Does anyone have a preference?

Thinking about subscribing to a magazine and wanted everyones input/thoughts as to the best zine for the touring/sea kayak person, nice informative reading, good review of new products, and great pics.

  1. Adventure Kayak by Rapid Media
  2. Sea Kayaker
  3. Canoe and Kayak

    Thanks for the help.


Sea Kayaker is good for me. The others seem to feature articles that are of no interest to me.

Don’t …Save your money
They get old quick.

Sea Kayaker (nmsg)

thanks for the input
i do agree with you, but i use the magazines after i’m done reading them at my clinic (need to have things for the patients to read before seeing me). and why not promote kayaking at the sametime.


no, tsuye1nihon, don’t listen to them!!!
They’ve got it all wrong! They’re leading you astray. You DO need sea kayaking magazines!!! The more, the merrier. Even the question is all wrong: You need them ALL. AND the internet! AND books! AND kayak coffee table books!!! And a miniature kayak in the fish tank that I’m sure your doctor’s office has !!! (the one with the deep-sea diver at the bottom)

You’re obsessed, right? How can you be obsessed properly without a whole bunch of magazines?? Read them for free at Barnes & Nobles?! Perish the thought! For shame.

If you’re anything like me, here’s what you need (read them all the first day they arrive, then hunker down for the next two months in withdrawls, waiting until the next batch arrives):

  1. Sea Kayaker magazine
  2. Adventure Kayak
  3. Wave Length
  4. all the free catalogs you can lay your hands on–Kokatat, NRS, etc.

    Turn your waiting room into a veritable kayak shrine!!! Then tell us all where you are, and we’ll develope the symptoms!!!

    You know you want them. Give in to the dark side, tsuye1nihon. BUY the magazines!!!

sea kayaker …
circa. app. 1990

Don’t forget the DVDs!
Now, wouldn’t it be nice to watch kayaking videos in the waiting room? Betcha your competition doesn’t have those!

My dentist plays videos of standard stuff (tropical beaches, wildflowers, animals, etc) while patients are in the chair.

Trouble is, people might not want to go in when their name is called, just as there’s an exciting scene playing.

Sea Kayker
I just let my subscription to Canoe and kayak lapse. I got tired of reading yet another set of rec kayak reviews and attempting to read about helicopter expiditons to India and Chile. While I’m as adventurous as the next guy, I’ll probably never kayak in China or have to outrun banditos in central America.

I’ve switched my only subscription kayak magazine to Sea Kayaker. Awesome boat reviews and many more doable stories. I could see myself actually going on some of the trips highlighed in this magazine. Plus the whole magazine is dedicated to sea kayaking and it’s time isn’t split between whitewater, rafting and canoing. While I enjoy some of these other activities, I don’t need to read about Tao Berman launching himself off another waterfall.

My two cents,


the one with the deep-sea diver…
…at the bottom.

You know, the diver with the metal diving helmet next to a treasure chest that flips open every few seconds when there are enough bubbles under the lid. Glub glub.

Bohemia u r definitely a kayak advocate
thanks for the advice. i think i will start with 1 subscription, see how that goes and progress from there. from the advice i received i will probably go with sea kayaker.


Emanoh what are your thoughts on
adventure kayak or wave length magazines. both are only published quarterly, but i’ve never seen a copy of either.


ps thanks for your advice, you described exactly what i didn’t want when talking about canoe and kayak mag.

thanks pikabike definitely somthing to
think about. my partners aren’t the biggest H2O or kayak enthusiasts, so may take some convincing.


how is wave length and adventure kayak compared to sea kayaker?

Sea Kayaker
Still the best magazine for sea kayaking.

pace wilsoj2
Wave Length is THE sea kayaking magazine par excellence. For a taste, check out the “back issues” link (third down on the left):

Save the money.
Just don’t keep the patients waiting. The only reason I hate to go to doctors is waiting. Why can’t they keep the schedule on time?

Hmmm…let’s see now…
…Sea Kayaker Magazine subscription or a case of Bass Ale…

Sorry - I can use one of the Bass Ale on my next paddle to cool me down and enjoy the moment - a magazine won’t do that for me. (As long as its just one - tipping two makes me tip my kayak)

As to gaining access to valuable kayaking info, I will get it off this board and the Internet in general.


thank you all for the advice.
i am going to take the middle route. i was planning on subscribing to a few zines, but instead try out Sea Kayaking at first to see how it goes. having a zine around to read is always nice because i don’t always have access to the computer and forum. :slight_smile:

thanks again,


someone might ahve already developed
symptoms :slight_smile: