Florida campground question

Can anyone recommend a RV park with full hook up in the vicinity of Ichetucknee Springs.

It appears that there is some good paddling place in that vicinity.

Thanks in advance,


have you called them?

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Ichetucknee Springs State Park
12087 S.W. US Hwy 27
Fort White, Florida 32038
Phone: 386-497-2511
Park Manager: Tom Brown

We paddled there for an hour or so last year. The water is unbelievably clear. Like so clear we could see garfish swimming past on the other side of the river clear. Year round water temp of 72. At the time I was there, we were paddling the Sante Fe river and traveled up the Itchetucknee but were running short on time so we hadnt explored very far. I understand the entire Itchetucknee is only 5-6 miles long or sonmething like that and is super busy in the warmer months. I guess mid winter is about the only time the place is somewhat quiet. I hope to get back there and do a little more splorin sometime soon.

The state park does not have…
full hook-ups, and we will be hopefully staying around there awhile.

If we cannot find a RV park than we will use the state park

It looks like there are tons of places to paddle witin a fifty mile radius.

We will have our travel trailer, (getting spoiled in our old age)

The “yak-packing” stuff will also be in the back of the truck in case we can come up with some multi-day trips.



Ask ol Sparky

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Jack try www.southernpaddler.com It's a boat building site but ol Sparky & gang there are avid Fla. campers. They might point you to some good spots to camp & paddle

Try O’Leno state park
I belive they have full hookups. It is near High springs in the same area. Also a little further South Ocklawaha canoe outpost They have a website and full hookups You can overnite on the Ocklawaha river. Silver Springs state park now has full hookups and the canoe livery will be open soon. Juniper springs is near by with a rough campground and a lovly little run to paddle. Salt Springs rec. park has full hookups and rough camping with paddling on the lower Ocklawaha. and easy access to Salt Springs run and other springs nearby. If You contact the Nat forest visitors center They can give info on many other campsites in the forest. During hunting season You can only camp in designated areas but there are a lot of them.


Oh, yeah -you used to be pert, now (like me) you just ex-pert…

I’m surprised at you -I just hit google with “Itcheetucknee Springs camping”, and returned:


Ichetucknee Family Campground

8587 S.W. Elim Church Rd.

Ft. White, FL 32038

Local Phone: 386-497-2150

Toll Free U.S.: 866-224-2064

Fax: 386-497-2150

E-mail: canoecabins@isgroup.net

Full service campground (AH-HA!), tube, raft, canoe, and kayak with 8 (soon to be 14) real log cabins in addition to 42 sites with 30/50 amp electric, water, full hookups on 22-acres. Fully stocked camp store adjacent to North entrance to Ichetucknee Springs State Park.

Directions: ¼ mile from Ichetucknee Springs State Park gate.

Also see


for more info about Ichetucknee Family Canoe & Cabins.


Lake City, FL


In it, on it, under it - if it has to do with water, Lake City is where you want to be. Lake City and Columbia County are the hub for the nation’s most outstanding canoeing, tubing and diving venues. Being the best has earned this area the title “Freshwater Recreation Capital of America”.

Here’s why Florida’s Gateway City can make this claim: More than 100 springs are located within a 50 mile radius of Lake City, including world-famous Ichetucknee Springs and the cave diving mecca of Ginnie Springs.

Columbia County is bordered by the scenic Santa Fe River on the south and the legendary Suwannee River on the northern border. Further establishing the area as a freshwater haven are dozens of lakes within the borders of Lake City, along with Olustee Beach at Ocean Pond, and inside the Osceola National Forest.

In addition to canoeing, tubing and diving, the area’s rivers and lakes provide excellent opportunities for fishing, recreational boating, skiing, jet skiing, bird watching and camping.

The seven-mile long Ichetucknee Springs River is the nation’s most pristine waterway with depths reaching up to 40 feet. The river is fed by nine named springs. Ichetucknee is a first magnitude spring discharging more than 240 million gallons of crystal clear water into the river daily at a constant 72 degrees. The river is a favorite for tubing enthusiasts with more than 200,000 visitors annually.


High SPrings, FL



What to do in High Springs? For the adventurous person, a lot. Outfitters line the streets providing a bounty of outdoor adventures to canoeists, kayakers, cave divers, hikers, cyclists, horseback riders and more. Just outside of town, the Santa Fe River’s rise and sink are part of a unique system of state trails and country roads at O’Leno State Park. There’s the lchetucknee River - world famous for summer tubing trips. Canoe trails on the Santa Fe River lead to the Suwannee River and hundreds of springs along the way; including Ginnie Springs - a cave diving favorite. The historic walking tour of the town’s vernacular and high-style architecture and opera house are also as popular with visitors; as are the downtown antique stores, art galleries and boutiques.

Well, that’s just the tip’o the Old Iceberg, Jack. Hope it helps you to find a place to rest your head, your truck, your trailer (not a bad way to go, I concur) after you


-Frank in Miami

I do alot of Cave-diving in that area. I have some friends that we stay with that live just outside of Ft. White. I know that the Itchy State Park does not have hook-ups. Ginnie Springs, which is just outside of High Spring which is one of the places I dive alot has a very large campground but I’m not sure if they have full hook-ups yet. I do see campers there occassionally but not often so I’d guess not.

