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Hello All-

I am looking for a do everything kayak, I am looking for a realativly inexpensive kayak that can handle class I - II rapids, tracks well, and wont exhaust me paddling through the slow sections of a river…I would also like it to have enough storage for maybe a cooler, or my dog, or some fishing gear, or at most some camping gear, dry storage would be nice but isnt required, another thing I would like would be a vessel that is small enough to maybe run some creeks…I am about 6’ 200 pounds, so cockpit size could be an issue…who knows maybe the boat I am looking for doesnt exsist, maybe it does, just thought I would come here for advice first.

Sounds like you want a “do-some” kayak
There are a very few boats out there that will do most, but never all. You didn’t mention lakes or seas, so the possibility of finding a decent boat for what you propose is a lot more likely. It sounds like you’re looking for a 10’-12’ flat-bottomed rec boat. Of these, there are tons of options out there. Any thing else you want in this boat (ie: dry storage, deck rigging, SOT/SINK, tandem/solo and a half, rudder mountable, etc.)?


Sounds Like Me
Yes Dry Storage would help me out, lakes are a possibility but I will be mostly in small coves and close to shore, never paddling across, the ocean is out, just to far from here to be a practical journey…and deck rigging front and rear would also be great…any suggestions as to a specific model or manufactorer?

maybe a better fit? Especially mentioning things like a cooler and dog. Though no dry storage. Canoes can be had used for good prices in most areas. I have canoes and kayaks, but when the trip calls for a cooler, dogs and fishing gear I take my Penobscot 16.

unless ya got a
small dog or cooler the solo canoe sounds like the best option. I almost exclusively paddle creeks, rivers and such. Use a 9.5 boat and wouldn’t want to try and fit my dog in let alone a cooler. I also camp from my yak too.

The usual suspects:
Wildy Pamlico120, Perception America13.5, Daggers Catalyst12.8, Blackwater11.5, and Blackwater 12.5. I’ve paddled the Pamlico120 and the America and can vouch for them, but the Daggers I have only seen and know they meet your criteria. A couple are a little longer, but are still quite nimble. Also, keep in mind you can always add deck rigging to suit you.


So the general thought here is that I would be better in a canoe rather than a kayak? If so can anyone point me in the direction of a good solo canoe?

It all depends on what you want.
You didn’t mention canoes in your original post. Yes, a solo canoe should suit your wants too. And, if you plan to have Fido along more often than not, canoes are more friendly over all to dogs. I have seen well behaved dogs be very comfortable in rec boats too, but I think they’d be happier in an open boat. Finding a well built canoe for the price of a rec kayak will be difficult though. You may want to check We-no-nah’s Vagabond and Sandpiper and Bell’s Wildfire and Yellowstone Solo.


I agree with the solo canoe option for what we are hearing from you. Dry bags come in lots of different sizes and provide excellent storage. Your dog will be happier in a canoe and you will have all the room you need for camping gear.

Look for used Bell Wildfires (Yellowstone now) or Mad River Guides (Freedom now). If your dog weighs a lot and you think you will be putting lots of gear in the boat you will probably be better off with the Guide.

Paddle Safe - Louis

I Agree
With everything said in the way of a canoe, now let’s throw another monkey wrench into the situation based on my above requirements, I have decided a canoe would be best, BUT with a canoe I would like a boat that can do all of the above things well and I can paddle easily solo but has tandem capabilities…I hope I am narrowing my chase down some now…thanks for all the great advice.

good hybrid kayak

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I agree with the above posts, a canoe may be your best bet. Especially with the dog. But if you want a boat that can do do flat water with good speed and can handle class 2 rapids -- try the riot voyager. I had mine out on the hiwassee last weekend and it was a champ. I can roll it and its very stable. You can't turn on a dime, but that's your trade-off. It carries more than a large expedition backpack. I don't know about putting a dog in there with you. And creeking is out of the question.

No hybrid (touring/ww) boat can do either great, but this one can do them both pretty darn good. Check it out.

You may also want to check the perception enduro

Pocket Tandem
Assuming you are talking two adults for the tandem then look at Bell Morningstar in Royalex. It’s 15’6", can be set up with three seats and used solo or tandem. You will give up some over the shorter solo boats, as the length and width of any tandem will make it seem bullish in comparison when paddled solo. You might also look at a Mad River Explorer but it will be a little longer and heavier.

I have seen a Mad River Guide set up as a tandem but it’s very cramped for adults.

Paddle Safe - Louis

canoes to choose
A couple canoes come to mind that work well as solo/tandem, Bell Morningstar, Wenonah Solo Plus and Old town Penobscot. I like my Penobscot as a solo, maybe a bit tippy felling at first, but all around good performer at a good price. I bought a new one for $800. I have seen several used in the $500 range. I typically solo with my 90lb lab along with my fishing gear and a cooler. I installed a center seat for solo paddling.

How long is your Penbscot Canoe? Also in general how long should the Canoes I look at be, long enough for 2 but short enough for one to paddle, with class I - II Rapid capabilities?

In Short
In Short I am looking for a list of good Tandem canoes that can be paddled solo easily also, is good for fishing and hauling my dog and a cooler and can also run class I-II whitewater solo or tandem…again thanks everyone for pointing me in the way of the best boat for what I need.

easy question
Prijon Yukon. Nothing else is even close.

Penobscot 16
is what I have (16 ft), there is a Penobscot 17, but I believe it is a different beast. I forgot to mention some of the Mohawk canoes, I think their link is They have some nice boats at decent prices. They are nice folks to deal with as well.


I heard the Yukon porpoised (sp?)
through waves…no first hand experience though…

do all kayak


I think sit on tops are better,only my opinion,

of course.Necky,Wilderness systems,Ocean Kayaks

Scupper pro tw is a great one to checkout.

Get one with a rudder,it really lets you get into

your stroke better.Try all shops you can,keep

optimistic.Good luck,hope you get on water soon.