easly rolling boats

I’ve just recently started rolling with greenland

paddle and absolutely love it, I’am pretty much

hooked. Out of curiosity what is considered a

cheater boat. I would imagine the sof designs

just for rolling are, but are there any manufactured boats such as anas acuta or any of

the betsie bay models that are considered

easy rolling boats. The avocet I’am paddling now

seems good for a learning many different rolls

but in the future wouldn’t mined a boat for

some of the trickier rolls but can still use as

day tripper or a over night or two.

easy rolling boats
I’am tried just got in from lake, I spelt easy

wrong on subject.

What kind of boat, what kind of person?
And what kind of roll? A C to C roll for a person with a short torso and short arms and reduced flexibility would be impossible in a Space Cadet WW boat. Having said that, most sea kayaks for most paddlers are actually about equally easy to roll. Initially you may have to adjust to the features of a particular boat. But then it will seem easy to roll. Some boats let you get away with more inconsistency and sloppier habits, and they are called easy to roll. But don’t succumb to that.

easy rollers
Two kayaks designed with rolling in mind:

Impex Outer Island

NDK Romany

Also check out QNet, Dubside’s rolling video, and http://kayakways.net/

Those would be my top two also

Dubside dvd

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I picked up his dvd & really liked it. The avocet
I have seems really easy to roll, standard greenland roll, reverse sweep forward roll & then
hit a hand roll. I just picked dvd on friday &
then GP on saturday & just learned to roll on
sunday, monday & tonite. The side scull I'am still
trying to get, the chest scull seems easier.
Balance brace as long as keep back really, really
arched I can hold there for awhile.

Romany and Outer Island
are also the two production kayaks I find about easiest to roll and to be supportive of Greenlandish skills.

The original version Elaho (drop skeg) is also supportive like a Romany and even easier to roll.

Some old school ww boats are also very easy rollers e.g Piedra and Pirouette.

Overall, I find the Romany the most supportive and forgiving boat for skills development.

Don’t forget the Valley Avocet
It rolls very nicely, probably as well as a Romany. Also, it comes in poly (RM) and sells for $1600 or so new. Plus, it’s also a great all-around boat.

Is the toyota Cienna easier to drive than the Dodge Caravan?

Good Lord…get on with it!

Jay has an Avocet, he stated.

I have an Avocet and fiknd it easy to roll.

you’ll be fine in the avocet…
It’s a great rolling kayak and capable of nearly any greenland style roll that there is. The elbow roll, straitjacket roll, and the under the hull sculling roll are the only ones that probably won’t work in the Avocet. Enjoy the kayak you have now with full confidence that it is a very Greenland roll friendly kayak. :slight_smile:

… so this suggests …
that you haven’t been successful with an elbow roll in your Avocet. Neither have I, so maybe I shouldn’t bother to try. You have way more flexibility than I do.



The Dodge Caravan requires a bit more hip snap just before you start the sweep…


anas acuta
I’am completely happy with avocet & have come to

the conclusion that I don’t really need 2 boats.

1 for day tripping & another for multi day tripping. Avocet works well for both for me. I

picked up some lightweight camping gear so packing

not a problem & I only do 2-5 days trips usually

anyway. But a more deicated skills/rolling boat

might be fun & something to consider for next

year. Was wondering were anas acuta ranked among

anybody that paddles one as a deicated rolling

boat. I would imagine I should be looking at

SOF boats for something like this.

with your first sentence, although I own a couple of other boats as well. Took a course with Turner and Cheri in February in which they crammed me into a rolling boat (more or less). Had fun, but as Alex said, the Avocet can do most anything you ask of it in terms of rolling. I think you’re spot on to consider a SOF for a dedicated rolling boat. You won’t do a whole lot better than an Avocet in a production boat.


my weight (205-210) the Anas Acuta IS a real sweet rolling boat. as good as any skin boat I’ve ever tried (notice the disclaimer)

(By the way…I have rolled Turners 1848 and Freya’s Sexy-hexy)

Best Wishes


Rolling AA
That’s what I was wondering, Thx. Not to many

in Ontario to try out. How about 155lbs

my rankings…
For production sea kayaks that are widely available, my ranking is as follows for greenland style rolling (SOF and specialized rolling kayaks not included)

  1. Feathercraft Wisper (it’s a SOF but non-traditional)
  2. Impex Outer Island
  3. Valley Anas Acuta
  4. NDK Romany/Explorer
  5. Valley Nordkapp LV
  6. Nigel Foster Silhouette
  7. Valley Avocet/Pintail/Skerray
  8. WS Tempest

    Of the above boats, the Wisper, OI, and the Anas Acuta can be elbow rolled and the Wisper and the OI can even be straitjacket rolled with the right person (Dubside and Cheri).

no elbow roll in the Avocet…
The Anas Acuta and the Outer Island are the only fiberglass production sea kayaks that I can elbow roll. I think that Maligiaq was able to elbow roll a Betsie Bay Recluse but that’s surprising to me as I consider Betsie Bay kayaks to generally be poor rolling kayaks (excellent for paddling though).

don’t know how it would be at 155…I haven’t weight that little since about age of 12 or 13

I use mine to teach rolling…I have a foam seat that I either take out or put in depending on the person…and I have several pieces of 1 inch foam I pad them down with as a masik…I don’t have any footpegs to adjust.

everyone seems to be able to roll it very easy…almost seems like cheating (it also does a balance brace very well)

Best Wishes