Demographics . Haven't done it in awhile

Love the cat and poodle by the tree. I’ll take a similar one with our cat and Labradoodle.

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Or maybe we’re societal castoffs with a couple of very patient, caring women.

Will do.

Name: Medawgone ( Med- Medical worker in EMS, Disaster Response or Trauma Center RN for ~30 years. Dawg -nickname, Gone - always gone to my next adventure.) MeDawGone is a run on of words.

Avatar : Surfing Bogue Inlet NC

Age: 54

Where are you: Eastern NC and Outer Banks

Current fleet: Valley Nordkapp LV, Avocet, Serona RM, Stellar Intrepid LV, Eddyline Raven and a Dagger Alchemy S. I have owned ~75 kayaks over the years. Always lusting after the next one. First one was an Old Town Loon 138

Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? Open water- large rivers, coastal , ocean and surf zone.

Years paddling? ~25

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Name: Brodie was a nickname that I earned in grad school from a humorous mispronunciation of my name (Brooke). I have several friends who still call me Brodie exclusively.

Age: 44 - I think I’m the youngest to post so far?

Where are you?: St Petersburg FL but I grew up in New England

Kayak or canoe? Sea kayaks, but enjoy any type of watercraft

Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? Mostly ocean - Gulf of Mexico, and local rivers

Years paddling? 20 (have been sailing for 32 and rowed for 15)


Name? eckilson
Age? 61
Where are you? Woonsocket, RI
Kayak or canoe? Canoe
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? Flatwater/whitewater. Not a sea kayaker, but will paddle the ocean in calm conditions.
Years paddling? 15

Did some tandem paddling with my father back I in the late 80’s, but it wasn’t until 2006 that I got serious about paddling myself. Have remained true to my open booting roots. Seem to be doing more flatwater than whitewater these days, but hopefully that will change next year. Been documenting my trips back to 2009.

Last weekend’s trip

River island Park


Loved your journal.

“Wolf” is an old nickname from childhood days.
Age mid-60’s.
Primary home is in the Canton, Ohio area with lake paddling.
I also have an old (so old, there’s still some live knob and tube wiring!) family home near the Maine coast for summer ocean paddling.
I mostly paddle touring kayaks in both locations.
Been paddling 23 years, but still consider myself no better than intermediate as far as skill level.
Right now, the primary kayaks in the fleet are a QCC 600X carbon/Kevlar in Maine and an Eddyline Falcon 18 Kevlar in Ohio.

Looks like Kayakmedic are the most mature so far. I always wonder how I got this far but I’m glad I did. Have acquired two boats in the past year.

I’m curious if there is a way to show age range and distribution of active members.

Not sure that would be good marketing. What we tell each other on this thread is one thing but a chart showing age distribution might chase younger, newer potential members away. Next thing we would see is Viagra and Depends ads popping up.


Name: Nunio, short for Nunio Besnes (I’m possibly over-concerned about internet privacy)
Age: Late 50s, going on 30
Where: Maryland
K or C: Kayak, although have owned a canoe in the past, and just got another a month or two ago.
Type of water: Started in whitewater, Class II/III, then gradually moved to solo exploring narrow, wild, isolated Class I streams. Got a long boat a couple years ago, and now exploring more open water, on rivers and the Chesapeake.
Years paddling: 20+ intermittently, though more regular in the last few years.

Before kayaks/canoes, it was sailboats (and occasionally stink boats), starting at about 7 years old. Grew up on the water. Worked in boat industry for about 5-10 years before and during college.

That’s funny. Good points. It would be terrible if young boaters were intimidated by the experience level of many members. Being young does offer a strength advantage, but in the past 15 years, I found myself being able to go faster and further that I could when I was less old. My performance level dropped with a layoff and injury, but I was suprised by the rapid return. I was helped along by reading replies to tips. I get the impression that many members were fearless on the water when young, and it sounds like they haven’t slowed down. Seeing that I don’t have to stop as I wear out is encouraging.

Might mean that we have to work harder at being more inviting.

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name: Ryan Minney
Age: 41
Where are you?: Southern Ohio
Boat: canoe
Type of water: -flat, river, white
Years paddling: 20+

Love the Pseudonym wall, god forbid anyone find anyone and spend time together in real life. If you want to paddle ->740.201.7111

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Name: Patrick
Age: 70
Location: Southern Wisconsin
Boat(s): Canoe
Type of water: Mostly rivers, some mild whitewater, occasionally Northern Lakes
Years paddling: ~58, though there were periods of “remission”
Avatar: From a rainstorm on the Jump River WI


Great pic. Joy.

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Eric Hawkinson
Age: 21
Home: Poughkeepsie NY
Attending college in Fairfield CT
Kayak: Anas Acuta
Ocean/Long Island Sound/Hudson River
Paddling for almost 1.5 years

Gotten into a bit o longboat surfing in tide-races this year. If you go to pool sessions in CT you will find me doing weird impractical Greenland rolls. L2 Instructor, L3 Skill Assessed. If anyone wants to do winter paddling soon near Poughkeepsie lmk


Name - Bryan
Age - Middle
Where are you - McCaysville
Kayak or canoe - both
Type of water - flat, ocean, river, white? Flat, Class 1& 2, Bays
Years paddling- Couple


Name - MAKev441, Massachusets, Kevin, some meaningless #'s
Avatar - Pgymy Artic Tern I built on Harriman Fiord AK
Age - 60
Where are you? - Western Mass
Kayak or canoe? - Kayak, Adirondack Pack Boat, Exped Canoe, Fixed Seat Pulling (single blade, double blade and row - always mixed up - never know wether I’m coming or going…)
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? - Flat water, Ocean, Mellow Rivers, Ponds, Puddles
Years paddling? - 40ish


name Paddlinpals (Email address and sometimes website)
Age 64
Where are you? Texas transplanted from Maryland
Kayak or canoe? Mostly Canoe, but I do have a fishing kayak
Type of water-flat, ocean, river, white? rivers, white water, lots of canoe camping, racing
Years paddling? 50