Ever needed Nitrogen?

For safety, I have always ensured that my SOT is filled with 78.1% Nitrogen. Is this just dead weight that I don’t need? Should I cut that back to maybe 50%? What should I replace it with?



Wotever !!

78.1 - 78.2 is a safe range

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but it needs to be changed every 3,000 paddle strokes.

The Chevrolet garage just filled my sister's Tahoe's tires with nitrogen. They even replaced the chrome valve stem caps with green ones.

I laughed and asked her if she thought those aluminun wheels were magnesium. She didn't know what magnesium was either.

Maybe you should fill the SOT with helium and make it ride higher in the water.

on a related note
I was wondering if I could mount my flux capacitor to my kayak. I really think it could improve my top speed.

Use Nitrox…
It is said to keep the “bends” out of it…

at my age…

…i’d be more likely to need O2.

Don’t forget that Nitrogen degrades with age. Frequent exposure to UV, changing temperatures, humidity and frequent bumps against hard rocks really play havoc with the chemical bonds.

So, protect using Armor All, 303, and don’t forget to change every so often. Some people suggest 2500 strokes, some 3000. It is best to have a sensor that estimates degradation. Some preach synthetic Nitrogen as having better chemical bonds, but, I heard, it is way more expensive.

Try replacing it with beer. Just fill’er up…no containers. Then, don’t tip over.

Don’t forget your paddle shaft
Make sure there’s at least 78% nitrogen in your paddle shaft as well. That will minimize the swing weight saving you untold amounts of energy over the length of an average paddle.

I have a very local source of hot nitrogen, which is even better.

Me nitroogin be
coontaminetted wit alot o’ methane an’ a bit of H2S…



My method
I fill up on cof2e2, then gradually I can fill the boat with nitrogenous byproducts. On a cold day, the warmth is a pleasant feeling.


Nitros Oxide
makes your kayak quicker

Not mine
Just makes my kayak giggle a lot.

Well I prefer Helium…
it really helps ‘float’ my boat over the waves :wink:

Hey, I am all about N20. Lets have a party :-)))


Actually it’s been used in tires in commercial truck fleets for many years now, it does end up in better gas mileage somehow and better for the rubber.

As to putting it in kayaks, happy trolling :slight_smile:

Ever needed Nitrogen?
Researchers at the Gore Atmospheric Symposium (GAS) have found that Methane and Natural Gas have advantages over nitrogen. In addition to having lower specific gravities, then nitrogen, the methane/natural gas in your SOT is easily replenished by merely eating burritos and refried beans, making your dining experience carbon neutral. After extensive scientific research GAS also found that by installing a quick disconnect valve you’ll also be able to tap into your SOT for campsite lighting and cooking.

You ought to be able to find a cyclist over on rec.bicycles.racing who has some helium left over from filling his/her tires and frame tubes with the stuff.

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