Country lived

how many are on here are from the UK ?
i am in Plymouth Devon.

We really need more international participation on this site!

I’ve visited the UK a number of times in the past on business trips. It looks like you live in a very special place. I think the closest I’ve ever been to you is Shoreham By The Sea.

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I’m anxious to both visit and paddle in Britain–But I’m going to wait until it’s safe enough for all the pubs to reopen :wink: Cheers, Mate!!(Sorry, pic is of an American brew, just finished the last Imported Boddington’s.ipa 001|666x500

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boddingtons is horrid if you want to import get better beers than that :wink:

Okay, that’s it. You got my Irish up. It’s strictly Guiness from here on out.

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[quote=“spiritboat, post:5, topic:97549, full:true”]
Okay, that’s it. You got my Irish up. It’s strictly Guiness from here on out.
[/quote] :laughing: :laughing:
some to try if you can get them

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Black Sheep, Black Sheep,
have ye any fool?

Why yes my lad, and they’re oh so glad,
when they’re five pints full.

Bass, Boddington’s, Double Diamond - they were all credible Brit fermentations we Yanks could avail ourselves of without too much difficulty since perhaps the early eighties. But, alas, the globalizing monopoly monsters (I.e. AB/Inbev, SAB/Miller, perhaps even Diageo with Ireland’s Guiness) seem determined to mass-market the malty extractions into meh. Thankfully, I do believe Samuel Smith
still brews a few fine examples. But, with so many fine U.S. brewing establishments arisen in these past two decades, from microbrewery to larger regionally distributed “craft” brews, we’re fairly blessed in the ale/stout/lager choices. But then, heck, even Weideman’s Light, administered in the proper doses, has some merit. In this case, a 30-pack will likely assist in bringing hydrogenated nitrogen to that back acre of crabgrass and ragweed.

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Wow, ye must’ve had a good beer buzz to get all that out.

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Loved our six week visit to the UK. You got it right. Obam Breakfast Scotch then a little jaunt to a pub for a proper English bitter at the correct temp for refreshingness and full flavor!

You have a lot more company on Song of the Paddle though.

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What if I’m vegetarian and don’t plan to roast any lambs?

This is one of our local establishments.

ooh beer wars… We have 9.6 craft breweries per 100,000 people. That was last year… there were some 50 more that opened up since then. Always a great experience and experiment… Some are outstanding and some are “What were they thinking?”

There are over 8 million stories about peeing from beer out there.
…“Hand Crafted” is just another one.

The Guiness, the Harp and the Smit’ick.
Seven creamy pints came out on a tray.

Light coloured beers are much more healthy. With dark coloured beers one’s body must do all that extra work changing the colour before getting rid of the waste.

I like beer flavored beer and coffee flavored coffee. It’s nice to have some local variety and easy to ignore the weird stuff. If you want to start a beer war we might want to focus on temperature or alcohol content and include our Canadian and Australian friends.

Here’s one that even comes with a paddle craft recommendation.

this was a post started by me to ask how many paddles are in the UK…
not what is the best beer post… spiritboat said he had visited UK and wants to again when safe and he had just finished some boddingtons,
so i said try black sheep breweries beers if he wants to try some UK beer… i live in the uk where we have large and smaller real ale breweries not just a few small micro brewers :wink:
i have tried some of the usa ipa are dark beers from the micro brewers and like them :wink: it is called trying a beer not trying to put people out of action…
there is foods and drink from all over that is imported by people because not available in their country…
i lived in sweden and the beer there was light and dark… the light is just lager and the dark which i thought would be an ale was just a dark lager both horrid so while there i had to drink guiness… there is a difference between lager, ipa and real ale/bitter… i will drink ipa and real ales, but very very very rarely drink a lager :wink:

Its just thread drift. imagine conversation in a pub … Never stays on track.

There isn’t enough time to sample all the worlds fine brews. Lone Pine Maple Sunday brown ale will do for now. Not quite leaf out time yet

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I was rollin’ with the Duckpins…Ale, that is.

I think it was real.

(Now ya got me re-imagining/lyricizing The National’s Blood Buzz, oh Spiritose! “I’m from St. Louis…But St. Louis never bought a round for me. I’m on a Bud…Buzz, baby. I’m on a Bud Buzz.” Weird Al, you out there? Need material?)

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Sorry 'bout that, if you find offense. None intended. As Kay-Kim reminds us, like Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia, “You were drifting, Lawrence! You were drifting!”

Ale to the Chief!
Some lager in much later.
The Pils are near, Cold Porter cheers!
A stout guy’s best debater.

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Devil’s in the detail, and when the fur flies, along with 10-crazed French-Canuks on Christmas Eve, that is one fine beer!