Folding Chair

Anyone have a good folding chair they take with them for rest stops? Been looking around online but I am starting to feel like this guy.

Helinox for me. I put tennis balls on the feet to keep them from sinking in soft soil or sand

I use their cot also, I’m done with pads and inflatables

I did see that brand. It must be a good one because there are a lot of knock-offs.

I have the Helinox and the Big Agnes. The first is lighter but the second is more comfortable (to me) though ounces heavier. Both need fixes to the feet (especially the Helinox) to prevent sinking into soft sand and soil.

Used to think backpacking chairs were an “unnecessary” luxury item. As I have gotten older, I’ve appreciated more and more having a comfortable chair with backrest to sit and enjoy dinner, after a day of clambering upstream boulders adn rapids in search of trout. Sitting on a pad, on the ground, just doesn’t cut it for my aching body. The foldable chair is more than worth its weight in the backpack.



I hear that. Nothing worse than paddling for a couple hours and then finding a nice lumpy rock to sit on. the Helinox are expensive in my neck of the woods but I think that may be the way to go.

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Which version of the Helinox? I see a Chair one locally that I can test sit before I buy.

If you are using this for paddling, I suggest going with the Big Agnes Skyline. Its additional weight would not matter in a touring boat. But, it’s greater comfort and robust structure and less expensive retail price make it a better value.

As comparison, here is the Helinox ultralight:


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I have tried a bunch of different chairs, everyone seems to have Helinox chair around. I believe Big Agnes is the best. I have used a Mica Basin extensively and really enjoy it, I’m actually sitting in it right now. It is very comfortable, slightly larger than a comparable Helinox which I like. The base of the chair is wide enough to make it feel more stable than most. I have found it to be very robust, and think the frame system is tougher than Helinox. Big Agnes also has good customer service in my opinion. When I have brought my Big Agnes around people that have Helinox ones, I can barely keep them out of it. I initially thought that these type of chairs were a little extra, but now that I have one I use it more than any of my other gear.

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I use the chair one, yes. I have no issues with comfort in it and find it very relaxing. Fwiw I’m 6’ and about 175lbs

Thank’s all for the info… I will see what I can get my hands on.

We have been quite happy with our REI version:

REI Co-op Flexlite Camp Chair | REI Co-op

I made sand supporters out of some cedar, work well:


Sit on ground, lean against tree. Cheap, weighs nothing. I have never used a chair backpacking or kayaking but started to reconsider for kayaking after dealing with numerous and sundry joint issues. After all I’ve now learned, I lack proper judgment in deciding to sit down and likely lack the requisite skillset to stand back up.

I stumbled upon the Nemo Moonlite chair which I’m considering among the REI and Helinox versions. What appears unique to the Nemo is the use of forged aluminum hubs which should stand up to abuse better than plastic and a ball and socket to connect the tubes to the fabric. Just under two pounds, heavier than some.

Next trip involves a 0.6 mile carry which isn’t bad but I was looking at losing a couple pounds of tent weight, now adding it back on with a chair.

Mine does double duty and only takes a minute to remove. Very comfortable in and out of the canoe and started out as a Walmart stadium seat back. I cut all the clamps and stuff off the base. :canoe:

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Was very sceptical of buying a chair but having used my wifes chair, which she purchased at REI, I have been convinced of their benefits. I have an REI one as well, I have used it frequently in areas as diverse as Baja and Greenland as well as frequently in my local waters. After 4 years use it is as good as new. Highly recommended

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I like the idea of aluminum hubs.

GregofDelaware nice rig.

Hell I take a chair backpacking, Helinox.
For most boat trips a more substantial chair and a roll-up table.

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Still like nice lumpy rocks.

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Just sat on a lumpy rock while my grandson and Honey played in the woods. Good rock, beautiful day.
Spring is here.

Good rocks are nice to find.

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