Field & Stream Kay-Noe for $400-500

I’m strolling through a Dick’s Sporting goods store in Jacksonville, FL today and came across a ~12’ solo canoe with a sticker set that says “Field & Stream” and “Kay-Noe” for around $500. The owner’s manual and other documentation stuck to the hull say that it is mfg’d by Old Town Canoes. Its a light tan color with a black molded seat, vinyl gunwales and decks. The tag says “3 layer constrution”.

Anyone have any experience with this boat? Is this an OT Pack? It didn’t feel particularly heavy but I couldn’t approximate a weight as it was on a rack about shoulder high and was hesitant to just hoist it above my head. If I had to guess…35lbs…?

I’ve only ever seen the Pack in green so this might be a re-stickered Pack in tan.

It’s an OT Pack. Not a bad little solo canoe, I own a Pack and like using it with a double blade. Weight should be right around 33 lbs. The Dick’s I saw one in had it for $399.

Wouldn’t it
more likely be the Discovery 119? I think that’s what the 3 layer construction is all about. Does it have a keel? Joe

The Dick’s here has it too
Looks like a Disco 119, restickered judging by the weight. Its still a great boat, good price too.

Discovery 119
Didn’t Old Town discontinue making this boat? It has not been listed on their website for a couple of years. Would these be old stock? It is not a bad little solo boat at the price. I certainly have gotten a lot of year out of mine.


is this it?
I tried to post a link to the website that came up when I did a google search for “field and stream kay-noe”, it was some kind of “shop local” site, but it didn’t work previewing it. I’ve been saving/researching for a solo and I saw this in the Dick’s flyer two weeks ago , yet haven’t been able to get to the store to check it out in person and it wasn’t on their website and today was the first time anything even came up on it with a google search. Further reviewing this site(damn good) and canoeing in general, it looks like I will need a solo “starter” for small water and one later on for bigger water. Above posts claim it’s a OT Discovery 119. I checked the reviews and it seems a decent boat for me, albeit a bit short. Any one who has any thoughts on this boat or the one it is trying to “clone” ??? A search on google for “field and stream kay-noe” at least should show a picture.

Here’s a link
definately a repackage Disco 11.9.


Definately repackaged IF it’s a Disco
119. I owned a Disco 119 for a short time about six or seven years ago and don’t remember much about it, but other than the stated length, the boat in the link doesn’t remind me of my Disco 119. Mine had a web seat.

I don’t remember much about it’s handling. It was my first solo canoe.

The one I saw had a keel. Yeah, my Pack is three layer construction as well. I’d say it was a re-packaged Pack with a different seat installed.

Called OT
It’s an OT Pack Angler series. I whent to the same store and the price is 549.00. OT price is 949.00

3 layer construction=Royalex.

to burst the bubble. Just got back from the local Dick’s Sporting Goods. The poster in the boat section lists the Kay-noe as 43 lbs, Superlink3. Didn’t even think to check on the price. Joe

Not my bubble…
If you read above, OT was contacted and they said it was a Pack canoe. The Pack is made in Royalex only. Therefore, my comment was valid if, indeed, its a Pack canoe, unless its a special model for the dealer.

Sorry again
I wasn’t bursting the personal bubble. I was bursting the general bubble, mine included, since if it had been Royalex it would have been a really great deal. As it is it’s still not a bad deal and there are some folks that liked the 119k better than the Pack. I don’t think the Pack has a keel but the 119k did and the Kay-noe does. Please correct me if I’m wrong about the Pack. Joe

The Pack can be tipsy
Frankly,the difference in weight isn’t that great of a deal. I’ve never cared for the width of the Pack. Much prefer my Wenonah Sandpiper…longer, but narrower, a bit heavier at 41 lbs (actual weight as weighed on a scale). I’ve not seen a 119 so no comparison. Some say the Pack is tippy.


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Fishinpool says he called OT and the manufacturer says it's an OT Pack Angler. That heavy duty plastic seat/backrest could sure account for the weight difference. The OT Pack comes with a wood/web seat and does indeed have a keel. I looked at the OT website and the Pack Angler is identical to the Kay-Noe sans working apron. I doubt that OT geared up a mold for a boat they no longer produce so that Dick's could carry it. All OT plastic boats are "3 layer construction" doesn't matter if they are Polylink 3, Superlink 3 or Royalex. All have a layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of plastic.

Well maybe
the poster at Dick’s is wrong. It’s curious that Old Town would allow Dick’s to undercut it’s local dealers by so much especially since the Pack Angler is a new model.

It’s $399 in Indy at Dicks.
That’s quite a difference in price per market.


Basically it is a Pack canoe although it is not made of roylex. I work for a Dicks in Va. Beach, Virginia. The reply from Jefallon is correct. I have no doubts that it would be a good boat. I own an OT Pack and am very pleased with it.

The pack can be tipsey
occassionally. I find it handles very well and is very stable when paddled kneeling. Sitting in the seat with a sit-backer does make it slightly “tipsey” at times. That’s why I’m looking for just a back rest to replace the sit-backer. Otherwise I can’t complain much.