forward stroke question

okay, i have pretty good tosro rotation and have both brent’s and barton’s stroke dvd’s, but am puzzled about why my hair always get wetter than anyone i paddle with, when i am out on the water.

what am i doing wrong? i’m sure it must have something to do with the entry or exit or the angle with either or both of these things, but i can’t figure it out!

i am going to have a few private stroke lessons soon, but would like to start thinking about this and fix it:)

Wet Hair
What stick are you using? Ribs lift water.

Second suggestion - have someone video tape you in full flight. The comparison w/ Barton, et all, may be revealing.

Two questions:
1. Are you shorter than the other paddlers and catching more spray off your deck?

2. Is your hair longer or curlier than the others, offering more volume to catch and hold water? (Bad to use an dog analogy with women, but here goes: Wet sheepdog or setter vs. wet lab or short haired pointer - or here in S FL, wet yorkie vs. wet chihuahua).

I always go for the easiest/most obvious stuff first. Personally, I opt to adopt Sing’s hair care methods.

Yeah Pam
Shave your hair off and then you and Sing ( or Greyak or me) can put your (our) heads together and make a total ass of yourselves ( ourselves)

i am totally happy- and willing-
to make an ass of myself with your guys, but i just assumed i was doing something wrong with my stroke!!!

i either paddle my avocet or the ski. the avocet is defintely lower in the water than my friend’s rowing scull.

i don’t have long, thick hair- just the opposite-but it does get curlier with humidity:) i think i have some paddling pics, but no videos, at myspace/com/santacruzmidwife, if you want to see my hair- although, now i’m thinking bald may work better for paddling!

i am actually hoping to have a private lesson or two with the hemmens while down in s. ca. for my grandmother’s 90th bday mid-march, but their baby is due that week, so it’s iffy.


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I know someone who always gets a light spray of drops flinging off his paddle when he is paddling with harder effort (regular Euro paddle, not a wing).

There is a kind of a brief hiccup or hitch at the end of his stroke at those times (can hear it more than see it, if it's not windy).

Maybe you have something going on like that????? Have you asked your companions if they notice something that might cause it?

If you switch paddles to a very different blade, does it still happen?

Happens with wing paddle a little more
… how about your glide time inbetween strokes … is is a little longer as you set up for the next "spear the fish " ? That keeps the paddle up a little more and gives the water a chance to run down more than get flicked forwards.

"although, now i’m thinking bald may work better for paddling!"–santacruzmidwife

Well, bald sure does cut down on the wind resistence, making you a faster, if not dryer, paddler.

This according to Brittany Spears who has tried it both ways in her Pungo, according to her official fan blog.

I Am Always Wet…

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as in upside down wet, the few times I tried those long skinny, rounded hull boats.

I think damped down hair on Pam looks much better than beaded droplets on my shiny crown. Just a matter of my personal opinion, of course.

Pam whose wings did you get, how long?


Entry into the water?
How clean is the paddle entry into the water, wheer are you drawing it out? Just a thought.

Have somebody watch you.

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You shouldn't be getting wet at all other than your hands. Something is drastically wrong.

Sometimes new paddles paddle like maniacs trying to push the boat as fast as possible all the time. No matter how many vidoes you watch or instruction you get, it just takes time to develop a nice smooth stroke since you are training your body to do something new.

not a new paddler
have taken brent’s clinic and have a pretty nice forward stroke really… the other person i am usually on the water with is in a rowing scull and she wouldn’t be able to give me feedback on my stroke- although i have paddled with chuck:)

whoever mentioned the glide may be on to something…

also i don’t notice this in flat water, only the ocean…

the wings i got are from oceanpaddlesports:


100% carbon graphite blade and shaft. Mid-volume paddle, elongated shape modeled after the German Lettman l,nin the 2 piece adjustable shaft.

haven’t started using them yet- need to go back to feathering my blades, or at last try before adding the wings…

It’s a wet sport. Not much you can do about that. A good vertical wing stroke is going to get you wet- I don’t know any good paddlers who don’t end up getting pretty soaked by the end. Some blades are drier than others- my Epic seems a bit drier than the Dam Good Paddles wing.

I just try to remember to wear a hat. My Cape May Lima Bean Festival cap is usually just the ticket.




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""You shouldn't be getting wet at all other than your hands.""

If you are paddling a skinny boat correctly with a wing paddle, you will get wet.

You don't want to be lifting a bunch of water at the back of the stroke but just the spray of the top blade is going to get you wet after a few kilometers even at a moderate cadence with a properly crisp exit.

Maybe give Jeff @ Liquid Fusion
a call. He is doing private lessons in your area Mar12-15th.

private lessons
hi chuck- that’s excatly when i’ll be down south. my sweet little grandmother is turning 90! i am hoping patrick emmens can give me a lesson or two while i’m down there, but they are expecting their new baby that week:)

got hair like a borzoi ;D
8 inches down my back (pinned back) and I paddle low volume boats. Since mine stays dry I’m thinking two things (without seeing you paddle)

Are you leaning back trying to generate more

power? I paddle leaning noticably forward. My

back doesn’t touch the backband except on breaks.

It’s been mentioned but I think the angle of entry could affect how much water you’re bringing up. Think of the blade like a diver competing for the cleanest entry.

I practice very quiet paddling also as a means to this. When done right it is virtually soundless & very precise. Maybe you can play with this & see what it does for you.

i paddle an avocet
or a surf ski- never use a backband:)

paddle stroke and soaked hair?

Paddle stroke, especially with a wing can get pretty vertical, with resulting drip on the noggin. However, don’t underestimate the potential for that exercise byproduct (sweat) to be the main ingredient. After spending this winter on a Speedstroke, it is surprising how sweat soaked one can get from paddling. So, in short, this could be both.

Paddle too big and bogging your cadence
down is another on Pam … even though that blade is supposed to be " for women and kids" , its still pretty big @ 19.6" X 6.2" and might be dictating your stroke more than you realize. Try a smaller blade and I think you will notice your ergonomic efficiency come way up.

Youo are welcome to stop and try my Smaller wing by if you get down to San Diego … no pressure ever … here to help.