Eastern Mountain Sports?

Anybody ever ordered from them?(www.ems.com) They have a pretty good sale going on now. 20% off your most expensive item.


for nearly forty years.

And even better…
I believe they are now operating as an employee- owned business as well? If I am right, you get good gear and support a little socialism as well. Hard to improve on that.

It’s the first I have heard of them.
Just got a flyer in the mail and did not know much about them. Maybe employee owned is a good thing? I’ve dealt with Rutabaga and have been very happy and I believe they are family owned

I outfitted all my kids and their
spouses with Keen’s from EMS;best price I have ever seen on sale.

We gots an EMS right next ta CampMor

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Litterlee right next door ta CampMor in Paramus, NJ.

Not havin' ever mail ordered anythin' fro' EMS, ah' kin only jabber about de retail store in dis area. Yer see, years ago... BC (before CampMor) ah' bought a lot of things at de nearest EMS which waar in Ardsley, NY. They had good climbin' an' campin' departments in dem days.

But alas, Pilgrims... Yuppieism has taken over EMS along wit most of de so-called "outdoor" stores here in de Bergen County, NJ area (CampMor be somewhat of de exceptoon). De Paramus EMS retail store now caters ta Yuppie clientèle who absolutely need all dat high end, expensive outdoor clothin' fer their adventures to de wilds of de Hamptons, Starbucks an' Bergen County shoppin' malls. They have very little in de way of actual campin', paddlin' an' climbin' gear at de retail store.

Dis is not ta bad-jaw EMS in particoolar but be more of a comment on wat be happenin' ta many "outdoor" stores now-a-days. Yuppie clothes be waar de $$ be.

Anywho, EMS does have some good sales at times.


is based in Peterborough, NH and would be likely compared to the East Coast version of REI

Yep…no complaints
never had a reason to. Orders are always correct, and delivered in a timely manner.

EMS does cater to
its walk in clientele…no suprise FE finds the Bergen county store yuppieized.

My nearest EMS is in North Conway NH…its stuffed with climbing equipment though not so much as its across the street neighbor International Mountaineering Equipment.

Great company

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I've been doing business with EMS since the early days when they were a true hardcore outfitter for the climbing and backcountry hiking and camping set. At one time, their catalog was considered the "bible" for gearheads like me. That was before "Backpacker" and "Outside" came on the scene.

In the past decade or so, they've branched into paddling among other areas. We got our two WS Tsunamis and a lot of starter gear from them. They've been true to their word on absolute customer satisfaction when we had some issues. That's been my experience for virtually everything else we get from them...backpacking gear, travel stuff, outdoor clothing...whatever.

I think their brand name stuff is usually first-rate and often the equivalent of similar gear from the major gear makers. (Good prices, great features, and a terrific no-question warranty...just like LL Bean, which wrote the book on customer satisfaction.)

For paddlers, I have to say that their staff are usually not nearly as knowledgeable about boats and gear as a dedicated kayak shop, and they only carry a few of the larger brands: WS, Necky, Delta, Old Town etc. If you are looking for British boats or special purpose yaks...look elsewhere, of course.

You will find that the selection varies greatly from store to store at the retail level. They cater to their local audiences. That's why the urban shops tend to be lighter on backcountry gear and more focused on clothing and campus accoutrements. My local store, on the other hand, is very much into the gear, especially kayaks. The entire ceiling is strewn with hanging sea kayaks. Pretty good selection too.

Big fan of EMS overall.

Also do not ignore HTO
Hudson Trail Outfitters (www.hudsontrail.com) in the Anapolis, Wash. DC area and VA/MD. I’ve found their prices on boats specifically to be at least 10-20% better than REI or EMS on the same boats I’ve been looking for. And that’s before you get your “membership bucks” back (which is admittedly a little less than what REI gives back, but combined with better pricing the choice to go with HTO was pretty clear to me at the time I bought). Selection varies by store as well just like it does with the EMS or REI stores…

You must not live in the northeast
because that’s where they are located. And yes, they are great. Similar return policy as LL Bean - you can return any item anytime. (ie: wear hiking boots for a season, decide they hurt your feet and you don’t like them, they’ll take 'em back!)

I like to buy local, but the local shop
does not seem to carry things I prefer. I wanted a new PFD for sea kayaking that has a lot of freedom for movement, and saw several on the internet, but i purchased one at the local shop that did not meet my needs just because I like to keep business in town.

Next time I needed a new skirt for my long boat, they did not have one so I waited 3 weeks and they said they could not find one. I had one delivered from Rutabaga in 3 days.

I have purchased 2 rec. kayaks at this shop and sent my brother down there for one also. It seems that the shop caters to recreational boaters(must be where the money is). I will find it hard to go back. Thanks for the info and help!


eastern mountian china
everything they sell is " made in china" …personally , i try not to buy anything made in china, why support the communist gov’t there ?? therefore …i don’t do business with EMS.

Anytime return policy? I’m going to have to call them. They had a shop in Schaumburg, IL and they sold me my first hiking boots. I was new to hiking and the sales rep did a terrible job on the fit. I’ve always been kinda tweaked that I ended up with a $150/pair of camp shoes. I wear them like…never.

I pay homage to the gentleman at Eirwone (sp) who put my first pair of Asolo’s on my feet.

Not true Beau-gest
They sell drysuits from Kokatat and they are made in the USA in Arcada California.


Out On Long Island
EMS is active in paddling. They have some kayak instructors and do some tours, and I think they have an annual paddling gear swap as well.

When I first wanted to try out paddling, they rented me a Carolina for the day for $25 including paddle, pump, PFD, and a foam block kit.


95% of the gear you buy in the outdoor business is made overseas, often in China . About the only holdouts are kayak hulls and paddles ( and even some of those are being made in China now ) and climbing gear . PFDs used to be made in USA, but more and more are going offshore as well .

Having helped
develop the financial markets of China over the last 20 years, I’m constantly surprised at the naivite of a certain segment of the American population that flatly rejects anything made overseas. I’ve yet to hear a convincing argument as to why we shouldn’t buy imported goods

They may be active in kayaking but
certainly not canoeing. I went in there a few years ago in the off chance they would actually have air bags. When I asked the rep if they had any, she said and I quote, “air bags for a canoe? Who canoe even bothers with that anymore? Haven’t you heard of a kayak?”

I smiled feebly and walked out of the store and vowed that i would never buy any paddling gear there ever again.