Demographics . Haven't done it in awhile name
Where are you?
Kayak or canoe?
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white?
Years paddling?

String- I’m tall and thin, a friend with a southern accent called me Strang.
South Carolina
Every type of water except white
40 years
Avatar is my oldest grandson.


I will play. But if you wish, can you add where you get your handle and what your avatar is or means to you.

Handle: raosborne - ask you likely guessed, a shorten version of my name.
Avatar: My wife painted this likeness of me 45 or so years ago when we were dating. If my wife were a member, she could be ThePainter.
Age: 63
Location: North Carolina
Boat: Mainly Kayak
Water: Flat and river
Experience: Beginner, although I have paddled off and on for many years, it was mainly off until this year.

So many of you have such interesting handles that they cause my imagination to work overtime!

Here is my imagination running wild:
@NotThePainter - Does not like to paint, prefers woodworking and Umbagog Lake
@Lillyflowers - Pretty name for a pretty lady
@3meterswell - Likes waves and tides 3 meters high
@willowleaf - Lovely river lady swaying in the breeze
@tdaniel - Whitewater maestro
@bud16415 - DIY guru
I could go on and on, but will stop here…


name darkstar: I enjoy the transitive nightfall of diamonds
Avatar: canton canoe race, amateur C2 class
Age 51
Where are you? Finger Lakes, NY
Kayak or canoe? Both, plus row and sail
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? Mostly flat water and rivers these days but sometimes Great Lakes lumpies
Years paddling? 44


Handle: I needed a description for the conditions encountered on my first kayak camping trip. The moniker stuck.
Avatar: Cropped from a photo of a trip partner and I rafted up in Caamano Sound 6 or 7 days south of Prince Rupert, BC.
Age: 72
Where are you: Puget Sound
Kayak or canoe: Sea Kayak
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white: Prefer water with some personality.
Years paddling? 45
It would be nice to see the photos the avatars came from.


Coronaboy…live next to Lake Erie, play on it a bunch, paddle Valleys on the Lake and a Scupper Pro during the heat of summer, paddle a few different canoes on inland water, all solo, think I joined 22 yrs. ago… I’m 63

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Thanks to @raosborne for the accurate guess of DIY guru. Not sure of the guru part but I feel I have Yankee roots having parents / grandparents that grew up and lived thru the depression years. As a kid my toys were end cuts of 2x4 and bags of nails to build something out of. name:

My dad was Bud (nickname) and I was Buddy later shortened to Bud. 16415 is the zip code of the town I grew up in on Lake Erie


Myself and my lady Holly she is 27 years younger than me so I’m ether the luckiest man on earth or the craziest.


Just turned 67 I truly believe I started life and lived thru the most amazing times in history.

Where are you?

I live 30 miles south of Erie now In a wonderful little town on French Creek. The town became famous for being the half way point on rail lines between NYC and Chicago. We were known for spring water that would cure everything. Cambridge Springs.

Kayak or canoe?

Canoe for me Rec-kayak for holly

Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white?

As a kid anything that would float on Lake Erie. Started off with a raft built from the latest invention of plastic milk bottles 200 in total. We would take it a mile or so out. Later power boats on the lake and then for a few years WW Rafting in southern PA and WV. Then my return to the water last year with the OT canoe. We do inland lakes and rivers all very mild stuff.

Years paddling?

I’m going to answer 1 year but been around water ways my whole life.

Good idea for a thread string. :canoe:


Handle: NotThePainter. I share my name with a great painter, but I’m not him. But I’m also an artist. I coined NotThePainter just to be different from him, and then when I was accepted at a gallery, I needed to really differentiate from that old dead guy, so I show my art at
Age: Yes. Old enough to know better, young enough to not know better.
Location: New Hampshire, United States
Boat: Kayak
Water: Quiet
Experience: I was given my first kayak about 13 years ago, took a lesson on strokes, wet exit and wet entry! Years later, on the date that we didn’t knows was a date, I dragged @Lillyflowers over an algae covered breakwater and exposed her to Cormorant poo, and somehow we’re married.


