float stabilzers

I want to get stabilzers for my canoe so it is safer to take my daughter out to fish. Has anyone ever used “Canoebuddy”? If not, any advice on what’s out there that is good enough to stabilize even if you stand up? Thanks.

Maybe the shore? L
Sorry to be a smart @$$! But seems some people want watercraft that don’t behave like watercraft. Maybe another activity? Something with no wet potential?

IMHO, PFDs and swimming lessons are much better for safety that relying on strap/bolt on devices. They make work - but relying on them builds a false sense of security (and creates a real danger).

You know better than I how you would use and benefit from something like the “Canoe Buddy”. Might be great for you - but seems to me if you need those there are other problems with choice of paddling places, boat, skill/handling, etc.

No little ones out on cold water ever! Bad things happen fast.

Another thing to consider: If she falls out, how much faster could you spin the canoe around and paddle to her without those on? How much easier to pull her back in without those in the way?

Not a canoist, just playing Devil’s advocate. Being a kayaker maybe I tend to think more minimalist and think the more gear the more that can go wrong.

go to canoegear.com


seem very tough

Sounds like you will have some fun with the kids!

Here is the link for castle craft. They sell some good equipment.


have used stablizers
I’ve used them. they do make it very hard to tip,and does give one a sense of security. I still think they shouldn’t replace proper training and learning to swim.

I’ve used the Spring Creek satbilizers and they were great. Quality is excellent. And I have to disagree with those who advise against them. There’s nothing wrong with making your boat safer. Especially when there are kids involved. The beauty of these is that you can keep them in the “up and in” position so they’re out of your way while paddling, and have them “down and out” while floating and fishing. Here’s a link: http://www.canoegear.com

Stabilizers do not make a canoe safer.
They only make it easier to stand up or move around in a canoe. I stand up in a canoe when I am poling in whitewater. Stabilizers would actually make me less safe in that situation. Stabilizers are like training wheels on a bicycle. They contradict the concept of canoeing, just as training wheels contradict the concept of bicycling.

The only way to evaluate stabilizer floats is subjectively. If you try them, and you like them, then you should use them. But no objective claim can be made that an experienced canoeist, even with kids in the boat, is “safer” with stabilizers.

I really wonder what I would have done with stabilizers when I took the kids down the Nantahala. Probably tipped over.

Heard Good Things About…
…Spring Creek’s stabilizers too, although; never used them myself. And don’t pay attention to the derogatory comments. Nothing wrong with being a beginner and trying to make the canoe more stable when paddling with kids. And don’t let those comments keep you from posting other qustions, most people here are pretty civil to one another. Welcome! WW

Have and use…
…Spring Creek stabs on occasion. Will use them with

grandkids this year. Of course you should do all you can in terms of readiness, including swimming skills, etc. But ignore the Real Paddlers’ scoffing. I would think a Real Paddler would straddle a log and paddle with his/her hands, but these folks usually have boats & equipment designed in the past 20 years & built of some kind of plastic. I would also use stabilizers on major saltwater waves or with a motor.

Get PFDs and wear them always. Get out & have fun with the kids, but always be scrupulous in appraising how ready you & they are for the next step. Go out with others who have at least as much experience as you.

stabilizer reply
Thanks for everyone’s advice. I certainly don’t plan on relying on anything other than precaution to protect my kids. They’ll be wearing PFD’s and will not be taken out until the summer. Even then only in small ponds. My main reason is for fly fishing in salt water marsh and small creeks by myself so I can stand up with a little more stability. I’ve taken the canoe through Class III rapids and don’t think they would have helped much anyway for that application. To the person/people who have a tendency to be negative on this site: you may have some good advice, if you shared it in a less derogatory manner you may actually help someone. Otherwise you run the risk of being ignored totally in which case your post did no good. Thanks to everyone again. I appreciate the help.

If you refer to me…
remember - I’m not selling anything. If my comments seemed “derogatory” to you - you completely missed the spirit of the post.

I don’t feel the need to be PC to make a simple point. Opinions come in all flavors - they also differ from recommendations (which I did not make) - take 'em or leave 'em.

