East coast paddlers

Fingers crossed you all made it through the snow storm unscathed.

News reports made it sound worse than it was, I think. Everything is over-hyped now- a -days. I’m on Long Island, NY and got about 8 inches without wind distribution. Areas east of me got more, some as much as 22". I was able to dig out by around 6pm after waiting for every last flake to finish falling.

8 inches here in Delaware, more at the Delaware coast, 9 inches. sounds to me like the Cape Cod and Boston area got hit the hardest. with a couple feet or so.

Maybe 4 or 5 inches here in Concord NH. The wind blew most of the snow off the cars, so I didn’t have much to clear off today. I think coastal Massachusetts got the worst of it.

I happened to come under one of the heavier swarths of snow. Boston officially got 23.8" of snow. I live in the southwestern corner, bordering the town of Milton (known for Blue Hill). The snow in backyard and front of the house, was up to my hips, close to 27".

Got my workout in, gratis. Did about 7 hours of shovelling during the storm to stay in pace with the accumulation. Then another 3 hours yesterday to clear my driveway (from the bern created by the city plows) and to free my wife’s car.

No longboating for me anytime soon. Kayaks are all buried under snow. My waveskis, however, are stored in my garage and basement. Yay! :+1:t4: :smiley:


Most people around southern New England got 18 to 24 inches of light powder. Got to enjoy it yesterday.

The Cape had wetter snow and higher winds, so they got the power outages - hopefully they are back on now…

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We were forecast to get 12-18 inches with 40 MPH gusts here in Eastern CT. We got 10, and the wind never got above 25 or so. It was, however -6 this AM. And I went grocery shopping anyway…

Nice to know my amateur observation of snow fall has confirmation:

Now. Just hoping the next two days of warmer temps and rain will melt the snow and free up my kayaks. LOL!


We received your warmer temps yesterday afternoon and today. Unfortunately, the rain will change to freezing rain forecasted to last from early Friday into Saturday.

Yup… We are catching up with you. Lots of snow melt. I CAN SEE my kayaks!!! But, it’s getting a little slick with freezing rain now. Going to skip the morning walk. I’ll go out in rain, sleet or snow. But the last time I went out with freezing rain, I slipped and fell on black ice in the MIDDLE of the street! Good thing it was early enough that there was minimal traffic… (Have a mental picture of an out-of-control car sliding towards my pathetic prone body in the middle of street.)

Hope northeast folks are taking it easy on their morning commute. Fortunately for me, I can stay in and take a short “walk commute” to my work laptops at the kitchen table.


I think we are in for a wild ride. Sounds like a giant bowl of Rice Krispies outside.

We lost power Saturday morning in Sandwich for a couple of hours. Pulled the trigger on a standby gennie; tired of flushing toilets with a bucket. :slight_smile:

According to WBZ, which set up shop in Sandwich, we got 20".

Our first batch of snow Saturday was wet; the rest was pretty powdery. I went out cross country skiing on Sunday…it was gorgeous!

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Almost 50 degrees here on the cape…we will probably go below freezing just after dinner.

The short commute goes for my entire household as well. Lol. The biggest concern is if the power grid can stay up and running.

My son is in Mashpee. He lost power this past weekend but was lucky to have gotten it back in a matter of several hours. I heard that was not the case for a major part of the Cape…

I wanted to snowshoe the local reservation, but was too caught up with work. Now, looking out the window, most of the 27" of snow have melted. Oh well… Surf’s up though. :slight_smile:


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Oh, forgot about that… Is it a bad thing though, if we were to get an early start on the weekend… LOL!


Beer in the snowbank on the deck. :smiley:

Heck yeah! It’s Happy Hour somewhere in the world! Drinkly safely at home… I am down with that. :beer: :+1:t4: :smile:


So where is this beautiful winter scene located? :slight_smile: