Exaggerated Kayak Weights...

I just bought one of these:


Getting it home, I weighed it at 38 pounds. I was expecting them to lie by a few pounds, but 5 pounds is 15%!

Is that routine, or do I have something to complain about.

I haven’t tried it yet; water is still pretty icy.

Yeah, I know it is still very light, but every pound counts getting it on top of the car.

did you get the kevlar hybrid version
they mention or straight fiberglass? Also I have seen some kayaks advertise weight without hatch covers which seems odd but at least those ads said so.

Yes, weight w/o hatch covers
Adding a few pounds to the stated weights is usually a good idea.

Epic Kayaks
weighs each kayak before sale, and sells it as a discounted second if it is overweight. I asked for the precise weight of my kayak before shipping (41.25 pounds). I got mine new at a $1,100 discount because of a minor dent in the bottom.

It was sold as kevlar hybrid
And the whole interior is kevlar yellow. So I think it is the kevlar hybrid; just 5 pounds overweight.

Try before you buy.
A lot of things can add five pounds of weight. Not really a big deal is it? If you had not weighed your boat you would probably be in love with it. Don’t weigh your wife either.

15% more is a lot heavierthan advertised
Can you ask for a replacement that’s closer to being the advertised weight? Assuming you haven’t paddled it already.

I’d be pretty ticked off if I got a boat that was 15% over, too. Just running some numbers here…55 lbs advertised x 1.15 = 63.25 lbs. Yeah, that’s a lot more than you’d expect it to vary.

I hope your wife
doesn’t have to be lifted onto your car’s roof!

some other sites

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list it at a more realistic 40 lbs

this site lists a kevlar, and kevlar "UltraLight" models with a 6-lb difference between them

The 40 pound boat has a different seat…
Mine is actually a “new” 2010 with the old style seat. They now claim the boat is 40# with the new seat that is 5# heavier.

The CD website…
…lists your kayak at 40 pounds, which means that yours is actually a little lighter than the manufacturer’s stats. It seems that the dealer gave you some bs on that point.

So assuming that you don’t have any limiting muscular/skeletal issues, I’d suggest you just go with the flow.

I wouldn’t worry about it.
5 lbs is a lot of weight for a seat? You’re a couple lbs lighter than what I see them advertising the 130 at on their site.

I own Seaward, Current Designs, Valley, Kajaksport, and P&H composite kayaks, and Current Designs does the best job of keeping weight down of any of mine. And they’re well built kayaks that take the same use as any of them. So I’d figure you’re getting a pretty reasonable weight given the build of your kayak, and go about happily paddling.

The Visions seem like they could be a pretty good transitional kayak. I hopped in a friend’s poly one once a few years ago, and it seemed a pretty capable kayak. I hope you enjoy it.

ok that was good

5 pounds is a lot for the seat…
That’s why I got the 2010 that doesn’t have the 5 pound seat.

My kayak is claimed to be 33 pounds. The new one with the heavy seat is claimed to be 40 pounds.

Now obviously the 5 pound seat doesn’t explain the 7 pound weight difference. So maybe they have reduced their lying by 2 pounds.

I don’t know; it is just kinda frustrating.

You may find she is … oops!

Next time take scales with you

Maybe 33 pounds is too good to be true
Just now I looked at all the kayaks I could find. There aren’t any, even at twice the price, under 38 pounds that are over 12’. So maybe the Vision 130, at 38 pounds, is as light as a 13’ kayak can reasonably be.

So maybe I have nothing to complain about, but CD is a big fat liar for claiming it weighed 33 pounds and I was foolish for believing it.

I will be taking it out tomorrow and hope I like it as much as people say I will; but it would be nice if they were honest.

yes, that is routine
and yes, you have something to complain about

Fortunately, you’ve already started!

It’s not a lot of diff
I find that 5 pounds added to an expected weight of between 50 or so pounds starts showing up on land over time, just because at 130 pounds this is getting a bit near the percentage of weight that I can handle off the ground without risking pulling something. The loading and unloading from cartop itself is not an issue, because that’s a slide anyway and I am not holding the full weight. It is only thing things like getting it on or off a cart the hard way where the weight shows up, or carrying it with a partner at the end of a long day.

But if you are starting below 40 pounds, it shouldn’t be a back breaker unless you have some distinct physical issues or fail to add things like a kayak cart and mats or something to assist in the car topping that’ll make handling it easier on land. On the water you won’t notice it.

Getting on the water should take care of any stewing about a few pounds.

if you can put it your car
I wouldn’t worry about it. Think of it as part of the exercise.

Ryan L.