Does You Yak Have a Name?

And did you get it painted on your boat?


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is the name of my skin on frame. It's painted on the bow on one side and the stern on the other. There are several coats of Polyuerethane sealing the paint job.

I built the Ronin so I get to name her. I don't feel the same of my production boats. They are factory made and, to me, doesn't have individual personality.


It’s not painted, but…
…I call my WW boat, “Why won’t you roll, you stupid pig.”

After six hours of sitting in it and I try to stand up :slight_smile:

“Katjiktuk” is "Bald Eagle in “Inuit”
I got an Impex Assateague this Spring, which is a Greenland “Inuit” style kayak. I had the brain-storm to name it in an Inuit language, to recognize it’s heritage.

I searched the Internet for many hours, trying to find a dictionaty of Greenland Inuit words and phrases, and the Englich equivelent. The closest I could find was the Labrador Inuit. Since Labrador is directly across the water from Greenland, I called this “close enough”!

After I found the dictionary, I then had to figure out what to name it. I had many ideas, but couldn’t decide. I thought of english names like Quiet Moments, as I like to paddle in the early quiet of the morning. I also thought of Morning Mist, as I love to paddle on foggy misty mornings. I aso have great respect for the Bald Eagle, so the thought of naming it that was in my mind.

If you believe in “Omens” or “signs”, then here is why I named it as I did. I have only up to this year only seen two bald eagles in my life, and none very close. Believe it or not the first 4 times I was out paddling this year, I saw a bald eagle. In fact, one day we saw TWO of them!! Well that was the “Sign” I needed to help me decide what to name my Kayak.

The Labrador Inuit Dictionary shows the Inuit name for Bald Eagle is “Katjiktuk”. It is pronounced as “Cat-yeek-took”, with the “oo” pronounced as in tooth. So I put the name on the stern with self stick letters.

To make it “official” I used a “Comander Bob” Boat Christening ceremony. I got a small bottle of “bubbly”, and had a good friend (Billinpa) and his wife over, and we did the ceremony, and dribbled a little “bubbly” on the bow of the kayak.

So we had a great time, naming a great kayak, and enjoyed some good “bubbly” with good friends. :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in the boat christening ceremony, I copied it to a Word document, send an e-mail to me and I will reply with it attached. I would also be happy to send the link to anyone who might be interested in the Labrador Inuit dictionary. It is about 500 pages if you wanted to print it out, but easy to access “on line”.

Neat Stuff! & Happy Paddling!


"my boat"
the one i built for myself, i named ‘charlette’, its a lower, narrower derivative of a pygmy queen charlotte. i hadn’t thought of painting the name on it but i do plan to add some ‘native’ designs

My first purchase after getting out of debt , thanks to my ex. :slight_smile:

Purple Haze And Yellow Sunshine
A friends suggested Purple Haze for my 18’ Shearwater because it is a blue/purple fade.

I thought I would keep the theme, so the new Nomad is Yellow Sunshine.

Name on boat
I tell other paddlers that the boat is named after me, “Old Towne Loon”. After a few seconds for it to sink in we all have a good laugh.


Kayaks are long, thin and I clean my mind of anything else when kayaking.

My Assateague is called “Mental Floss”.

Kanana and Bignana
the names of my single and tandem, respectivly.

Guess what color they are

yes indeed!
Fafnir - the sea kayak, named after our pet bird Dragon - has a long skinny bow like a Viking Dragon Boat. It’s a ClearWater Designs St. Lawrence.

Spin - the ww playboat - a Dagger Dynamo that spins very well.

Slide - the Pungo 100 - my first boat, paid for by doing slide talk on plants. It is appropriatly, dark green.

Slide is the only one with the name on it, so far.

and it’s already conveiniently painted on the side.



Maybe I’m not sentimental,
romantic or affectionate; but I never considered giving a name to 50 pounds of polyethylene.

Pretty trippy, man
Like , Wow. I “dreamed” that each paddle stroke was pealing my “electric banana” as I floated along. The pieces of peal sank and turned into little yellow submarines. Then the marching band came over a wave on bare flipper/feet playing something that made me think about peace and love. FREAKY!


What? Not sentimental??
Where’s ye love of the sea and her craft, matey?

Tis bad luck not to respect yer craft!

Glory Be! :slight_smile:

I name all mine…
after goddesses, but only one boat has the name on it, due to expense. Even getting the name from decalzone runs about $30.00 per boat (due to size, additional symbols, etc.) I’ll get around to it, eventually.

Stick-on letters…still there after 5 years.


You Must Have Been There…
But do you remember it?

Hi Bill

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I respect the craft and the sea greatly. However, neither of my kids had names until a few days after they were born.

I guess I could name my yak Willie Mays since as I responded on a B&B post, he was my first choice for the greatest American. Scratch that thought. I'd probably have to pay royalties for the use of his name.