurfer fins and fit into boxes (slots). I am probably going to Australia the Summer after this one. Want me to bring one back? :slight_smile:

Another Link.

Co Directors: The current owner of Mega Surfkayaks and the Former manager of P&H sea kayaks. Interesting combo.


I’m going to the UK in a few weeks

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visiting some kayaking folks, see if they have seen one yet. The factory is in Nottinghamshire, I have a friend who just got into rockgardening and surfing, he's headed home to Nottingham this summer, maybe he can give a review, I've sent him the link. This would be a great boat for the coast in Baja. Too bad the dollar has crashed 700 pounds was really cheap a few years ago.

Check It Out…
tell me what you think, especially if you get a chance to try one.


Picking up in Conwy wouldn’t be bad
That is really a neat place to spend a day.

Review & more pics
Sing, I’m sure you already found this:

I saw the pics but missed the article. The article review seems to confirm my speculation and desire for what I would this boat to do, given the rockhopper’s lines. :slight_smile:

Boat lust is a horrible thing. I really haven’t felt that in awhile. :slight_smile:


Damn Sing…why’d you have to go and post a link to something as cool looking as that? Man…I’m drooling looking at that boat!

My Kaos is nice and all…but I’d like to get into a SINK surf kayak soon. That Rockhopper looks really awesome…

Someone import some!! :slight_smile:



Would you guys quit showing these
yaks off? I just bought 1 and I’m about to buy another and …

"Boat lust is a horrible thing"
Yeah, and contagioius too, damn you! Got me emailing them - and I have a serious rock shortage down here!

But, It May Actually Work For You…
to get it out on some of those outer breaks to play around. It’d definitely be faster for paddling to a distant spot than a dedicated surf yak.


Hull Addiction
It’s a disease! Pretty soon you’ll have 10 and have to decide which boat to paddle today.

Speaking of Hulls has anyone seen a shot of this boat from the underside?