foam masik 2006 OI (Brian N, Greg S)

Hi All,

Am interested in putting a foam masik in my 2006 OI to help with boat control and rolling. I’m six feet and 170 pounds with long skinny legs. When I get a bit out of position on a roll, the inner edge of the curved thigh brace digs into the center of my quadricepts–ouch. The OI has a modified keyhole, with the thigh braces a bit back from the front edge of the coming. The braces are centered a few inches back from my knees so the masik (I’m assuming) should go across the front of the keyhole and include the thigh braces. This is a different arrangement than the pics Brian and Greg Stamer have posted, which look to me like they are fit to an ocean cockpit. Cheri Perry apparently uses a removable foam masik on the OI, but I haven’t see pictures and can’t visualize how it would integrate with the thigh braces from her description. Any and all input appreciated.



foam masik
I just made one out of minicell and successfuly rolled with a Norsaq today with it. Actually I made two, the first being a plug so to speak. I essentially made the OI into an ocean cockpit as I got a piece that fits into the small part of the keyhole with the bottom gripping the thigh braces. so essentially this piece slides into position and is locked both under and over the deck. This way I can put my legs pretty well anywhere I want under the deck.

then I got even more technical! I took a piece of baseboard and cut it to 1 inch less than the interior of the OI. I then gorilla glued a piece of walmart camp pad over it. Essentially I jam this over my thighs between the thigh braces. I rolled with the Norsaq again. go figure.

the other key to all this was a piece of minicell block that was made to replace the back band on another boat. I unratcheted the IR backband to it’s last teeth so it essentially lays down behind the seat and put this piece of minicell on the seat itself. This put my position more forward and allowed me to do a full back deck extension.

The reason I liked my “technical” masterpiece is this. when I am done rolling, I slide the block of minicell on my seat to above the seat rim and I have a very comfortable back rest without needing the backband. The “masik” then is pushed out of the way and placed under my thighs for a very comfortable pad for my legs. both pieces fit in the day hatch.

I also took another piece of walmart camp pad (blue) and glued it with another piece of baseboard in it but did not glue it to the wood. After it dried, I slid the wood out and put one of my norsaq’s in it. Now I carry a norsaq, have a masik, have a foam leg support for touring, and it even doubles as a camp pillow! Gotta love it.

My problem with rolling with the OI isn’t the cockpit outfittings so much as the foot outfitting. I am so used to using the top of my feet along with my ankles in the SOF that I find myself too loose. Today I am going to work on putting in a foam block that fits over the foot pegs that I can jam my feet under or just rest my feet on giving me the best of both worlds.


I can e-mail pics if you want. not very pretty but very serviceable.


Thanks Paul, I’d be grateful to see the pics. I figured that’d have to be the way to do it, e.g. convert keyhole to ocean with temporary masik. Went out today at Farrington point (you’ll get lots of time there once you move to NC), steady 20mph winds, gusts to 30 mph, out of the SW, made for lots of FUN. Spent the previous several hours outfitting the OI with foam front bulkhead and thigh brace padding. They must have figured that a 7 footer would paddle the boat for all the foam I had to use, and I have long legs. Rolled for about an hour. Despite the “crummy” conditions, my roll made a solid

and easy reappearance compared to rolling with the foot pegs and skimpy padding under the thigh braces. What a difference proper outfitting makes!

another revelation
The board I made with the baseboard and walmart camp pad covering fits perfectly in front of the foot pegs and I can slide my toes under it to get a purchase. Can’t wait to try out that norsaq and possibly the hand roll tomorrow. My entire issue was being able to hold the boat away from me with nothing to push against except for the foot peg.

the OI definitely needs to be brought over smoothly when you don’t have a paddle in your hand!


You’re right…
…my pics and Gregs are of ocean cockpit boats. Paul’s method of converting a keyhole cockpit sounds good to me.