First real post COVID paddle

Before today I’d been out once this year for 3-4 miles. Today was 8 miles in 96° and I paddled the Tarpon 160.
Doing my best to stay hydrated but it wasn’t enough.
A great day with good friends but I’m glad to be home.
A muskrat decided to escort me for a short distance right beside the boat. Looked like a large chipmunk with a rat tail.
Lots of Great Egrets, ospreys, and Great Blue Herons and various hawks.


Accolades for paddling eight miles in 96F weather and most likely sun and humidity.

I would have melted.

Mostly full sun but a good breeze at our backs. And I felt melted.

String, is Pat still paddling? I know she had a shoulder replacement, a couple years ago. Have not heard much from her, since then. My Nordkapp came from her.

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As far as I know. I’ll catch up with her and let you know.

I totally enjoyed the day never felt that hot to me. Taking out was the hottest part of the day. Dang, I started a post with photos. If I had seen this, I would have posted them here.

Saluda River day paddle - Paddlers’ Place -

I talked to Pat Tonight. She’s doing great. Has joined the sailing club and is refurbing a power craft. And has a new boyfriend.

Glad to hear she is doing well. Hope she is still paddling, when not sailing or power boating.

We can only hope to be that energetic at 81. I accused her of being a cradle robber. Her boyfriend is 3 months younger than her.