Delta 10?

The Delta 10 looks very intriguing for casual, stable paddling, with its partial cat hull, view bottom and storage/air chambers. But there are no stocking dealers anywhere near us in NC where we could actually check it out. Has anyone here tried or bought one but just hasn’t gotten around to writing about it yet? I’d love to hear more about it.

When I see an inquiry go without any
responses for some days, I wonder if the product isn’t so specialized our out in left field that perhaps one shouldn’t want it.

Maybe you could provide us with a link to some photos and descriptions so we can offer observations.

Delta 10 review
Check out this site for review of the Delta 10.

Delta 10 video
Thanks! I now know more than double what I knew before! Having had our Old Town Loon 138T swamped by a passing yacht off Beaufort NC, and getting tired of that 75+ lbs loading/unloading, I’m looking for a pair of lighter less swampables, and the choice is sit-on-top, inflatable, or Delta 10 (because of all that sealed storage). Still wish I could get my hands on one though for a tryout without having to travel 700 miles.

Have you looked into a Hurricane Kayak Santee or Expedition? They’re very light weight and durable for the waters you’re paddling in. I have been using their fishing kayaks for years around Carrot Island and don’t sweat running into oyster beds one bit.

Hurricane vs Delta
No I hadn’t (looked at a Hurricane yet), and it’s even a NC company (Delta is Canadian). I’ll be heading down to the local Great Outdoors PC later this week to take a look. In talking to a salesman there over the phone, it looks like the bulkheads are sealed on at least some of the models too. Still not all the features of that Delta 10, very similar price for the Santee 100 or 116.

Which GOPC are you headed to? I’m in the Greenville location and will be working Wednesday night from 6-9.

What do you find in the Delta that you don’t in any of the Hurricanes?

GOPC locations and kayak diffs
I live just up the road from Charlotte so have always visited the store there over the years.

Regarding kayak differences, the main thing would be the Delta 10’s catamaran hull. And from my wife’s standpoint, the view window in the floor. The reviews of the Hurricane Santee 100 and 116 both look good, both the Santee and Delta are thermoform, etc. I’m in no rush, won’t have an opportunity to use any for a couple months anyway. So hopefully I’ll have a chance to compare the two personally.

Ok, I was thinking you lived in Beaufort.

Regarding the catamaran style hull, you can find that in the Ride 135 and Commander 120/140 that we carry which are fishing biased kayaks.

Delta vs Hurricane Kayaks
I am also in the hunt for a thermoformed boat.The feed back I received in comparing a Delta 12-10 and the Hurricane Expedition 128 was, " The clear winner in terms of overall quality is the Delta.The material,design and outfitting is better,significantly better".I have no way of confirming this as I don’t have access to either brand in my area.I am having to make a choice based on the opinions and experience of others.

Check out the you-tube video on the Delta Hull being wailed away on with a hammer. I believe the Delta is not constructed with recycled material which I have read results in a superior hull in terms of rigidity and durability.

Delta 10
I have paddled the 10 and it is a great little boat to paddle the night I had it out it was very windy and bouncy on the river

it paddles like a dream for a 10 foot boat it seems fast stable and a pleasure to paddle

i usually paddle something a little sportier so this was a bit different but great to paddle

I think the Delta 10 looks odd and cool. I think the reason it isn’t known is only that it is a Canadian product from a small company. Maybe you should buy it and review it for the rest of us.

The oddness of that hull is the only thing holding me up on taking the local REI salesperson’s suggestion that I buy it from them (internet only) and if I try it out and don’t like it, bring it back for a refund. Seems like an odd and wasteful way to try out a boat. I’m guessing that with that cat hull, I’ll either love it or hate it. Hopefully the regional rep and I will connect in the next few months instead…

Test drive
Well, I guess it’s the same as the QCC method, i.e. a full refund if you don’t like the boat, which seems reasonable to me.

Anyway, fair disclosure, I designed and built a cat-style kayak a few years back:

I never really got it finished after this shrink-wrap test. It’s back on my to-do list for the summer, and I’m curious about the performance of the cat/tunnel hull kayaks that have come on the market since.

Call Delta
Why not call Delta directly? I’ve called them to chat about their boats. The owner answered - very friendly and helpful. Every Delta owner I’ve talked to loves them. They all seem to rave about the comfort, quality, and details. I’ve never met anyone who owns the Delta 10, though.

That’s how we work with customers as well. We can’t always accommodate a demo paddle. We feel that we can sell you an appropriate kayak off the rack but if you get out and don’t like it or want to try something else we’ll take it back. However, I can’t imagine how an online retailer expects you to return a kayak.

Delta 10
I will throw in my 2 cents. I own 2 Delta kayaks, the 1210 and 16. I love both of these boats, well made and excellent customer service from the owner/designer, Mark Hall who will gladly talk to you or email you any information you want regarding a Delta boat. I also own a QCC and a Prijon sea kayak. The Delta’s are my best all around boats.

I have purchased both of my Delta’s thru REI and yes, they will refund you your purchase price if not happy with the boat.I know people that have returned boats for refund months after their original purchase. I really do not think you can go wrong buying from REI. Their paddle days event is coming up and is a good time to possibly test a Delta.

I did get a chance to view and checkout the Delta 10 from a paddle shop in Portland. It’s a cool little boat, my wife fell in love with it. Was told by the guys at the shop that it is sportier than most rec kayaks and has the best features, build weight combo of any of them in their opinion. Next time I am in town will no dobt take her for a spin.

Several comments
…none of which really have to do with this thread…

  1. I just rejoined after many years (because I am looking for a new kayak of course), and one of the best features is the message board, followed by the equipment reviews.
  2. Also the launch sites map with open input is a great idea. I’ve added 4.
  3. Regarding the Delta 10, I was in communication with the regional sales rep last week just before the tornadoes. He (Gavin Rains) lives in Northern Alabama, and is evidently personally OK, although without power and phone service at present. I tried calling, got his cell phone message with that info.

QCC requires that you keep the shipping box for a possible return, then you would have to take it to the local distribution center for the return. Once you destroy the shipping box, the return is off the table.

I believe REI would require a physical return of the boat to the nearest store location.

Eddyline Sky-10
Perhaps you may want to check this out when it’s released. It’s due this month. If you’re on Facebook, they’ve posted some pictures of it. Basically, it’s a shrunken Skylark and is very narrow by rec boat standards; only 26 inches. I have no idea how well it paddles, but Eddyline has a great reputation. The reason I mention this here is because it’s also a thermoform boat. I’ll be very interested to read reviews. I’d also be checking out the Delta if there was a dealer in the area.