Field and Stream Sit on Top at Dicks

Just wondering if anyone knows any information on the Field and Stream Sit on Top fishing kayak at Dicks. I was in there a month or so ago and saw a 12 foot camo sit on top fishing kayak for $799. Yesterday I was in there and it was on sale for $499. I am looking to find a kayak that I can afford to do some fishing on shallow rivers near where I live, and I have some gift cards for Dicks and thought this would be a good deal. I came home yesterday and tried to do some research online, because no one at Dicks knew anything about kayaks. I can’t find any information online about these kayaks, its not even on Dick’s site. Any help would be appreciated.


Pick one - fishing or kayaking

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Most people I met fishing don't know how to kayak
- they just want to """float for fish"""

Most people that spend good money on a kayak
- actually want to kayak and take classes to learn

You'll have to make a decision what you want to do
--lots of things float, but that doesn't make them a good kayak.

Kayaking is a learned skill - it is not inherent in our dna
People take classes for golf, to drive a car, etc.
Take a kayak class and educate yourself on the topic.
That way you won't piss away your cash on a piece of floating plastic

Lack of info…
A lack of information is information.

You can find anything online about it.

Even the retailer’s own web site has no information about it.

That tells you something right there doesn’t it?

Take the info from that specific kayak at the store and compare it to other angler ones that are online. Just because there’s no info about it online doesn’t mean anything imo. If you were looking solely for reviews just do a little research on sizes, etc… and compare because reviews don’t mean anything, especially on their website.

I just purchased a new kayak through them and they order their boats through a number of vendors. Mainly Confluence(Which manufactures a number of name brand kayaks), from what I could tell and they can order just about anything. So if you do find one that you like better, see if they can order it so your gift cards don’t go to waste

waste of a gift card
I think the F&S would be a waste of good money. Save up and get something much better with a long reputation, in other words, don’t buy any of the garbage from Dicks and find a real paddle shop. Also, avoid the camo patterns. I’ve been kayak fishing over 10 years and fish don’t care what color the kayak is. Camo only makes you a speedbump to power boaters.

I disagree with your post, I know there are a lot of expenxive, very nice kayaks out there made for fishing. I have kayaked in the past quite a bit, I used to partol the rivers as a game warden in kayaks and have been on a couple of trips through lower class rapids. I just enjoy fishing more than paddling, and don’t see anything wrong with that

I am just looking for a good stable durable kayak for fishing. One that will take some scrapes and bumps here and there.

thanks for the reply though.

That is what I thought.

Thanks for the reply

I have contacted Dick’s customer service to get some information and they are supose to be contacting the supplier and sending me information on the kayak. I will have to wait and see.

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t really care about the color, just looking for a good fishing kayak.


What comes first ?

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If you want a kayak - go to a kayak store

If you want a fishing rod - go to a fishing store

They don't mix well , a lot like oil and water .
With a lot of shaking they can emulsify for a short time
but eventually they'll separate out into 2 different components.

You will be forced to compromise, and decide priorities
Each item that floats has pro's and con's.
No one boat can suit all activities equally well

Return Policy
If they have a return policy buy it. Take it to the lake and paddle it a little. Keep it out of the mud and don’t scrape it. If it doesn’t feel good take it back. They should have no problem with that. If you have access to a swimming pool you could try it there to keep it cleaner.

Is it a great boat? Likely not. But for the price and if you are OK in it, it may be worth it. For fishing around shorelines it doesn’t take much. Just make sure it is comfortable and it meets your needs.

Many people on this board like to steer you towards the high end stuff. I do too and my fishing boat is the Native Watercraft Ultimate. But if you are on a budget, get what you can afford and as you learn more you can get exactly what you need. It is better to get on the water than to hold out for a high end boat that never happens.

An Epic 18 Makes A Lousy Fishing Boat
Sometimes the best boat for the job at hand is a plastic rec boat, or short fat SOT.

This sounds like one of those times.

No opinion on the boat because no info. One thing to look for in a fishing boat is a flat hull for shallow water. Not the most efficient shape for paddling, but much more maneuverable

dicks has better boats for less on sale

they also sell the Ocean Kayak Scrambler which is an excellent 11 foot boat. If you want something really short for tiny creeks they sell the Ocean kayak Big Yak.

All of these are less than $500

hope this helps

Buy a Dick’s one
I agree with the guy in a previous post…posting for a cheap boat on here will be met with a lot of criticism. They are partially correct–you WILL probably want a more expensive boat IF you keep at it.

But when the choice is between a cheap kayak or nothing at all, go with a cheap kayak. They will absolutely do the job, just with more work. Plus you are only out a few hundred bucks and so it’s hard to not get back what you paid for it in fun. I look at it as a good dinner with my girl is going to cost me upwards of $100, and it lasts only an hour or so. A few hundred bucks for a kayak and even if you use it only a handful of times you still got your money’s worth and potentially much, much more. Buy a cheap one, see if you enjoy it and if it works for you. It WILL suit your needs for what you are describing. If you find out you want more later on…splurge later on.

Maybe Not A Scrambler
I still have a Scrambler and love it for messing around at the beach, but the trouble with a Scrambler is the rounded keel does odd things when its ground out.

The one in the link you posted has a nice flat bottom.

My favorite boat in my entire fleet is an Ocean Kayak Mars. Its got a flat bottom like that

Go really cheap

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Why get a kayak then ? - just get something that floats

Do you want to "float" or "paddle a barge" because at that
level of price it's pretty much damn equal in physical effort

Or is just the coolness factor of saying you have a kayak ?

Putting a kid in a car doesn't make him a driver
any more than putting a kid a kayak makes that kid a kayaker

Ask "what is a kayaker" ??
Is it sitting on log with a stick ?
Is it sitting on a hollowed out log with a stick ?
A hollowed out log with a covering for splashes. ?

When I think kayaking - I'm thinking covering distance - transportation - not floatin'

It's lot like getting a department store bicycle
or buying a real bike from a real bike shop.

not everyone thinks like you, willi. Just sayin’

I guess willi’s first bike was a top of the line bike from a ‘real’ bike store. That’s what I got out of that post.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think the decision of doing an activity automatically requires you to go ‘all in.’

Is this it?
I think the full name of it is the “Field and Stream Eagle Run 12” and it was/is item #3986135 at Dick’s although you are very right in that it doesn’t show up on their website anymore. If you google around for the exact name you’ll find some other threads out there with people asking for basically the same advice as you. Seems like a good deal to me if you’re just looking to stay on calm inland water to do a little fishing.

(It never ceases to amaze me as to the number of people who think the only way to find joy is to spend as much money as possible on something and proceed to ridicule those who don’t follow that course of action).

try it
Two Christmas’s ago my son bought me a “crappy” Swifty 9.5 sit in kayak from Dicks. It’s short, wide and not real fast, but guess what, it was mine and I loved it! It was inexpensive, if you watch you can get one for less than $300. You can rig it for fishing, and it’s wide and stable. Since then I’ve gotten two more kayaks, and each of them has their own place. I still use the Swifty when I’m tight for time and I’m just going for a quick paddle. Just throw it in the truck bed and 1 bungee holds it securely. It’s great for small tight waterways. If you don’t have a lot of money get something you can afford and just go out and have fun! Not everyone can afford or want a $1500 + kayak. If you spend a few hundred and use it 10 times you’ve gotten your $$ worth. If you spend $1500 and use it the same amount you’re out a lot of $$ per use. ps, decide if you want ease of getting in and out like a sit on, or staying a little drier like a sit in.