Favorite warm weather head gear?

The sun never really used to bother me much. After working construction for a few years in the hot AZ sun, you get used to it.

I think I have finally become a NYer though, so I am wondering what type of warm weather head gear most people use.

I usually wear a baseball cap, but I was looking at boonie hats today.

Any links and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

this is like slow-pitch softball


Two suggestions
I can’t do ball caps (they don’t look right on my giant melon), and love fedoras - they have style and enough brim to protect the back of the neck and ears. I use both of these, which are polystraw - recycled plastic that looks like Milan straw. The Delta has a really wide brim, but feels a little plasticy. I’ve been paddling with the same one for 3 years now, and it is bulletproof. The Joe Fedora has a nice feel, and looks like real straw, it’s my summer hiking hat. Both are cool, shady and unaffected by water and have attached wind cords - I recommend both:

Joe Fedora: http://www.noggintops.com/page.cfm?p=247

Riverz Delta: http://www.noggintops.com/page.cfm?p=156

I understand why people like a Tilley, but it would be a divorceable offense in my household, also, I find them too warm.

I wear a military boonie hat. They are fairly cheap and they keep the sun off my neck. You can get them here:


Hot weather, cold weather, wet weather,
dry weather . . .

Tilley hat.

Did buy a neoprene hood per BrazilBrazil’s recommendation for when immersion is more likely.

My choice too
With a broad brim. I like something to cover the ears and neck.

Boonie or a Ball Cap
Boonies from the Army surplus store are cheap and they dry quickly. Ball caps are nice but you have to be more mindful of keeping the sunscreen on the ears and neck.

(I look uglier than usual in a Tilley)


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Chick magnet...

Dem Bulgarian Soopermodels


jus' kin not keep dem's hands off o' yer's truly waan ah' waars me Tilley.


Not a Tilly!
Don’t do it man! Save yourself! Put down the Tilly and slowly step away…

How about the obvious?
A straw “boater”.


As far as the ladies are concerned, you’ll get more action than an Italian midshipman on shore leave in New Orleans. …Okay, failing that, you could round up 3 other losers with similar taste in headgear and varying vocal ranges and belt out bawdy harmonies between rounds 'til the wee hours.

Tilley,esp if you haqve a big head
like me and FE.

Kavu man!
Looks goofy, even more than the Tilley. But it works!

Unless there’s a LOT of wind.



Not my favorite, but looks effective:

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I can even imagine myself getting one! Yeah, I don't give a crap how I look when paddling.


I guess this might be the same hat as in the photos linked in redmond's post.

Some awesome replies… lol.

The Tilley does look like the winner, but my wife is out shopping now, if she finds something that has a wide brim like the tilley, that doesn’t make her want to divorce me, she is going to pick it up.

If she doesn’t find one, I’ll get a Tilley online.

It looks like there are a few good styles to choose from too.

Ball cap - I don’t leave home without it
but it has to be a freebie, and then it doesn’t become my favorite until it is so faded that the color doesn’t show and the visor has bits of worn thread hanging off.

The day I pay for a hat is the day I’ll stop paddling, and I would ask someone to shoot me before I donned a Tilley!



using a Little League field nm

a cap with a brim …
… the brim is to help with the sun in the eyes … and sunglasses .

Safety Orange Bonnie
Hunter safety color is available from Cabelas or Bass pro I think. You would not beleive how visible I become when I put it on!

This is what I wear

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You can't beat the price, visibility is HIGH, even on radar and nice wide brim for sun protection. I think the people in my paddling club are jealous as nobody will paddle with me since I got it.


...and this for night paddling...