For all of you "hammock hangers"

Back from vacation when I spent five nights in my Hennessey. Ahhh, comfort.

I was going to extoll the virtues of the REI fleece bag I picked up last year but had not had a chance to use. But when I searched for the product number (in a response to the “Summer Bag” thread) I was unable to locate the bag. It is heavy fleece, mummy-shaped, with a 1/2 zip on the right and a 1/4 zip on the left. But the feature that makes it perfect for hammocks is the drawstring foot section - open it up and you van walk about with the bag on. Any Hennessey owner will appreciate this feature.

And the best part was that it cost about $30.00. I should have bought two.


ENO Doublenest Hammock

How much better is the Hennessy over the Eno?

Can of Worms Department
Better? This may start a war, much like GP vs Euro, but here I go.

I have never slept in a ENO hammock, so here is what I like about Hennesseys:

  • The parallelogram-shaped body allos me to shift diagonally and lay almost flat.

  • The ability to lay flat means that I can sleep on my side (my preferred position)

  • The netting is attached so there is one less thing to deal with when setting.

  • The underneath entry slit is great for me. Super easy to enter and exit, great for quick “relief runs” in the middle of the night.

    As I said, I am a happy camper.I just wish that I was able to use it more often. Many developed campgrounds have trees spaced too far apart to allow hammock use, and I don’t want to carry a frame.


I have both
For me, the ENO is not as comfortable. Want to buy mine??? I agree that the asymetrical shape of the Hennessey improves the comfort level and the entrance slit is incredibly easy to get into. The ENO is smaller though.

2 point penalty
for using $5.00 words like “extoll”

Paddlin’ on


oh…you mean REAL hammocks!
I thought this post was about those old guys in speedos…


what happens if you’re out in a hammock and a storm moves in? High winds, hail…

Hammock Hangers
I had a Hennessy but now use a Clarks but that’s just my personal preference. Anyway, I made a set of cross sticks out of closet pole bolted together near the top and with a nylon strap speader restraint. I use this in place of a second tree. If there are no trees you can tie one end of the hammock to anything including your vehicle and tie off to the cross sticks that are staked out. The cross sticks are 6 feet long so are only useful for car camping.

So carry some rope or webbing extentions
Paddle easy,


Same thing as…
In a tent, but you sway more. The hennesey stakes out similar to a tent, so it shouldn’t be like what you think.

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True, one can span from tree to tree with rope, webbing etc, but it makes getting the initial tension for the Hennessey (very important) difficult.

But the comment about crossed poles gives me an idea: Use one tree as the main anchor and do a common setup, but use accessory rope to make the run to teh closest second tree (using low-stretch rope of course). Then set a pair of crossed poles where the best location for a second tree might be.

And hang wet clothes on the long rope to reduce the possibility of strangling some unwary soul.


How about
doing the crossed poles and run the line to a stake in the ground? The poles would have to be pretty sturdy though.

You are an optimist
Only one stake? The P-Netters I camp with would look at that as potential entertainment.


Only once!

I like mine also…
Try to pitch a tent here. The banks were fairly steep, it was at the end of a fairly long day and I didn’t feel like paddling further. One of my favorite spots on this trip:

open at the bottom?
how about arms? and a hood and a killer pocket in mesh lined with fleece behind…so you can not only walk around but also cook, hold a book, whatever

look at these:

I’ve got one in 300 weight fleece in my hypothermia bag…just recieved one in 100 weight fleece for the day hike backpack.

The pocket system she makes is incredible.

Wt for the 100 weight for my size is 1 pound 4 ounces if weight is an issue.

No problem…
I’ve been in ice, snow, rain storm, wind, in my Hennessey and was perfectly happy, safe, and warm.

I’ve not used a tent in 10 years.

You aren’t on the ground, so water isn’t a problem.

Hammocks are the way to go, no regrets.

Ok, well here we go then, I say this…
I have the ENO double nest (for about 4 years) & have used it on many camping trips, either to use as my bed or to just take a nap or relax in. I LOVE IT!!! It is big enough for two to lounge in, but I wouldn’t say that two “campers” in it is compfy. I have used a mosquito bar & a 12’x12’ tarp to make it a shelter. Now they have the bug net & tarp for it, but that is still 2 other “seperate” articles to carry. That makes four items (lashing straps, aswell) to carry just for the shelter.

Now, after all the years and sometimes heated arguments about “name brand & cost”, I am considering… Let me say that again “CONSIDERING” a Hennesey.

My wife & I have really been getting into biking & recently did a weekend trip of 90 miles. We rented a cabin at about the halfway point,but I would’ve rather camped (I love camping & it is free). We couldn’t seem to find or agree on a small, light, two person tent. So I suggested hammocks. She asked if Hennesey made a two person & I replied… Probably not?? So we are looking at the EXPEDITION ASYM or the SCOUT. If we get these it more than likely will be either the Expedition (compfort & reliability) or the Scout (price).

Well, there you have it… Coffee is considering a “Name brand, yuppie, follow the crowd item”.

BUT don’t even ask me about Tilly’s or Subaru’s!! I am not a full fledged yuppie!!!

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Pretty cool
The REI bag I have is very similar in concept to the BodiBag. It has a hood, but no sleeves. The drawstring foot allows walking around and wee-hours pee breaks.

But the BodiBag would be great for cooler temps. I need to look into this. Thanks.


Me too… I kinda like it.
I better get one before it becomes “standard issue yuppie gear”. Seriously, I may get one or five (I have three kids).

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