Fall Rendezvous 2017 Dates

This year’s Fall Rendezvous will be the weekend of Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15. The first official day of paddling will be Thursday, October 12. Some people show up and paddle earlier in the week. I plan to get there Sunday afternoon, October 8.

There was some confusion about this year’s Fall Rendezvous dates. The standing date is the third weekend in October. This year October 1 is on a Sunday. There was a discussion about this at the Spring Rendezvous. Everyone agreed that they considered a weekend to be a weekend which includes a Saturday and Sunday (thus a full weekend), not a weekend that starts on a Sunday.

They made an exception for this fall’s Rendezvous setting the dates for Wednesday, October 11 through Sunday, October 15 so that I can participate in both my local group’s Boys of Fall Canoe trip and in the Fall Ozark Rendezvous (thanks folks.) I plan to arrive at Pulltite for this year’s Fall Rendezvous on Sunday, October 8, the day after I take out from the Boys of Fall canoe trip. Many people usually show up before Wednesday to get in some extra paddling.

Going forward after this year’s Fall Rendezvous the interpretation will be that a full weekend means a Saturday and Sunday weekend. This interpretation will apply to both the Spring Rendezvous and, except for this year, future Fall Rendezvous.

To sum up:

  • This year’s Fall Rendezvous will be at Pulltite NPS Campground on the Current River in the Missouri Ozarks, Wednesday, October 11 through Sunday, October 15, with people arriving any time during that week.
  • The standing dates for the Spring Rendezvous are the first full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in May with people arriving some time the week before that weekend. However, in any year that Mother’s Day falls on that weekend the Rendezvous will be the weekend before Mother’s Day.
  • The standing dates for the Fall Rendezvous, other than this year’s Fall Rendezvous, are the third full weekend in October with people arriving some time during the week before that weekend.

While the Pulltite NPS Campground is currently closed due to flood damage it should be open before the Fall Rendezvous, but check this thread as the situation changes.

I am sad, sad am I…the third full weekend of October would have worked for me!
Oh, to have a clone and be two places at once…
Perhaps the exception made for this fall will work for most and a great adventure will be enjoyed by all.

Just made our arrangements to be there the entire week. A friend is arranging vacation time too. Expect to see at least 4 from Utah, and maybe more. It is a big commitment to come from so far so I appreciate the early notice.

Plan to be there, good Lord willin’ and the CREEKS DON’T RISE!

Hi gang. Good to see you all are still hanging in there.

Just took a look at last Fall’s pics to see how the years have been to ya’. Better than what I expected. The women (well, at least Margaret anyway) still aging gracefully due to the water/nature exposure. The men fairing ‘bout like a piece of fish jerky in the sun. Bob however,…like an old goat, too stubborn to age any more…like a WW II Ration. Lookin’ surprisingly well I must admit. Far better than most. Stay on the water,…"it’s working.

Well Splash! Good to hear from you. How ya’ doin’? See you at Pulltite in the Fall?

The truth can now be told. The Bob.com is actually RoboBob, an android.

I never say never. I bought a home outside the U.S., and if it were up to me, I’d disappear there forever. Probably a good thing that I’m not left to my own devices however, as reclusiveness, no matter how enticing is NOT a good thing for me. At least not yet anyway. I’m usually not the type to let things stand in the way of actually living life, but as for now the bigger fish I have to fry are standing up looking me straight in the eye. As much as I enjoy my freedom, it’s become obvious that it’s not my plan anymore. Still on the water often. Just in a more therapeutic nature for myself, and others. I’ve been getting my healing through helping/serving others. Love that you all are continuing on though. Paddle on ~

Now that you mention it, Bob did sort of twitch, and a small puff of smoke come out of one ear that day he went in the water.

I should have said that he was like a McD frenchfry. Still think about the McSlurry story often. My apologies for hi-jacking your post. As you were.

Not to worry Tony. The thread was badly in need of a bump anyhow. Do as you need. May your path proceed by its own design. Our paths will again cross when they are meant to.

Just as a reminder - if you want a specific campsite at Pulltite you may want to reserve it, walkin season doesn’t start until 10/16 after we leave. Reservations can be made at Recreation.gov. Rob and I have a site that we like, so I just reserved it, we as usual will be in site #23. I can’t believe we are only 2 months away, can’t wait to see everyone!

I’m hoping to join again, my work schedule would allow me to arrive Wednesday night and stay late Friday to be back at work saturday…just did 21 miles on the current a few weeks ago…amazing! Got some great pics of cave spring.

I am happy to be able to get into, and out of my canoe, and make it from the put in to the takeout without very much assistance Tony. Having your very own private nurse is beneficial.

I challenge you to put in an appearance at a Redezvous in the near future. We’d love to see you, and spend some time on the river with you again.

Heck! I’ll even let you use my Mad River Flashback I for a day float; then stay close to you with a camera to record for history what occurs. Only two paddlers ([Pam & Pete) , if I remember correctly, even volunteered to" give it a go" in virtually still water, on a lunch break. Pam appeared to be “very” happy to get back to shore. Pete handled it quite well.

PJC does quite well in the one; he’s had multi hours of seat time in the one I sold to him a couple of years ago.

Take care of yourself in your travels Tony…
Would love to see you, but as John Wayne often said in his movies,
“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”!


Tony, you’re missing great paddling companions…

Here’s Gandalf (aka PJC), paddling with a couple of"“hobbit’s”.

(aka PJC).

@tssplash said:
I should have said that he was like a McD frenchfry. Still think about the McSlurry story often. My apologies for hi-jacking your post. As you were.

So good to see you’re well, Tony! Think of you often, my friend, especially when I hear Keith Whitley on the radio!

Try as I might, I could not get it to let me reserve our favorite, #32, even though it was available? Finally figured it out, they’ve somehow changed it to a “Handicapped” site. So, my next choice was #28, but it was taken. Hopefully, one of us? So, we ended up with #26. Numbers 26 and 28 are above a nice gravel bar, courtesy of the Spring flood of 2017. One of a few “Silver linings” to that cloud. It will be a nice launch and takeout spot for the group when we do Pulltite to RS and Akers to Pulltite.

Here’s a slideshow of past Fall Rendezvous: http://www.pbase.com/ozarkpaddler/fall_ozark_rendezvous&view=slideshow

Kevin and I are in site 28. We have to look for one that will fit the travel trailer so we reserved a month or so ago. However we reserved beginning Sunday night, 8 October, and we now won’t be able to make it until Monday. My reservation won’t disappear if we don’t show up the first night, will it?

Oh, and I do have a Mad River Freedom 14 solo river boat for sale, if anyone wants to buy it. I will bring it from Utah if there is some serious interest. We will be in the Prospector.

Here is last week at cave spring on the current.