Craig's Lists finds - a SOF and a Folbot

-- Last Updated: Jul-16-08 11:15 AM EST --

I don't know either seller - appears to be pretty good deals though:

Folbot - 2 person: $875 -

SOF - $300 (!) -

Both in the Phoenix area - lots of beach/no water.

You can kayak in Arizona?
Haha, jk…

You’d be surprised…
It can be tough admitively but there are quite a few Salt River Projects (water and electricty) dams on local rivers that made beautiful lakes to paddle. For exercise, Tempe has a lake - one lap around is about 4 miles in the current configuration.

We’re only a few hours from Rocky Point and Baja and Sandyeggo is about 6 hours away. All things considered, it’s not too bad actually!

Snowmobile dealers are far and few between however in the valley of the sun.

The SOF looks pretty sweet.

I’m a novice but
…I thought the same thing.

If anyone is interested and wants to cover gas, I’ll be happy to look at it and take mo’ pictures - after you’ve asked the seller if he’ll ship it or if you live close enough to come get it.

With these costs, we can easily make a $300 kayak into a $600 one. :wink:

Heck, I’ll even pick it up if he needs to move it and store it for a few weeks - might be worth it to really test my wife’s patience esp. if she thinks I’ve purchased “anther?” kayak.

Vancouver craigslist
There’s a few on the Vancouver BC craigslist right now, starting at $350 for this one…

wonder what’s wrong with it? :slight_smile:

…I think that’s more of a realistic price for the folder.

oh crap
I want that 16 footer sof


Sure would be a good excuse ti go to Phoenix and paddle with a friend of mine.

Paddlin’ on


my current favorite craigslist ad

Yep …
…knew you’d like it!

come on over…
…I’ve always wanted to kayak the Sea of Cortez.

After the other “south of the border” trip of course.

I see why it’s your favorite

It’s a “nudie”

Yeah but
Wouldn’t it be literally like the Greenhouse Effect with that kayak in the sun? I suppose it might be nice in the winter.

looks like a yost wood design

click on Nikumi


costs about 300 to build and this guy wants 1200???

whaddya nuts?

go buy it for me GK
maybe i will trade you a paddle for it…



you saw right through that one

How about this one …
… a well crafted ad …

“Reply to:

Date: 2008-07-16, 9:58AM EDT

16’ sea kayak - $600 (taunton)

1 person,red,has remote rudder,2 storage areas,capella by the p&h co.,some scratches,but good condt.easy to row. too heavy for my back,bought a smaller cheapo one.”

I like …
…remote rudders but am really in the market for a telepathic one. I’ll have to pass on this one.