That O’leno S.P. is fairly close, and would probably be your best bet because there are not very many campgrounds in that area. I’m not familiar with Oleno campground but I know it’s right at I-75, and is next to the river. I would suggest that one. It’s probably your best bet. If Ginnie Springs does have hook-ups it will be very expensive. I pay as much to camp there in a tent as a hotel costs but I have to in order to not juggle all my dive gear back and forth.

Good luck finding what you need.


Didn’t see that Itchy family campground that ScupperFranky came up with. “There ya go”!

Oh, & btw
If you are looking for another great place to paddle in that area I can give you directions to a great one on Santa Fe River.

Directions: Hwy. 47 through Ft. White, stay on 47 south about 5 miles. As soon as you cross the river you’ll see it on the left. It’s a small public park next to the river. There is a nice little lauch area there and the scenery is beautiful no matter which direction you go on the river. The water may appear black because of the vegetation, but it is crystal clear. I dive there for certain artifacts frequently. It is a safe place to park, but I wouldn’t leave my RV there, nor anything of value in view just in case. I’m just assuming you might have a car/truck you pull behind. We’ve parked there dozens of times and left our vehicle without any problems.



Thanks Frank
All of the above is why we are heading in that direction if you guys don’t kill us at the B & B.

We have done just about every spring in the Ocala National Forest Region, and should write a book describing many of them, but we have not ben to this area yet.

I the past I had heard that it is pretty crowded in the warmer weather,and we prefer wilderness so have kept away.



Great, we will put it on the list…
That was one of the places we wanted to paddle.

Can you do both ways with the current, or will I need to do a bike shuttle?

We have a pickup truck (with a cap), and the trailer is just a base camp.

Inside the pick up in plastic tote bins is everything a canoer/kayaker/backpacker/ cyclist needs to be a happy camper/paddler/cyclist, including the two mountain bikes.

Lots of times when we are leaving the truck at a place like that we will leave everything that we don’t need back at the trailer.



Ichetucknee River Fossil Shark Teeth
My trips to Ichetucknee Springs where day trips. Never been campiong there. Mostly for diving and snokeling. You can find some really huge fossilized shark teeth in the river. Some as big as your hand.

No full hook-ups
I don’t think there is a state park in Florida that has full-hookups.

if there is, I have not found it yet.

I just checked on Oleno and they don’t



PS, It is a pain pulling that little blue honey wagon to the dump station every other day.

Here’s a few:
There are three CGs nearby, one private and two State. The private is Jim Hollis’ River Rendezvous which has 12 sites 850/648-5229 or adventuresunlimited.com. This CG is in Mayo. The two State CGs are San Felasco Hammock SP just North of Gainsville 352-462-7905 and O’Leno SP on the Santa Fe River (we have stayed at this CG many years ago. Do not remember much about it) 904-454-1853. Their web site is www.dep.state.fl.us/parks s/Toby

(Note: This is a response from an RV website board I posted your question to. I didn’t think you would get much response here, but even if there are few p-net RVer’s, we are a very helpful bunch!)

You are wrong about most FL SP’s not having full hookups…many do, & are always the best bargain.

Have a blast…wish I could join you!

Out of a dozen or so
Florida State Parks that I have been to the only one that had full hook-ups was Rainbow Springs, and they only had a few.

Oleno doesn’t, and most of the better ones such as Pennekamp, Bahia Honda, Myakka River, Collier seminole, etc, etc don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, as in most states the state park locations are always the best, and we usually opt for them. I like the Florida State Parks , but there are times and places that I prefer a full hook up.



You could try

"That was one of the places we wanted to paddle.

Can you do both ways with the current, or will I need to do a bike shuttle?"

Jack, unless that part of Florida has had a very significant amount of rain before you get there you can paddle both ways on the river pretty easily. If you head SE, which is upcurrent on the river you can go several miles before you hit some rapids where you’ll most likely want to turn around. If you head NW or downcurrent you can go alot farther. The current is rarely so difficult that you can’t paddle against it. Not really much of a place to do a bike shuttle since there are not many places you can access the river. I think unless there is heavy rain before you go you should be just fine. For more fun take a mask, snorkel, and fins. The water will look black because of the grass in the river but it is very clear. You can find sharks teeth around the bridge if you take something to scoop the gravel. It’s about 15-20 feet deep there. The water is chilly even in the summer so a wetsuit is definitely a good idea.


nine out of ten times
Reserve America has been useless for us.

Besides they only do State and National Parks.

Before they got hooked up With Florida, you could almost always get a spot in a Florida State Park by calling the park.

Now you can’t get into Pennekamp or Bahia Honda even if you call to the minute one year ahead of time which is the limit.


Great, thanks
We always keep our snorkling gear and our wet suits with us wherever we go.

A couple of years ago we even took them to Alaska after we read about a river in BC where you could snorkle in the middle of a Salmon run.



I need to ask MOM/DAD
but there are 2 private campgrounds just across the road from the North entrance (264 Street ?) to the Ichnetucknee State park. I don’t know of any near the south entrance off SR 27. I can’t think of the names of them off hand. I think the nearest campground might have hook-ups the other probably not.

Great paddling are, you can paddle the Ich to the Santa Fee and I believe the Santa Fe connects to the Suwanee. You can even catch whitewater up in white shoals and also some really nice mountain biking trails at O’leno SP and White Springs.

My parents live just down the road and might know for sure.