Fat guy needs a kayak

Looking for recommendations on a sit in kayak for a large dude. I’m 6’4" and 340ish.

I’ve been looking at the Old Town Vapor XT 12 but its max weight is listed at 375. I also found a Patriot 12 Angler that is listed at 400.

How accurate are the weight ratings on Old Towns? Is it ok to be close to the max weight? I’m only going to do fishing and recreational floats with friends.

Other recommenations?

Ask Rob Paterson NM

who is that? Is your link supposed to open something?

Vapor Xt Boarderline

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The Vapor XT looks like a self rescue nightmare with no deck rigging, huge cockpit and close to the max weight limit. Unless your float trips include winding technical rivers why not a SOT like the Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game. Be safe and comfortable.


Weight Limit
Check out the Hobie Mirage Outback SUV. It has a 400 pound weight limit and is very stable. The mirage drive gives you a peddle option. It’s a little pricey but a geat boat!

thanks for the ideas. I’ve never floated a SOT but they do seem to have higher capacity.

Are they any less stable than a sit in?

SOT stability
SOTs tend to be wider than sit-ins, which balances the fact that you’re sitting a bit higher.

SOT info:



Are you healthy enough for this?
Can you get a PFD that fits, can you swim?

suggestion …
I bought a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T tandem kayak and took out the xtra seat , and rigged for solo fishing…boat is a bit of a barge to paddle , not fast by any measure but is rated @ 400 pounds max. cap. this might be a good boat for you.



big game
after reading the reviews on the big game I think its the one. Its extra width makes me feel better about going with a sit on top.

The only two negatives I read about it are 1. the weight, and 2. the slow paddle. For my use neither is an issue. I’m pretty beefy so the weight isn’t going to be an issue for me to carry to the water.

Next question though…where is the best place to buy an OK?

To buy
Kinda depends on where you live. There is a dealer locater on their web site. I like to support my local dealers so they are there when I need them. If you live in part of the country without any local dealers Austin in Texas only charges only $19 to ship in continental US.

sit on top
I am 320. have a sit on top. ok I bought it for the novelty,Ocean peek-a-boo…I love it. very stable…kinda heavy for me to loan on top of my van but I do it. I didn’t have any problem with the 138loon either. Yes getting wet is a factor but I only go out when the weather is warm anyway and plan on getting wet. Made scupper plaugs out of little nerf footballs. fit well with no cutting. Found them at the dollar store cheap. oh and I do swim and I do have a PDF that fits me.

check out Pamlico 145t

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it's a small tandem that's a perfect size for a big person, it's an efficient kayak and not a barge.


How about an Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5?
The max weight capacity is 450 pounds and it has a big cockpit. http://www.eddyline.com/eddyline-kayaks-legendary-design-nighthawk-17.5.php

My .02 cents
as you are a big guy and wanting it for fishing and recreation (maybe some camping)…I strongly suggest a big kayak like a tandem. Many big guys who fish (fresh and ocean) like a Ocean Kayak Malibu XL (I paddle a OK Prowler 15’) or similar. This tandem style allows you to carry lots of extras (gear, stove,fishing tackle box, tent, etc.) without worry about weight limits of single kayaks. Fishing out of a sit on is much easier than sit inside…and getting back in a sit on is much easier too if capsized. Check out a kayak anglers website and you will find lots of good ideas on which kayak will best serve you.

Side bar: I recently test paddled a FeelFree Corona tandem and was surprised how quick and stable it was…I moved clip in seat to center position and it paddled very well…worth a look in my opinion, price was good at our local shop…$750. http://www.feelfreekayak.com/products/corona/

Good luck and paddle as many as possible…maybe rent if available.

Kayak Prowler
I’m reposting the link to the Ocean Prowler:


Click on “Features” on that page. It seems to fit your body size. My husband has that one. He’s 6’ - 220 pounds. He has the 12.9 as shown in the picture.

The kayak is not slow due to the kayak not being made right. The wider and shorter you go, the slower a kayak tends to be.

My husband likes it and yes, it is a bit heavy to put on top of our mini SUV, but mine is not much lighter (Redfish 14). My husband fishes from it and also totes crab traps on it, one in front, one in back. I think it has 2 pole holders, and my husband added an extra one.

It would be nice to see if a symposium will be in your state, where you can try different ones out, but your dimensions do limit you a bit. Plus not all kayaks are there for people to try. What may be more simple is if you’ve received good ideas from the knowledgable people here is to find a dealership or dealerships and see if they will let you try any of the ones mentioned out. I was able to demo my kayak before I bought it.

Good luck to you! I hope you find the right kayak for you.


Pungo 140
Paddles okay with 330 pound person

There is even a PFD which works for me - A Lotus I think mine is. Just fits. There are those other kinds that you wear like suspenders or around the waist.

Swimming is important for anyone who gets in water.

For all of you obese haters out there - it is a damn disease and it is no fun being too big or too heavy.

Sometimes FAT people float like corks.

I’m not bragging but I take paper back books to the pool and read them while doing arthritis exercises in nine feet of water.

The Eddlyline Nighthawk 17.5 is supposed to be a great yak.

Just make sure you test paddle before you buy. Some shop owners just want to make a sale. They don’t expect you back again for an upgrade or if you lose weight and need something different.

we aren’t obese we are just big boned :slight_smile:

Big guys need to paddle too.

Big Guys
Paddling is great if your “big boned”, lol. You don’t have stress on your knees like you would doing other outdoor activities. It’s just putting the damn thing on the car.

I tell my husband to be careful about lifting. If he pulls something, we’re not paddling or won’t be until he’s better or get something to pull them or I think he mentioned a kayak holder on the car that drops down making it easier to get off and on.


scupper holes
I’ve been doing my reading and see the big game and most all SOT have scupper holes. As I understand it, that is to drain excess water out the bottom, but it also lets water in. I’m in the NE and the water is rather cold most of the year. Is there any disadvantage to plugging off the scupper holes? Does it impact the performance?