First Time Buying - Need Selection Help!

@Brodie The situation with my garage is that it’s incredibly narrow, but relatively long/deep. When I pull my Outback in, I can’t fully open the doors. The garage isn’t quite a full 10’ in width. (yes, I’ve measured and tried to figure out options all over the place!) So, I can’t put a kayak beside the car running in the same direction. It needs to go at the front, where if I run it on a diagonal, I can fit about a 12’-6" boat. Unfortunately overhead isn’t an option because of where the door folds up–essentially eating up the same floor space as my car. Does that make sense?

But yes…it is definitely seeming like I need a longer boat. I hate to rent a storage unit just for a kayak. And with my dock, seems silly to need to go offsite to retrieve a boat just to bring it home again! oh well…I think I may be reconsidering this whole hobby. Sigh. I’ve been wanting my own boat for years!

measure your living room…

Does that sound silly? I have friends who store two kayaks (and bikes) in their living room (no garage). But the living room is now storage only.

Back in about 2006, there was a young guy in Dallas that had 5 boats in his one bedroom apt…lol. Most were whitewater boats (shorter) but he did have a 12 footer.

If you haven’t already, review this thread:

How do you mount/store your kayak? - Advice -

Maybe you can find a way that will work.

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Cars go in garages? I have a workshop and boats in mine and my wife’s stuff.
I know a guy who has a garage for his boats, all paddle craft.

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Can you find a place to store it behind your house? Not all kayaks live inside. A couple of mine have lock systems on them to deter casual thieves.

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Another option might be something like the Point 65 N Mercury GTX modular kayak. There will be some trade-offs, but it’s really a complete kayak that performs better than one would expect. I bought one used for a travel boat and it’s one of the better kayaking purchases I’ve made because it allows me to paddle more often and in more places than I otherwise could. It will never be what my 17’ boats are, but that isn’t the point. Unlike a lot of modulars, you can use a real spray skirt, it can be rolled, and it has 2 ‘bulkheads’ and watertight hatches.
Point 65 Mercury GTX Modular Kayak: Boat Review - Paddling Magazine

You may also consider folding kayak like the Trak 2.0.


Back up. You have a dock?

And the boat does not need to be stored inside. Half my boats live outside year round.

She has a dock, but cannot store anything outside…

OK. Did not realize that. This is somewhat of an impractical situation for anyone with serious toys, other than motor boats for which there is probably slip space.

@roym @rsevenic @PaddleLite I have a TEENY studio apartment. Trust me, if I could find a way to fit it in here I would! I used to live in AZ and my dining room was full of my backpacking gear and a bike. For this place, I sacrificed indoor space for the waterfront. :rofl:

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Could you do something like this? I have the kayaks hanging above the car but below the open garage door.

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You might like the Eddyline Sitka ST. It is 43 lbs, has a fair amount of storage and a skeg. It is 13’ 9" so has more storage and greater flexibility than a shorter boat. My wife paddles one and loves it. It is remarkably fast for its size. She keeps up with me in my 15’ 5" Fathom LV.

An update!
First, thank you to all of you for coming on this journey for me! You have all been MUCH more helpful than anyone that I have spoken with at any local outfitters.
Second, there’s been a lot of talk about my weird storage restrictions. Here’s the full story because it seems like some might be wondering. I live on a larger piece of property with two houses that have been broken into multiple units. I rent the smallest of the units, a little studio apartment (hence no in-the-house options available for storage). Currently there are four of us living on the property, but there could be five. The reason that exterior storage of toys isn’t permitted is…can you imagine five people’s worth of kayaks/canoes/jet skis/bikes/etc. cluttering up a small yard? So yes, a bit frustrating and difficult, but it was a trade for me to live on the water with a lovely little (private) deck that overlooks the creek.
Phew, now that I’ve explained that. My deck, which sits a few feet off the ground, got me thinking. I called my landlord and asked if there was any way that he would let me store the kayak under the deck if it is completely out of sight. He agreed that this would be reasonable! This will allow me the opportunity to upgrade to a 14’er!
I must say thank you to all of you for getting me to think “outside the garage” and try to come up with a solution. This probably seems like a no-brainer, but I’m not big into asking for favors and am a stickler for following rules. Now I shall take your suggestions and helpful feedback and transfer that over to a boat that I think will make me happier in the long run.
Again, thank you all!


Good way to solve the problem. Now, be sure to use a cockpit cover after drying it out as much as possible. Various critters enjoy nesting in cockpits no matter where they are stored outdoors - that is my experience.


Another option is a folding kayak. I have 5 at the moment, Light and seaworthy. Look at the Pakboat Quest 150.

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@kayakhank absolutely! I’m pretty neurotic about my gear and already looking at cover options!

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I also find it awkward to carry the Stratos on my shoulder. The balance just isn’t there. I suppose there are more important things to consider when designing a boat but it carries way worse than my other yaks. I made a pvc 2-wheeled cart for those times I have to tote it pretty far.


If you store the kayak diagonally along the ceiling could you fit more than 12’?