Dry Suits / Kokatat - NRS - Stohlquist

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Great choice and a very nice looking suit. Wishing him many happy adventures paddling in it.

I’ve known Tim since the '70’s. A stellar dude. He’s just getting into sea kayaking and wants to do it right. I am so looking forward to paddling with him. Think about it. A longtime friend just entering your world and not making the mistakes that you made.


That’s quite wonderful, Jon. He is sure a lucky dude to have such a great mentor! Makes me think of the Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

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I’ll add that if you get a drysuit with the fabric oversocks, make sure you size your booties to accommodate them. You’ll need to go up a size.

The lowered horizontal pee zip I got in my Meridian was a relief (pun) to use compared with not having a pee zip OR with stripping down in a wetsuit. I have two different FUDs. The all-silicone one that rolls up nice and small is much trickier to use than the plastic device with an attachable vinyl tube. Either way, practice in the bathroom before taking into the field.

If you are planning on wearing thick socks, I’d suggest going up two sizes. I went up one and can only wear thin liner socks.