Elie Strait recall

I bought two new Elie Strait 140 XEs about seven or eight years ago and I didn’t know anything about a recall until yesterday. Both of my serial numbers are subject to the recall. Is the recall still in effect? It appears that the issue is so severe that the kayaks should not be used.

Details on recall please?

I’d call & see. Looks like they might have been owned by pelican but don’t know if they’ll have a replacement now. https://newcontent.westmarine.com/content/documents/pdfs/Recalls/US%20Poster%20-%20Recall%20KJ-Elie%2011x17_rev1.pdf

Thanks, I saw that, but I don’t know how old it is.

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Using the phone number and extension above, I reached what I believe was Pelican’s customer service. I don’t speak French, so I’m just guessing. The service rep spoke English as a second language, so we were able to communicate relatively well. She was unaware of the recall - or the word recall :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: - but she emailed her supervisor and her supervisor informed her of the recall. I was instructed to email photos of my kayaks and their serial numbers to Pelican’s recall department and that once they received the photos I would receive instructions.


The crack in the keel is to counterbalance the leaky hatches. OK, sorry, I’m being cynical. I always thought the Elie Strait had potential but there were too many reports of leaking hatches. Great seat, though.

A had a small amount of water come through the hatches, so I bought a better quality gasket material and cut it to fit better and the hatches sealed right up. There are a lot of drama queens out there.

Well, Pelican’s customer service seems to be as poor as reported on the internet. I provided photos on June 28th and I had not received a response, so I called back on July 5th. They could not find my email in their inbox, so I forwarded them the original email while I was on the phone to confirm receipt. They will not let you speak directly with the “Recall Department”(I believe it’s one person) and none of the customer service reps have been with Pelican long enough to have any experience with the recall. The second rep I spoke with said she thinks that they just give you a refund for your kayaks, because they don’t have any more new kayaks, but she didn’t know the actual amount of the refund. I will be surprised if I receive any communication and don’t have to call back again next week.

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Week #3 update:

I called Pelican again yesterday to ask why I have yet to receive a response to my email that I was instructed to send with the photos of my kayaks and HINs. The CS rep confirmed that they only have one employee working on recalls and she works through them in the order that they are received. The rep stated that they are in the process of adding staff to help with recalls and are also in the process of putting a page back on their website with information regarding the recalls. She couldn’t explain why the original info page was removed, but said an updated page is in the works. Who knows if any of that is true?

The question still remains as to what I will receive in exchange for my kayaks. The second CS rep said that it’s cash and I forgot to ask the rep I spoke with yesterday if she had that information.

There is very little information about this recall on the internet and I’m going to use this thread to chronicle the process. At least the next individual who stumbles upon the Elie Strait 140 XE recall, and does an internet search, will find this thread and have some information.


Thanks for keeping this thread updated. Fingers crossed you are treated fairly.

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Cheers :beers: :+1:t3:

I still have had no response, so I called Pelican again, yesterday, since it had been one month since I submitted my photos. I spoke with a third Rep who was unaware of the recall, which makes you have to give a detailed explanation of why you are calling, every time you call, and then they want to pass along redundant information. Their excuse is always that they are not the recall department, so they don’t have that information. But, when you bring to their attention that customers are not allowed to speak to anyone other than Customer Service, about anything, and that Pelican removed all the information about their recalls from their website, they realize how flimsy their excuse is and they begin to backpedal.

Me: Is the recall still in effect?
Pelican: Yes
Me: Am I going to be compensated?
Pelican: Yes
Me: How am I going to be compensated?
Pelican: I don’t know.
Me: When am I going to be compensated?
Pelican: I don’t know.

It’s been a month and after three phone calls and emailing my information twice, the above is all the information that I have been provided with.

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How heavy is that boat? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I think it is time to call them and announce you are the attorney for Mr. Grunsky and you wish to talk to legal about failure to comply with a product recall in a prompt manner. Chances are you will move up the call screening right away and will be talking to someone that can handle the matter. Tell them this is a courtesy call as you just took the matter on and you want to allow them to do the right thing before you take legal action.

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Ha! They’re in Quebec and I’m on the Oregon coast, or I’d certainly be paying them a visit.

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I’m a patient guy, but some communication from someone at Pelican that is familiar with the recall and that can explain the process to me is certainly overdue.

Do they have a Facebook Page? Might be a good way to get their attention.

I don’t do Facebook.

Pelican International

After more than a month, I finally received an email from the “Recall Department” yesterday. I was told that only one of my two kayaks was on the recall list, which contradicts the information on the Public Notice for the Security Recall, so I replied with a request for a copy of the official list of the HINs that are subject to the recall. I actually hope that only one of my kayaks is on the recall list, but the only document I’ve seen shows both of them being subject to the recall.

The email I received came with two attachments. One with instructions for destruction and the other a form for me to provide my bank information, so they can deposit my compensation into my bank account upon receiving proof of destruction.

I received an automated reply to my email, stating that they are very busy and it could take awhile to get back to me. I already have waited over a month, so I will be calling Pelican again Monday to communicate that I expect a prompt response to my request for a copy of the HIN list document.

So far, I have spoken with three individuals at Pelican and none of them knew anything about the recall. I then receive an email from a Recall Department that customers are forbidden to speak with directly. The email from the nameless and voiceless entity instructs me to destroy my kayak, give them my bank information and once I have done that, they will reimburse me for my kayak.

My bank info? :neutral_face:

Is it just me, or does this sound like Twilight Zone customer service?

Sounds iffy at best. How much are you to be compensated?

Bummer that you’re dealing with a Canadian company, and especially one in Quebec.