Age: Younger than dirt
Where are you? In my chair
Kayak or canoe? I have a choice?
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? Quiet
Years paddling? Five? Maybe. I’m old. I can’t remember.


name: name and location
Age: 69
Where are you? Delaware
Kayak or canoe? sea kayak
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? Tidal tributaries in the Chesapeake Bay, Eastern Shore.
Years paddling? 7 years
[/quote] name tjalmy
Age: 64
Where are you? Central Florida
Kayak or canoe? Kayak, but won’t turn down a canoe
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? Yes, but slowing down on the white stuff
Years paddling? 53
Do you still get out String? I’m coming up your way next April, would love to get together again.

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davbart - parts of my first and last name
Age: 59
Where are you: Fayetteville, NC
Kayak or canoe: canoe, but have been known to kayak, SUP and even row
Type of water: not much whitewater or ocean, mostly flatwater lakes and rivers
Years paddling: about 50 years.

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Name: My real name is John Smith
Age 69
Norhtern NJ
Kayak, canoe, surfski
Years paddling Since I was a teenager in scouts

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Name: Jim
Where are you: Northern California
Kayak or canoe: kayak
Where: ocean/estuary/bays/river/ lake

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Name Otterway - because Ottawa is the way home.
Age 61
Where are you Didn’t I say that already? I forget.
Kayak or canoe Kayak, but canoe or SUP will do on occasion.
Type of water (flat, ocean, river, white?) Flat. But flat white for my coffee.
Years paddling 1 :sunglasses:


Mothers maiden name
Name of first pet
soc sec number
etc etc

I first posted an number of years ago under the moniker of Fadedred…everything I had at the time was red, it seemed, and it was all faded…even my red hair and my sunburn.

Best Wishes

Name: J (first initial); yak (favorite pastime).

Age: 70

Where are you: Suburbs East of Baltimore, MD

Kayak/Canoe: Canoeing lakes and mild whitewater while young. Bought several canoes and a rec kayak about 15 years ago to get back on the water with family. Barely used the canoe and became obsessed with the kayak. WS 14.5 Tsunami is preferred boat. No desire for white water or shuttling; prefer to cover as much distance per trip as time permits.

Type of water: The accessible streams, rivers, tributaries and the open waters of the Upper Chesapeake Bay. Susquehanna River from York, PA south. James River around Jamestown while on vacation. Favorite launch area is Dundee Creek Marina for trips across the bay. Prefer solo trips, but also enjoy paddling with one or two partner.

Years paddling: Some early canoeing, but kayaking about 15 years. Cut back on kayaking for several years, while working on my home and almost quit after an injury. Joined the forum while researching to repair a used kayak for my nephew. Enthusiasm of members helped me adapt and renewed my interest.

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2252jim, like your kayak. What is it and what are the specs?

Answers are in order.

castoff: double meaning because that is what I do to get on the water, and my boats are bought used from folks that don’t want them.
7 decades
Central SC, born in FL and lived there for 28 years.
All kinds of boats
Criteria: is the water deep enough?
6+ decades on the water in boats, 5+ decades paddling canoes and sailing, paddled 2 blade first about 1976 in a Folbot.

Love the outdoors from the sea to the mountains, on land and water, the wilder the better. On the water you can say castoff casts off in a castoff. :wink:


I still do my best to paddle . This year wasn’t a good one but already looking forward to next. Would love to get to Florida this winter but my body isn’t cooperating. Let me know when you can come. name Photoyaker
Age: 67
Where are you? Northern California
Kayak or canoe? just kayaks
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? flat water with aspirations for more ambitious things
Years paddling? 2.5 You know I’m a noob when I put the first decimal place in there!

If my handle isn’t obvious already, here’s an illustration of the photoyaker in her native environment, engaging in the “capture” behavior.