Key comment I made for you was “You know better than I how you would use and benefit from something like the “Canoe Buddy”. Might be great for you…”

To put my remarks in context, I ended with: “Not a canoist, just playing Devil’s advocate”. You understand the concept behind this, yes?

I also started with: “Sorry to be a smart @$$!”

Thank you very much for the critique of my communications style, but there are lot’s of ways to make a point, I’ll make mine my own way.

Greyak, I apologize…
…for being so judgemnetal. I guess I’m thinskinned because the first time I ever posted a question on this board I got some answers that I felt were real putdowns, and almost gave up pnet, which would have been a real loss to me. You were indeed quite respectful, and I was not. I claim spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection.

L Well, now I wouldn’t…
go so far as to say I was being respectful! I was poking a little fun. I do find most “stabilizers” somewhat amusing (but also understand there may be a times and places for them).

As for appologies - not needed - were all just throwing our $.02 in.

I do hate seeing how thin skinned, reactionary, and judgemental things can get around here though, and how those being direct and speaking their minds are made to look the bad guy and expected to conform to PC groupthink or shut up. We should be able to say it as we see it - particularly on safety related topics.

What ever it takes …just do it
Hey don’t worry about those Snobs Who do you think buys those way to expensive 1000 dollar fly rods? You ought to consider some 3inch PVC pipe a couple of 90 degree ell bends a short length of pipe and cap ends you could even use some threaded ends and use the space as dry storage! the bolt it all to a cross memeber as fancy as you like. Some finish hardwood or some stainless metal get the picture it works great, easy project and the price is right…also sponsoms bolted to the side offer an equal alternative purchased on the net…both give you the desired stability and statisfaction like beating the hell out those golf snobs with thier expensive clubs with my yard sale specials .

Yeah, “SNOB” would look great on a custom plate for my dirty beat up and often (sea) salt encrusted kayak hauling 6 year old Neon!

Your obvious envy of people with better equipment is not adding to the point of the discussion.

Go recycle some beer kegs into a houseboat or something.

RM Specialties outriggers
These pontoons are more hydrodynamic (?) … i.e. more pointed than most. They offer lots of floatation being 8 inches wide and 42 inches long … and can be rigged as far as 8 feet apart for fishing or diving … or in closer to the boat for sailing “training wheels”. I think that they are a decent alternative to Spring Creek’s floats that offer less drag for those applications calling for moving efficiency.

Be positive
Paddling net is an Excellent source of Information based on members contributing there shared experience. You can reap the rewards of experience and insight that some members have gain through years of experience. While other have knowledge pertinent to certain Locals. No one source may be more useful than the next and there is no need to be smug or condescending share your ideas not your hang ups. Some members may be looking for any means to get out regardless of price range. That’s what makes these forum great. Oh By the way Greek I currently have two Kayaks {plates?]Four Canoes and a range of other powerboats and windsurfers. I However enjoy company so I frequently use my canoes …I can now understand and appreciate why you Kayak solo however! I on the other hand enjoy peoples company and don’ t look down a pompous nose at those just learning while trying to help those just starting out or looking for a cheap alternative. I thank God every day for what he has given me and try to be respectful of others. When I was young I constructed one of those PVC stabilizers for a canoe and it worked and looked just find. Store bought where not available and a hand crafted item offer advantages that store bought Items still do not incorporate. lighten up row your custom plate close your eyes let the sun soak your face and enjoy the ride.

Polynesians use outriggers on their canoes and they know a little about travelling on open water.

Hawaii was a polynesian Island before the USA was a British Colony so please a little less patronising from the purists.

Get them and enjoy
As I said earlier, I have them and I use them when needed. I solo quite often on open water and at my age, I know that I’d have some difficulty getting back in if I were to fall out or capsize.

I love to fish and the stabilizers give me a little added “peace of mind”, I still wear my PFD at all times.

I’d say go for it and enjoy your time on the water. I do! Life is too short ! Enjoy

Learn the definition of "patronizing."
I don’t patronize people about stabilizers. I tell them to use stabilizers if they want to, without telling those of us who don’t want them that we are less “safe.” Take responsibility for your own tastes.