Flooded Basement and "Lemonade..."

Had a doozy of a storm overnight. Found a “river” flowing through my basement this morning. Finally go it under control.

The “lemon” in the basement is “lemonade” at the local break. 10-11’ waves @ 11 seconds today. Quite a bit outside of stamina zone these days. Will wait unti tomorrow. :+1:


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You couldn’t paddle in your basement?


Cluttered with “strainers!” LOL!



We got the rain from that storm. It came within an inch of coming in the back door. I could have paddled most of the neighborhood.

It wasn’t just the rain but the snow from a couple of days before. I feel bad of the ski mountains up north. This was not a good weather event for them. I think the forecast is for another “warm” storm this coming weekend.


Got a pump?

Unusually high rainfall amounts one spring in the late 1960s flooded our basement in SE MA. In my mind’s eye, the water was a couple feet deep, but I don’t trust that childhood memory to be accurate. It WAS bad enough that my father ran the pump constantly for a few days.

Ah yes, basement ‘lemonade’. I hope your mess isn’t too bad. Ours came from a stuck sump pump float while we were on vacation 4 years or so ago. Came home to ~10" of water. The ‘lemonade’ came as our insurance paid Servicemaster to clean out our basement. Something that had need to be done for over a decade. Threw out lots of useless stuff & maybe only a little that we missed for a bit.

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My sump in a shallow holding area also failed. But, different scenario for me. I live near the top of a hill. My back basement exit is on uphill side and my front basement garage is on the down hill side. Basically, when the sump failed, the water pouring in from the back door, flowed through the basement and went out the front through the garage door. So, I really had a “stream” going through my basement. Luckily, none of my systems were in jeopardy.

My basement/garage is my “man cave.” So, I got some cleaning and drying out to do.


We had a similar experience in this house during a heavy rain, like 3" in less than an hour. We live at the bottom of a hill and the water fills the back yard then pools against the house.
In that case it was running under one sliding door, through the kitchen and den, under the den wall and out through the garage.
That resulted in gravel and drain pipes across the back yard and out to the street. We also built up the patio by 3 ".
In spite of that, the water was within an inch of doing it again yesterday but the deluge quit and the drain system worked quickly.

The “lemonade” is looking mighty good this morning… 4’ plus waves at a whopping 14 second interval!

A couple of early AM meetings and then is off to the local break!



The Maine coast got whaled. Still holding on a report from the place where l rent.

The woman who lived on this boat isn’t seeing lemonade. Luckily she wasn’t on it when it’s rode parted. In North Carolina where we got 65+ knots with 7 miles of fetch. The marina where we are staying had three more boats just break loose and suffered likely another $10k+ in dock damage not yet having recovered from Ophelia damage. I was trying to tie off one of those boats until my son dragged me off the wildly pitching dock before I did something stupid and fall in. But hey, if the surfing’s good…


So sorry to hear about significant damage to the Pemaquid Point Light. Hopefully repairable!

My daughter almost bought propert that was at three feet above sea level. She abandoned that idea in favor of property that’s 12 ft above sea level. Global warning or insight?

The result of 50 mph wind blowing water back up the bay. Happens 3 or 4 times a year. The pier is 6 inches under water, normally 3 feet above the water.

I don’t fear human interaction as much as I fear humam reaction. Seems that many forgot that the Covids was a result of scientists with a thirst for experimenting. They thought it was a good idea to turn an animal viris into something that could infrct humans. Then the deceitful snakes pointed fingers at everyone else, covered their dirty snail tracks, lied through their buck teeth and shoved a half baked scheme down our throats that was cooked up by the same money grubbers that created the monster. Anyone who opted out was fired, including the heroes that caught the illness helping others. They got immunity the hard way, then the people they saved turned their backs and allowed them to be thrown under the bus. Nobody even blinked, and the same public wants to save the planet. Look in a mirror, while FOOCHIE spends his millions made as a civil servant. It sickens me.

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The projections of coastal water rise have been out there for a while. It is nice when someone pays attention to them, and provident for your daughter.
(Not commenting on the rest.)

That doesnt keep the key pushers from buying near sea level beach property. Read between the lines. I bet the guvamint buys up the property after their boat can reach the back porch.

It’s not the right “craft” to go surfing in…


next storm tonight. The SE winds are the killer and the king tide. Supposed to be one of the highest tides on record. Pemaquid Point lighthouse is fine. It was the bell house that was damaged and it was slated for restoration anyway. The bell is intact as it had been lowered this past summer as its supports were rotted. The site is being stabilized today by Bristol Public works ( the park is a municipal park) New Harbor got hit because usually it is a safe harbor but the last three storms have had winds from the SE which is pretty unusual and that funnels right into the harbor.

The ski areas are doing fine even Sunday RIver which rebuilt its entrance road in record time. They have been mostly getting big dumps of snow.

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I remember a parable from Sunday school, it was about building a house on rock and building one on sand. I didnt get very good grades in elementary school, but stories like that left a lasting impression. That’s how I convinced my daughter to pass on the first property in favor of the current location that’s 12 ft above sea level. I think she’s glad she listened.