What does everyone do for food? MRE’s are ok? But what about something a little more enjoyable. That one could pack in a Kayak.

day or more?
For day trips it is PB+j and some various other chips and desert. I often bring left over chicken or other food in a cooler but I canoe so i have more space. Long trips I bring real food and sink it in the lake to keep it good. Steak, spagetti, bacon and the like. Also Ramen noodles are great.

Ramen noodles,
granola bars, breakfast bars, pop tarts, jerky, mixed nuts, Dried fruits ,ect.

I go to my food coop

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Breakfast. Bear mush or some similar cream of whole wheat,rice etc etc. With Figs added, or prunes or... while it cooks.

Lunch: Gorp cliff pars, sometimes homemade beef jerky.


Quuick cooking pasta with lots of dehydrated veggies courtesy of pioneer soup mix, fantastic foods refried bean mix wiht sun dreid tomatoes added as it cooks, lots of pioneed dehydtated cheese sauce.

I sould pack like that for a short trip. for a longer one I'd whip out the dehydrator for dehydrated soup. yogurt leather fruit leather, etc etc. Red lentils cook fast! att some curry and dehydrated onion flakes serv over rice or pasta.

Sometimes I make up pancake mix for breakfast and take along lots of maple sugar to reconstitute syrup. I take ghee to add fat to that meal see earlier major post on ghee making. I also like to take waxed raw eggs (rub them with a candle) along in a coughlans egg carrier. Raw eggs should keep at least two weeks, I hav had good ones fron a local farm last a month in tennessee in august.MAKE REAL SURE THAT THE EGGS YOU HAVE PURCHASED ARE THE APPROPRIATE SIZE FOR THE EGG CARRIER, BEWARE OF EXTRA LARGE. ;-?

For you first night or two take along frozen shrimp or whatever you would like to eat that you will not have for a while. If yo use shrimp or meat prep it totally before yuo go, grease waste is the worst in the backcountry. Pack other things around it that need to be kept cold and put that whole thing in a polartec garment or something. Make sure it will not leak and smell up your stuff. Those meals on the first night or two should be wow-ers get ya in the mood.

lasts until it gets moldy, then just cut off the moldy parts and eat the rest.

Dried hummus, bean dips, & tabouli are light and delicious, easy to store and healthy. Available at health food stores.

Nutella is my replacement for jelly (as in PB&J). It’s sweet, spreadable, obscenely delicious, and never goes bad.

Craisins…dried cherries, blueberries, all nuts. And chocolate in any form. All improves the boring oatmeal in the morning (my last camp-mate had oatmeal with chocolate chips every morning).

My other favorites have already been mentioned.


Day trips
I take 1 or2 bottles of water, some soda, a peanut butter and banana sandwich, some cookies or granola and mixed nuts. It’s healthy and holds very well, all of it keeps well and you need very little of it to kill the appetite for a long stretch.

some options

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For day paddling I just use sports gel.

For trips I generally have pancakes for breakfast, the kind that you buy with the powder in a plastic bottle so that you just add water and shake it up. I use the margarine that comes in squeeze bottles to fry it in. While I'm paddling I just have sports gel and/or granola bars. For supper I usually have something like the noodle or rice mixes that you buy at the grocery store. I usually also take along some tuna or salmon that you get in the foil packs. It's all pretty simple, tastes reasonably good, and doesn't take up much space.

Pickled herring,cheese, and crackers.

In reality, I really don’t bring much food with me. I just bring lots of water. Most of my paddling consists of day trips less than 25 miles. When paddling, I rarely feel hungry. Unless I smoke some of those special Vermont cigars. Thats when I have the urge to break out the cold pizza and pickled herring and twinkies washed down with some gin and tonic with a hot bowl of Hormel chili for desert. Thats livin!.

I carry mostly the same stuff as when i hike…

lipton rices and or noodles with a foil pack of chicken thrown in…

stuffing packet with a foil pack of chicken

deluxe mac n cheese

pasta w bolio pizza sauce packets

summer sausage

pack of pre cooked Ham.(the kynd that dont need be refrigerated)…

If you’re drying stuff
dry some cooked hamburger and green beans.

On site, rehydrate, add fresh garlic and ginger, fry up again to make hot, serve over rice with soy sauce…mmmmmmmm good.

Packs really small for a good size meal.

Search this or the discussion board
for recipes in the past couple months there was a good list.


Foil packed chicken
Is that stuff any good? I’m going to do four days in the Adirondaks with the AMC in September. I’m not a veggie guy and need the protein. Tuna is a no, no with me so that chicken may be the ticket. I would hope that mixing it with some rice or noodles would help it out too.

Cache Lake foods
They make some of the best stuff. Small packets, easy to make. You need a backpacker stove and a pan (if you make their bread) and small pot for soup/stew. Cost is comparable to any dried food.

come to the keys
there are resturaunts on the water here,plenty of bars , and even a burger king/pizza hut on the water if you paddle into the bight area, but I prefer the wilderness of Gieger key .Beer,BBQ,live music and campsites… ; it’s almost 4 miles to the next bar at hurricane hole;so bring a cooler,

The keys…
lees, how about sending me an email about the accommodations in the keys for a multiday trip, Please contact me off site. Thanks


are what food eats !

Easy fast breakfast
At home:

Take zip lock bag,

add serving of granola,

dump in appx. enough powdered milk,

seal in plastic spoon.

In camp: (on train, bus, or whatever applies)

boil water for tea,

if cold morning add hot water to bag,

or cold water, yer choice,

mash around to mix,

did you remove the spoon first?

lick off spoon and eat from bag.

Pack out trash (unless it’s orange peels)

I take 2 days of meat
frozen and stuff it in a thermal cooler bag. The second day’s meat is still cold and ready to grill. You even have to bring it up to room temperature before cooking. I like steaks and butterfly porkchops for camping. I fill plastic bottles with distilled water, freeze them and if needed, I can also drink the water as it thaws-they are my minifridge for camping and keeping stuff cool for 2 days.Salad in a plastic container and a few veggies,oranges and breakfree eggs. Gawd I’m getting hungry!

Progresso Calm Chower, and Extra Clams
It has come to be a beach tradition for us.

foil chichen is very good
and does not need to be drained! sometimes it can be found at dollar stores as well as some canned goods…chunky soup,spaghettiOs,etc etc

my last post is not complete… i would add that the ham is to be cooked over open fire for MAX flavor…

cheddarworsts packed in from town are also great over an open fire

everything bagels with cheese (if its cool) and or summer sausage,or sliced slim jims, and or P n J, or plain w soup or pasta

pita bread or tortillas are also great and ya can make borritos with rice and meat… or a PnJ wrap

jello… sit pot in a cold running stream to set

pringles chips!

cookies packed in a pringles can

for a power breakfast i make up qt freezer bags with cereal, 1 cup worth of powdered milk and 1 pack carnation vanilla instant breakfast… a bit bulky but just add water, shake, and enjoy a double breakfast(1 carnation,1 cereal) i mostly eat breakfast at the first break spot about 2+ paddling hours into the day