Cutting Kayak in half for shipping!!!

I have a guy that is moving over seas and wants to take his 2 16 ft+ composite kayaks with him. The problem is the maximum shipping length is 14ft. He asked me if I would cut them in half for him and he will get them put back together in his new home. If I do cut them where is the best place so they can be repaired and be the strongest. Both have skegs. It sounds crazy but it’s his kayaks!!

Of course there is always
the option of using a good shipping company.

Sell and rebuy overseas.

Ah the winter trolls have arrived …
Make sure to ask your friend if he once believed he was a Navy Seal or perhaps a Navy Sea Lion Turd.

Why cut it in half ???
When all you have to do is lop off two feet ?

EZ to put THAT back on.

container costs
Is he shipping a container? It only cost me $1000 more to ship a 40’ container than a 20’ one to Australia. Maybe a 20’ container would be cost effective for him.

Yeah, that’s more than cutting a kayak apart but I threw in a ton more crap!

He wouldn’t be the first.
I was reading on the surfski site about a guy who shipped 21’ surfskis in a 20’ container.–shipping-21ft-skis-in-a-20ft-container&catid=49:tips-other&Itemid=69

Sell/swap for sectional
Used sectional kayaks are available that would solve this…besides, it would make storage that much simpler as well once he got there. I have lived overseas in four countries, and covered storage is almost always at a premium (or not even an option) that could cost him even more after he gets the boats there.

Get Freya to
paddle them over. I am sure the boat in tow would be no problem for her. Maybe have Mayflower be a primary sponsor.

What is the diagonal on a 14 foot container?

There don’t appear to be any shipping containers less than 20ft.

Air freight has variety of dimensions, none at 14ft.

Check if your buddy has dimensions right.

Use ratchet straps
and hook the front handle to the rear. Then crank that ratchet until it fits…


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Contact PanAlpina Air Freight....they fly 747 cargo all over the world......when I was Load Mastering for them 10 years or so ago we shipped 30 foot sections of pipe and all kinds of pressure vessels for oilfield/refining operations out on those birds...

16 foot kayaks are nothing......Just make like it's a commercial delivery...they don't ship personal items/furniture...hell, get a local kayak shop to ship it for you under their business license...reimbursed of course!

About 19.5 feet

Cut a Canoe In Half
and it was fun! Made me feel better about the lousy deal I got, but I was younger and not so smart about canoes at the them. Was a Dagger Caper that was old and abused when I stupidly bought it. Cracked in the cold weather under the saddle but I was able to fix it and then it cracked again to the point I couldn’t fix it at all.

Took Mr. Sawsall and had a good time cutting that f’ing thing in half. Turned one end into a worm farm for a while and the other is sitting in the woods. Still trying to figure out a way to attach them back again. G-Flex sounds like a good cure.

Why not just buy the kit?
You know, the kit that turns your kayak into an airplane and just fly it over.

Just shove it hard at beach

Not really

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Not sure about the exact dimensions of a 14 feet container, but they are not quadratic. Assuming a floor of 14 x 7 gives a diagonal of 16 feet. Further assuming a height of 7 feet gives a space diagonal just above 17 feet. Do you to pack the container yourself?

he’s nuts !!!..

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Sell the boats and buy new boats at the new location ....nothing good can happen here. (Whew...sorry ..i tried to stay off this thread but i couldn't ! and I feel better now that I let that out )