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Boil boil trouble & toil...

I just could NOT resist after seeing which two threads floated to the top after I got home today: the Two Ultimate Kayaking Supreme Court Jester Cases: SINK v. SOT, & Rudder v. Skeg; too much...


So why not THIS one to complete the Unholy Trio?

Boyoboyoboy, sacred cow really DOES make the best hamburger!

It's AMAZING any of us survive our various craft long enough to

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Straight And Narrow…
in opinion is generally indicative of a feathered (twisted) mind. :slight_smile:


Unfeathered is suitable only for paddling a jet ski. ;-0

I like my ladies straight and my birds
feathered. I am working on a feathered greenland paddle right now! :wink:

Straight, not narrow
Do yer own thing, whatever pops yer corn.

on TOP of things in SINKing into the doldrums as you

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Still lost in a feeling!
Today I was informed that I have been wasting all my time learning and practicing on a SINK, not to mention the money I just spent on more outdated technology.

I think I will follow Tsunami Chucks lead and get a blow-up doll-they’re cheaper and only my preferences count.

Happy paddlin


sing the bard
played both sides, tres elegante. short fat twisted. long thin straight

Frank, you’re a bad person…
Have you been taking Jimxxxx lessons???

Just chiming in.

Listen to the Bard!
Methinks this calls for a kayak haiku! Any poets out there?

Stop stirring the pot, Frank…
or we may just have to revive the Scupperfrank limerick contest.

Limericks? I’ll start…
There once was a paddler named Jim

Who bought him a SINK on a whim

While fast it maybe

He will not ride the sea

If the the wind o’er 15 knots blows

and another…
There once was a paddler named Jim

Who said rolling 'twas just for the Inu-it

Warm waters he’d ply

So the roll he’d not try

But the fact was he just couldn’t do it!

I liked the last one!

By the way, un feathered is the ONLY way to paddle. Feathered paddles cause limp wrists.

one more…
I can’t beat the others, but (by now you all know the first line)…

There once was a paddler named Jim

Whose kayak was lenghty and slim

While fit for the Sea

With waves rolling and free

Flat water was all it would see.

and lastly
Far away down on old Biscayne bay

I once heard a paddler say

“SOTs they be a far sight safer,

spare the fools who’d meet their maker”

So I’ve tucked mine safely away!

You ought to know!

Never met a straight feathered paddle

one for greyak
There was a paddler named greyak

who crowned himself king of the sea

and told all who would listen

In this contest of pissin’

“ain’t no one who knows more than me”