Flatpick-new boat? Zephyr?

So…what can you tell us that i could not find on Playak???

weight limits?

this must be the baot you alluded to earlier this summer…hmm…should be interetsing to play in…

is it a scaled down tempest?

at least this inquiring mind wants to know…


From what I hear it’s a take-off on the Dagger Meridian that will be available in two sizes and in glass and roto.

Pretty cool idea, me thinks.

If so that will
add yet another choice in the Coastal play greenland inspired category!

that would be nice to have back

how did you hear that???
i got my ear to the train track and cannot hear anything…

that would be Awesome…add it to the rockhopper as the play boats…


Wish it had a skeg
For a boat that is toted to be playful, it is really odd that it doesn’t have a skeg. I just recently paddled a compsite version and it was a fun boat to edge. Once the boat realized I meant to lean, it would whip around rather fast. I say once the boat realized because it didn’t react to minor edging, the boat had to be heeled over quite a bit. The boat was comfortable overall and will be a nice addition. I felt that the day hatch was placed too far back. I couldn’t reach the far side of the cover let alone rummage inside for something.

I think they modified the Meridian for a new Perception kayak. Can’t remember the name right now, but I just saw it in the new dealer workbook.

From the local Confluence rep.

oh poo
it’ll probably be in Aerolite with the same rustable backband ratchets that showed up on the Avatar five years ago.

You mean its NOT a “NEW” Pamlico 6, 7 or 8 footer? Wow I just Know WS neeeds more Pamlicos!! L

OR Show
He said that they were showing it at the OR Show. Didn’t mention anything about Perception. I asked him specifically what was new at Wilderness Systems for next year and he told me about that boat.

So you are certain that it is being slotted for Perception and not WS?


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The Zephyr is slotted for Wildy and the Meridian boat is slotted for Perception. At least, that's what confluences dealer pack says.

I have no idea is the Zephyr is based on the Meridian, but the catalog says the Perception one is.

horse mouth
sorry I’ve been out in the San juan’s for a week.

Zephyr- new WS boat taken from the ol’ Meridian lines. tweaked a bunch but still similar. LOVES rough stuff, very loose and playful. NOT based on the Tempest but related. Composite and roto. 15.5 X 22 (soon) and 16X23 (done) should hit streets mid-winter. will have 16 at West Coast sympo. This is a FUN boat.

Essense- new PER boat. very friendly. Fast, GREAT tracking and big load capacity. (what I just took to SJ) skeg standard and rudder option. NEW, GREATLY improved airelite and roto. 16.5 X 22 (soon) and 17X23 (done)Will have 17 at WCSKS. This is a GREAT all-round boat.

If we looked at all 3 (Tempest/Essense/Zephyr) the Tempest is in the middle, the Zephyr a playboat and the Essense a fast tracker.

a relaxed steve

Thanks a bunch…

NOW I have to wait on my next boat to check these out. Zephyr sounds cool…but the Essence looks to be right up my ally…er creek.

Flatpick, should we assume standard System 3 outfitting? It’s a major strong point for you guys…and I’ve grown to like it a lot, even with the honking big backrest in the Tsunami. Can you comment more on tweaks or refinements?

Just looking for some additional glimpses behind the curtain, so to speak.


Zephyr — skeg?
Will this boat have a skeg?

LOVES rough stuff, very loose and playfu

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Sounds great. I always thought the Meridian was one of the best American boats. It was the first boat I paddled that felt 'sweet.' A new boat based on and refined from that boat should be fun! Sounds like another boat for rock gardening and surfing.

Now if Nigel Dennis will only deliver on the promised RM Romany...

yes on the skeg…d’uh.

Performance Phase 3 on the Zephyr- like a Tempest.

Performance Zone on the Essense. backstrap not rest.

both will have adj thighs and roomy cockpits for safety yet able to adj for fit/performance.

we tweaked the Meridian hull for effeciency, a tad better tracking, especially follow thru in carve (the Mer skidded out alot)and stability. this thing has GREAT 2nd stability. the deck is ALL new, very similar to Tempest, Kajaksport hatches, etc. roto hatches are still in the air.


We want pics!!

on playak

Where on Playak?