food/drink holders

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I just acquired a brand new Wenonah Minn II canoe and started outfitting it. I glued on seat pads and will soon put in drink holders, spare paddle clips and food trays. Does anyone care to share their favorite food and or drink holder ideas? Thanks!!

They are called dry bags.

Have you ever heard of a “yard sale”? That’s what happens when you capsize a boat full of miscellaneous crap sitting around loose in the hull.

“Food trays”??? The mind boggles…

food/drink holders

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So, I should keep my drinks and a couple snacks in a dry bag? Maybe even stop paddling to open a dry bag to take a sip of water?
Why you capsize so much, my mind "boggles" Willow!

Kokatat Tactic Pack

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is my favorite.

No hands approach for hydration plus handy zippered pockets for nutrition, cell phone, and other important items you shouldn't be parted with when you do take an unplanned swim.

After all, if you don't have it on you, you don't have it.

Thwart Bag?
Some people use a thwart bags to keep that stuff in easy reach. I have an old one that ties on. It has a stiffener at the top, elastic around the opening and a velcro tab to keep it closed.

It works fine, but I rarely use it. If it’s time for a snack we usually pull over. I have seen fishermen rig up a small tray to hold lures.

“be prepared” is the Girl Scout motto
I’ve never crashed my car, but I still always wear a seat belt.

And, Like most experienced paddlers, I don’t have loose things knocking around in my boats. Yes, I DO keep my snacks in zip locks or small plastic tubs in a dry bag that’s fastened to the boat structure, either inside the kayak cockpit or clipped to a deck line and secured by the deck bungees, or clipped to a thwart in a canoe. Also have a small plastic cooler that has clips that secure it in the stern in the canoe for carrying items I want to keep cold.

My water bottles also clip to deck lines. I keep one handy clipped to the boat snugged under bungees with the backup bottle(s) also securely fastened behind my seat. For really hot days I have a water bladder with sipping tube that attaches to my PFD. My waterproof camera has a strap and carabiner attachment and clips to a deckline or my PFD. Phone is in a Pelican box secured behind my seat.

Even my hat is clipped to my shirt collar or has a chin strap and if I’m wearing glasses I have a Croakie securing them. IF I end up in the drink (which happens rarely) I know I’ll only have to concentrate on holding onto my paddle and grabbing my boat, confident everything I have on board is still with me. None of this is a big deal, all of it is automatic habit.

Honestly, I can’t imagine paddling with food sitting out in “trays”. For one thing, there’s no place that I paddle that I particularly want to ingest the water and paddle splash does get on stuff in the boat. Even “pristine” mountain lakes in my state can have giardia, since it’s endemic in the beaver population.

I’ve seen many a canoe and kayak capsize “yard sale” during 40 plus years of paddling. It’s distressingly common to see such dump-ees scrambling to try to grab their cooler, fishing tackle, cell phone, car keys and even boom box while their paddles and even their boat merrily float away downstream. Since I also usually carry a long handled dip net (for skimming trash out of the water) I’ve assisted in some of the collection efforts, but nothing spoils somebody’s sunny day outing like feeding the fish with their picnic lunch and drowning their $500 iPhone.

Americans and their beverages
(sorry - global/political tourette’s syndrome)

Boom box…
Nothing makes my day like seeing a canoe with a loose boom box, set on volume 10, capsizing in about 7 feet of water.

I particularly like it after the boom box finds the bottom of the river. Damn, it sure gets quiet…




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The inside of a canoe will get wet. Food definitely should be in a dry bag or at least zip lock bags. Put them inside the thwart bag.

I actually wear my PFD all the time and have a hydrator pack on the back of it. It resolves the bit of stopping very long to drink. Canoists often seem to forgo wearing a PFD, but if you get a comfortable one it makes life a lot easier because you can have small stuff in the pockets.

It sounds like you think you could pick up a water bottle to drink from and not stop paddling. Huh?

I had not noticed this on my first read - there is a reason that you are going to be hard pressed to find a tray for food for a canoe. Trays for small stuff like fishing lures are useful when the fishing pole is out and the boat is not being actively paddled. But I doubt many fishermen would risk their fancy lures to an open tray when they were paddling to a fishing spot.

You can definitely bring lots of stuff in a canoe. But there are good ways to do it and bad ways.

Sort of a…
…Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (especially if heavy metal’s involved) meets Age of Aquarius, eh? Or, beyond a Fifth to fathom a whole new Dimension?

Good God, Woman!
You’re sportin so many biners, straps, tubes, tethers and leashes, not to mention a long handled “dip” net, it’s not suprisin’ that all loosely construed waterbugs flee the instant your downriver approach is detected, for fear that the local animal control has sent out its most ruthless catcher, there to ensnare all creatures along her aquatic path of high restraint!

“Yeah, you’ve got the weight of the world

comin’ down like a mother’s eye.

And all that you can give,

all you can give is a cold reply.

The law enforcement’s impressed

you’ve survived to this age.

Strapped-up soldiers,

they’ll lock you in a cage,

with no goodbye!

For a nickel bribe!”

I guess a different kind of summons than that which Britt Daniel was Spoon’n out.

Ok the food tray really made me

Nothing like eating a Big Mac and capsizing your canoe.

The first thing you do when you go over is gasp. If your BMac is in mouth you can choke

Having seen this a few times in my career in EMS when the mechanism of injury car vs object was not severe yet the driver expired with remnants of a Happy Meal around. ( the autopsy determined the cause of death to be asphyxiation by french fry)

So you might rethink food tray… Thwart bags are handy when you are stopped to retrieve snacks

Cup Holder…

Sure I have a couple I hate em.

Americans and their music

but wait
I’ve heard that you get a free kayak kickstand when you order a food tray!

No wait!
Stay up longer… You get Two cup holders and Two Food Trays. Just pay the Shipping and Handling on the second set!

An’ iffin’ dat ain’t enuff…
If you order before midnight tonight! Operators are standing by!

DIY Food Tray
Start with Mast step and foot for canoe sail kit,

Item #: 5119 at

I know you are not sailing, but that rig accepts a 1.25 inch tube, which you can order at a 24" tube should be about right for the upright table support.

Pick a water resistant material for your tray top. Perhaps you could get a cafeteria-style tray that already has raised edges, but that’s not important, since before you are done you’ll want to add Fenway-Park style netting around the edges. In fact, marine plywood might be better because it offers more opportunities for custumizing.

Get a 1.25" flange to mount the tray to the tube, and you have the basic food tray complete.

This will provide you with a food tray that, like a sailing mast, can be removed during transport of the canoe and for portages.

But, you are not done yet. First, you’ll need to mount some Fenway-Park style netting around the edges of the tray. About 6" should do. This will keep napkins and paper plates from blowing off in the wind and will hold food items on the tray when you are going through rapids, boat wakes or big waves.

With the plywood tray top, you can accessorize the heck out of this thing to make a really nice and uber useful tray. Mount a lazy susan so your bow paddler won’t have to reach so far for the nachos. Canoeists love items that serve multiple purposes, so you could get extra points if you cut holes in the tray to hold your drinks.

Well, that is a good start, but I’m sure other p-netters can improve on these suggestions. Together we can design a food tray every canoeist is going to want in their boat. So, let’s hear it p-net, let’s help this guy out!


and that’s not all!
Buy now and you get a full year of indestructible gourmet meals, for when the rapture comes!

where do I mount the TV?
You can’t have a TV tray without a TV

Like it! NM