forward stroke question

I am not using the wing yet
i thought i said that, and just posted what wing i have to asnwer someone’s question. my apologies if that’s in another thread:)

i paddle with swift paddles, both the big blades (forget the name), and the wind swifts:)the windswift is pretty small blade, and it’s not any less pronounced with the small blade.

forgot to add
adjustable length- but using 207 and my euro blades are 210.

Doh, Sorry Pam … just saw the model
and went into autodrive cause I know what is going to happen with it anyway.

Where is your hat?
that should solve the problem.


trumps hathead every time. :wink:

Hmmm…maybe check to be sure you’re ‘squaring’ the blade on exit, not holding on too long and scooping water. Wing paddles are especially prone to catching a nice dollop of aqua in the lip when not squared, but euro blades can do this also. That elbow ‘lift’ at the exit of the stroke should help here. Also keeping forward stroke arm high will allow water to just run down shaft-great for vertical catch at the onset of the stroke, bad for hairstyle.

women with hairdos scare me:)

or you’ll get REALLY swelled heads as you


-Frank in Miami

You right - I guess
Sorry, from the initial post down I didn’t pick up on the fact that he was using a wing. My experience with the wing is 15 minutes.

she is not using a wing!
she is however using a rather vertical stroke with big blades, and getting ready to make the transition to the wing, but hasn’t made the switch just yet…

I can video you
if you have a camera! Maybe in the small boat harbor? or Elkhorn slough? or even over in Monterey. Let me know what weekend works for you-btw-may be camping at HC in Felton the weekend of 17th, 18th.

Let me know!


What are your goals?

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More paddlers don't paddle like Greg Barton than do and many have very happy times paddling and very good skills. The very high vertical paddle style takes a lot of energy and so does extreme rotation - and obviously you splash yourself. If emulating that style because you want to be like them and race is one thing. If you just think because it's on a video it's what you're supposed to do as a kayaker - that's not true.

There are very fast and powerful paddlers with a normal chest high stroke or lower that teach everywhere. I have a few friends who use the Barton style, but they train and are in great aerobic shape and probably benifit from that style. So, lifting a paddle up over your head pretty much guarantees that water will drop on you. But do as you enjoy.

Years back the ACA used to teach a very robatic, straight arm, high lift style of paddle stroke. You would actually look right to left as you paddle. It was absurd and died out. People just do what their body wants natually and become good paddlers.

Visted your space or is that your
myspace? Nicely done and I like Natalie’s touch too. Had fun with the pictures just to Be There!

I didn’t read carefully enough earlier.

Still, a vertical stroke will drip on your head, especially if the cadence is fast enough to fling a little water off the top blade as it travels.

Also, like jaybabina said, a chest high top hand is okay for most applications as long as the stroke has good geometry and you are using the big muscles. What that top hand does during the push is more important than the height.

thank you mira!
i’ll be south the weekend you might be camping, but maybe a bit later? loch lomond or maybe del valle might be fun, as i could practice falling off and getting back on:)

email me and we’ll figure something out!

thank you:)
yes, it’s mine… gotta ask tho, who the heck is natalie?

well, let’s see
talking about paddling a ski and have new wing paddles… hmmm? is it that much of a stretch?:slight_smile:

one of my goals: fitness paddling and working up a good sweat using good technique

how are you liking the mark1?

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or are you concentrating on that SOF beauty you put together for yourself?

oops- that was meant in response to greyak's post... sleepy post-call midwife here:)

If it makes you feel any better…
…I get wet from my right blade (winged paddle). Water drips off my cap. So, i’m probably doing something wrong…or maybe its my more vertical stroke and the way the paddle is flared.

it does make me feel better:)

Dusty ski
Shoulder injury a while back, and putting pounds back on, made ski not so realistic for a while (on top of all my other excuses for not getting seat time enough to move off flat water on it).

Shoulder is now “good enough”, and I’m putting time in the gym and on water. Once my weight gets back near/under 200 the ski will be wet again (sooner if I rig something to roll it that doesn’t impede stroke and getting on/off).

Water time now split between SOF, and lately really re-appreciating the QCC 700. Progress at gym translates to same on GPS. New Aleut paddle is a blast. Two in one, and both modes different than my other paddles. I’m having to unlearn GP habits while using it same way I had to lose Euro habits to get most from GP. One side of the Aleut acts very winglike, and should help prep me to start giving my wing some time again too. Haven’t used it enough to feel good with it. Catch doesn’t feel clean enough, and it wears my shoulders out pretty quickly.

Mark 1 is decent will probably work for me, but would love to try a V10 Sport or S1-R. Can’t justify switching another (more expensive) ski while not using the one I have.