Fast boat choice

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I have a female friend who is 5'8" x 130lbs. She is a beginner in that she doesn't yet know all the paddle strokes but is very strong (spelled VERY strong) and wants to not only use a kayak for cruising but for open water racing.

I have pointed her to the Outer Island as its pretty fast, stable for a beg/Int and fits her size well.

C'mon everyone - any other good choices?


there is only one choice
well actually many choices if you include skiis but you will see many here at lead you to the QCC700 or its rival the Epic 18 and 18x…

If speed and racing
are her motives forget virtually most Brit, Greenland type boats that will be mentioned. Great hulls, but not designed with speed in mind. I’d suggest Epic, or QCC as well, but would really try to define her true objectives more. Put her in touch with legit racer types who have hull knowledge. She’ll want to match the hull to her stength, which sounds ample. Longest “may” not be fastest…all depends om her ability to drive the hull with technoque and power. Best of times…have fun!

What Salty Said
Ruddered. Not skegged.

QCC-700, or 600 with rudder, or the Epics… for all out speed the Epics are probably slightly faster, but that’s just my best guess as I haven’t actually paddled one. However the QCCs are built very good and relatively inexpensive as Glass boats go. I want one of the new Epics!! would be willing to trade one of my QCCs for one!! the skeged one…

by West Side Boat of Lockport, NY. Fast, still, more stable than an all out racer.

QCC600 was my choice.
I was looking for a faster boat for an upcoming race next year. QCC was the best choice for the money… I was able to purchase a kevlar boat for way less money then anything else I researched.

QCC put me into the 600 because I am 5’8" and 135lbs.

The boat arrived just yesterday (free shipping), and we have a storm blown in for a couple days, so I have not had a chance to paddle it yet.

However, it fits me like a glove sitting in it, and I am really optimistic to its performance. I’ll write a review on the 600 after I get a chance to take it out for some day trips and different waters.

Another thing I really liked about this boat… I can load and unload it with EASE! 48lbs and a breeze to handle myself. That is a big bonus!

Good Luck!

West Side Boat Shop
As mentioned above, Doug Bushnell designs very fast boats and builds them to very high standards. John

Epic V10L?

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If she's got the motor....

Fast boat for fast women
KayakPro Nemo. Hands down. Designed for smaller paddlers, light, a joy to paddle and beautiful to look at. With bulkheads, a rudder and great thigh braces if I need them, its my open water racing boat of choice. At 5’7 125 I couldn’t be happier.

Check the review of it I wrote in the reviews section of Pnet.


That Nemo is funky looking!
Nice review.

racing AND camping
just to add that the QCC and Epic will allow you to not only race but also to paddle camp in that they are also great gear haulers…I never plan on racing (not out of lack of desire just dont live in the right area) but the QCC is a true joy to camp out of.

Some thoughts.
The West side Side EFT would probably be right up there as the fastest “touring” boat, but I would not want it as my do all kayak that I was going to be using in the ocean or on large lakes, for general touring. It is also up there in the big buck class.

The Epic 18 in my estimation is slightly faster than a QCC 700 and much faster than the QCC 600, but is also more expensive.

My daughter just got a Epic 18 and I have a QCC-700 and my wife had a QCC 600 so I am speaking from a little experience here.

If it came down to the cost issue, I would pick the QCC-700, but if cost was not an issue I would pick the Epic 18.

Once again though the old adage should come to play “Try before you buy”!

See if there is anyone in your neck of the woods that has a QCC-700 and a Epic 18 that would let her take a quick try in it.



fast boats

I guess I dont understand where you are coming from on price? <br /> The Epic 18X is $2795 and the Eft in kevlar is $2600. I have not checked the Qcc boats lately but I believe they are a least that much.<br /> <br /> I think that the Qcc is a better made boat than the Epic but I love the open cockpit of the Epic and the gas pedal steering.<br /> The Eft is faster and well made and most of all much lighter than the others. You will have a waiting period to get a eft.<br /> I dont think you could go wrong with any of these boats.

I know not may people have seen the Ruahine Ocean X but I have one and it is as fast as the EFT and more stable. I have the red white and Blue model and it looks great.

I suggest the QCC 600 maybe the 700. It is also less that the Epic, which is an excellent choice. I would also recomment the Epic Greg Barton Paddle.

I bought a QCC600 before the 700 was available. I weigh 200#. It is still very efficient.

QCC price
you made me curious - this is what I just clipped from the QCC web page today:

Kevlar Construction - 48 lbs. (MSRP $3,195) 15.00% Off = Sale: $2,716

Kevlar/Carbon Construction - 44 lbs. (MSRP $3,495) 15.00% Off = Sale: $2,971

qcc 600
this is fast enough to race and skills development for a beginner. Getting a “faster” kayak at this stage would be like getting “faster” running shoes thinking it’ll make the difference for running a marathon…and she’s never run more than 6miles.

600 over 700 for 130 lb paddler

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I would think, especially on open water. With only a 130 lb payload the 700 sits pretty high on the water and is very susceptible to wind and waves. The 600 will handle better in conditions for a paddler in that weight range and at most will be very marginally "not as fast."

Actually I'm estimating that 99.8% of 130 lb paddlers (think non-Olympic caliber) don't have the horsepower to push a kayak with a 17 foot plus waterline into it's efficiency zone (where additional drag from the additional wetted surface of the longer waterline becomes less important that other factors) . . . and thus that the Q600 would be faster for this particular paddler and most others in that weight class.

Seda Glider?
Since you are on the topic, what are the thoughts on this one?

Sparrow Hawk
I just got a line on a used (exc cond) WS Sparrow Hawk in Kevlar. Probably 35# range for this boat, 16’6" x 21". Have paddled an Arctic Hawk - which is a pretty fast boat at 17’11" and what looks like a similar hull but fit smaller for ladies.

Anyone have info on the Sparrow Hawk as a good all around boat that could be used for day tripping and limited racing? Is there a class for a hull/boat that short?