Current River

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What Part of the Current River would you recommend?

Wanting to take 3 day/2 night trip with a few friends week after next on Current River -MO.

All are intermediate paddlers looking to get away from the yayhoos, camp along the river and do some fishing.

Also this will be the first real canoe trip other than a couple of day trips for my 13 year old son.

Thanks for any input.


What I would do
My favorite sections are from Baptist Camp to Two rivers.

That’s 51.5 miles. Plenty of choices for camping and I think its the prettiest part of the river.



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If you're going to be doing very much fishing; the 50 miler that Sloop suggested might? be a little more than you want to do. If you're "fishing on the move", it's doable; expecially with the extra hours of light we're getting these days.

Avoiding the "river dorks" aka "river drunks"........
Best bet: Do your trip on weekdays.
Second best: Make an effort to get on the river before 9:00 a.m.
Third best: Avoid the sections from Akers Ferry to Pulltite, and from Pulltite to Round Springs.
Those sections will have the highest number of RDPM ("River dorks" per mile).

If you get on the river early; you'll be ahead of most of the drunks, and very few will ever catch up to you. Putting on early will also allow you to make camp earlier. That will often allow you a better selection of campsites, if you're camping on the river.

When the sunburned, whining, complaining, dehydrated, sick, vomiting, cursing, obnoxious, arguing with their wife/girlfriend/paddling partner come by; you can give them the answer to the question they most often ask, "How far is it to the takeout"?

My favorite response, "If you paddle hard; you might get there before dark"! Sometimes I'm not even lying.......... :^)

Listen carefully to some of the comments the non-drunk girlfriends/wifes have for their drunk boyfriends/husbands, when they hear how far they "still" have to go.........

My favorite: "I'm never going canoeing again with you, you drunk SOB"!


Now that’s an acronym to remember!

Are there gauges for monitoring current level? :o)

Go to

Then go to Ozark Scenic Riverway.

Gauge readings & graphs there.

RDPM: I just made that up today Gwen, and you thought I was just another pretty face, didn’t ya?


Our plans

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Thanks Bob I was hoping you would respnd.

Jeff I do think that would be a bit long for us - but I will put it on to do list. I have heard very pretty up there. Too bad the Spring ROndezvous was a wash.

We are doing Mon- Wed

And I was right in thinking that Akers to Round Spring probably had most of the folks I prefer not to be around.

A couple of us met at lunch today and were looking at Roundspring to 2 Rivers. Is that long enough for 2 days and lots of fishing?

One of the group said he was interested in the Lower Buffalo form Rush to Buffalo City. How would that be for the time we are looking to go?


I think there is probably a formula for calculating RDPM

RDPM = (Day of week X Amount Beer sold in county)/(Preciptation - # of Days past full moon)

Monday thru Wednesday

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Good days to go.......

Round Springs to Two River: About 18 miles; good distance if you are lollygagging & fishing. Not near as high a percentage of "river dorks" on that section, as those noted upstream. Majority of "river dorks" camp at Pulltite & Round Springs campgrounds.

Current should be good to go as far as water level.

Lower Buffalo will be rain dependent.
Those levels can also be checked out beforehand on their website. Would be good idea to do so.

You guys should seriously consider the Eleven Point (Greer access to Riverton), if you haven't already been there/done that.

Another alternative: Jacks Fork/Hwy 17 to Alley Springs Campground.

Have a good one,


Move to the Eleven Point River if you want to avoid the YAHOOS…

I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Yes, Bob
"just another pretty face" ;>)

I like the one of me, and your favorite “running buddy” better. Think it was taken on the same day too…


Oh my…
and an angel too! Who’d a thunk it!?

Frick & Frack, I presume?

I’ll second or third the Eleven Point
And the fishing is better! Hwy 19, (Greer) to Riverton. 19 miles

Do you think…
Aker’s to 2 rivers would be doable starting on a Thursday morning and ending Saturday by noon?? I will be fishing and doing some exploring. I like to take my time, but I usually don’t stop and fish a hole for an hour or so like some folks like to do.

By the way, if anyone hasn’t had a chance to do the Big Sugar Creek in SW Missouri, you should give it a shot…

Akers to Two Rivers
Approximately 36 miles.

Definitely doable.

Avg. speed with light paddling effort should be about 2.5 mph.

If it were me; I’d try to do about 15 miles on the two full days(thursday & friday), so that I’d only have a short paddle to the take out on saturday.

You should be able to easily do 15 miles in 6 hours of paddling time.

You’d have plenty of daylight, but not enough to stop, and goof off for hours at a time. Only you know

how much time you need to “play”.

Want to maximize your “play time”? Do Pulltite to Two Rivers (26 miles).


Gotta love that pose…

Or Cedar Grove to Round Spring…
that another 26 mile run.

I would say Cedar to Jerktail(38 miles)but I remember that road to jerktail… It was bad, but that was a few years ago…


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I wouldn't leave my vehicle parked at Cedar Grove for 2 nights on a "nothing will happen to it" bet.

Too close to the road, and at night the "bad guys" will not have to worry too much about anyone disturbing them(it's quite isolated)while they engage in "dirty deeds done dirt cheap". It is sometimes used as a nightime party spot; by people with nothing better to do, on friday & saturday nites.


for all the information. I float the Current once a year with a group of friends but that is casual. I usually take 3 trips a year that are for fishing and camping on the river with a couple buddies of mine. We have floated every river except (believe it or not) the Current. Do you guys have any idea how the smallie fishing is on the Current??

Smallie’s on the Current
From today’s [6-12-08] MDC fishing report:

Current: 72 degrees, normal, clear; smallmouth bass good on soft plastic worms; goggle-eye fair on live baits. (Report made on 6/11/2008)

You can read each week’s report, or sign up to have it emailed to you, here:

The report covers all the major lakes and rivers in Missouri. No reports during the winter.

“Happy Hookin’”!