Decorah Eagles again

Just in case anyone wants to watch some baby eagles grow up. The new cameras are great, at times the bird on the nest is looking right at you. Unfortunately it appears it’ll just be two eaglets for the first time in a number of years,. One egg has failed to hatch and the best guess at this point is that it was a failed egg in terms of fertilization. But the two that did hatch went fine, and there are two very cute babies under the parent whenever they get up to do the feeding.

Just saw them feeding…

I was out dropping stuff in the mail and missed it. Try again later…

You got me hooked on that last
year, Celia, for which I’m quite grateful as it was a fascinating education.

In addition to Decorah, I’ve been watching the Berry nest this year. Two eggs, both hatched, and these babies will soon fledge.

Even Michigan has gotten into the act with a live stream of a nest up here on the Platte River.

When comparing the three nests, I’m mystified why the Michigan nest has so little grass. The Decorah and Berry nests are luxurious in comparison. Tough love?

Interesting question
I don’t know, though the nest at Decorah is only in its second year. They completely rebuilt a new one for last season.

Might be worth getting a login to the Decorah Eagles chat group and asking. They are very good about responding, a lot of school groups use this web site each year.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam
Another interesting nest cam is the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam in North Fort Myers. One of the two has already branched, so they’re a lot further along than the northern nests.

Quess I got lucky…
The first time I clicked on them she was feeding the chicks.

Everytime I’ve gone back she is just sitting on them.

I caught a feeding yesterday
There is some timing to this, I am just not paying enough mind to catch it.

But the chicks are getting their thermal down. That means they will be up and out for much of the time pretty soon.

FEEDING @5:25 Eastern

As I was leaving for rehearsal…
Will try and check then tomorrow

Both up and out now

Her mate just landed with what looks like a fish.

Not you got me hooked on checking the eagles several times a day.

Like I don’t have anything else to do… well not much come to think of it…

They are addictive. The first year I discovered them, the desktop PC was chirping in the background almost all the time I was up.


More Bird Sites
Also, you could check out:

to see the eagle nest at the National Arboretum in DC.

Another site with many bird cams are on:

Across the top is the menu of the different cams. I find I need to bring the cursor up from below this menu to eliminate other sub-menus from showing up if you bring the cursor down from the top.


Thanks for the links!
I enjoyed them. Of course it is also fun to leave one of these sites running when the cats are in the room.

Fascinating event at Decorah North

Amazing how that male eagle protected the eggs. Analysis by the experts is quite interesting as well.

The kids are getting big! … nm

Love the butch cut
The white crown on the one nearest the camera right now. Between that and the darkening bill he/she looks very tough.

I don’t think mom or dad can fully sit on them at this point.

Thanks for posting Decorah Eagle site
Hi Cilia,

Thanks for posting site. I find myself looking in a few times a day, as I did last year. Was fearful the smaller chick was not going to make it as the larger one was taking most of the food when I was watching. Their size seems to be becoming more even lately. Will be watching them flex wings constantly and then fly away in the near future.