Current Designs new small boats

I can’t fit them but they look good, any feedback on CD’s Suka?

Love to try the Suka…
But one look and I figured I wouldn’t fit either…

If you cant fit in the suka but like the
style, you might like the caribou because it has some style simularities while suites bigger people:

You’re absolutely correct Pamlico
I did have a Caribou and that’s why I was a bit interested in how the Suka compared. It looks like a smaller Caribou.

yes but
where the Caribou was based on a plywood hull the Suka is designed for a mold. The chines are softer, the skeg box looks like it’s a bit further aft. It’s kind of amazing to see CD making four smaller skegged kayaks. Willow, Rumor, Suka and Squamish. Now all they need to do is make a smaller Extreme.

saw a Suka, figured I’d fit if they would pull the seat out for a demo ride…(26 inch thighs)

looks like a fun boat and CD is finally bringing the decks down to a reasonable height

only thing is the catch point on the seat for entry…it’s on the surface of the combing, leaving an edge.

Best Wishes


What they REALLY should produce…
is a longer, narrower version of the Caribu-s. Add at least a foot to the length, cut at least 1.5"+ from the width, and decrease the volume. NOW we be talking!

problem there
when you take a particular design to extremes you start accentuating some characteristics so much that the possible customers who will tolerate them become much fewer.

It is already long and narrow.
You want it longer than 17’8" and narrower than 21 3/4"? For what purpose? That would be a completely different boat.

here is info on their Raven

I could fit in it…
but wouldn’t want to tote 56 lbs + gear(I swore no kayak over 50 lbs. Sort of like a Lenten vow)

A lower foredeck and a lower height in the cockpit, please.

CD is heading in the right direction though. If I get a chance to demo one in May I’ll surely post a review.

14yrs ago I bought a used glass WS Poquito for my daughter. This is cool.

This is hilarious
"SUKA" means “BITCH” ( as in female dog or a word to curse women with ) in Russian.

Even better considering that a boat is usually refered to as “she”.

Different places…
In the Keys a Suka is a margarita with double tequila…

In Fijian it means sugar

it would become a K-1 race kayak

HAHAHA… Sometimes…
I feel all three about some of the boats I’ve been in. :slight_smile:



Exactly Dr_Disco!
What’s wrong with a Greenland style design with a higher speed? I don’t think you’d be giving up much stability, the Caribu-S is already stable to a fault. You may give up a bit of manuevering but the extra speed would be far more rewarding to a lot of folks, eh? Kind of like saying why should/would West Side Boats make the Thunderbolt when they already have the E.F.T.? Why? Because it’s faster, and it is a different animal. I’m not saying drop the Caribu-S, I’m just saying I outgrew the Caribu-S (still like it though!) and I want something faster. My guess is it would outsell the current Caribu-S to intermidiates and above. Something close to a Betsie Bay Kayaks Recluse would be awsome. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

then go to a molded hull
once you start looking for the extra few percent in top speed efficiency in a four panel hull you lose other attributes that are worthwhile for maintaining that speed in a range of conditions.

In other words for a given waterline you could have less weathercocking or better wave handling or less wetted area in a molded hull.

The distinct chines are a reflection of a construction technique and not the result of attaining the most efficient high speed potential.

If you stretch out a molded hull you don’t lose those other attributes as quickly as you do in a four panel shape.

Or more …
My SOF is 19’ 8 1/4" x 18 7/8" (6m x 48cm)

It’s still pretty darn stable and more manuverable than my 18’ sea kayak.

Tade-up in terms of speed/glide/stroke mechanics/smiles is well worth any small tradeoff in (largely unused) initial stability.

Different animal indeed.